Regardless of the season or the location, if you put a flower in the decoration of your environment, it will change completely. The flowers bring not only the delicacy, the colors, the scents, but also the freshness and the life of nature, transforming any place, from the dull one to the one with a fabulous decoration, to live in a cozy atmosphere. In today’s post we have brought many, many flowers to inspire you when setting up your interior, whether natural or artificial flowers, vases, arrangements and ready-made bouquets or planning everything yourself!

Mount flower arrangements is a chore besides decorating your home, but we recommend that if you have a little time and curiosity to choose the type, pick the flowers and compose with them, we are sure you will not regret it become!

Expressing your creations and sticking your hand in the batter, creating arrangements can become a moment of calm and quiet. In Japan there is a whole art dedicated to making flower arrangements, the ikebana, which not only arranges the flowers, but also creates a harmonious composition between the shape, rhythm and color of the plant with its vase and other elements giving the arrangement a.

How to assemble flower arrangement step by step

Take a step-by-step look at how to put arrangements together before separating your flowers:

Oh, and to make your preparations take a long time, check out these tips to take good care of them:

Well, if you don’t want to work with natural flowers, check out this handy step-by-step guide to making artificial flower arrangements:

8 types of flowering plants, ideal for indoor pot

Another way to always have flowers indoors is to grow species in the inner world! Many species can be grown at home in pots and bloom very well. And for those who are just starting to learn about the plants, we’ve brought a list of plants that can be grown in pots around your home:

1. Bromelia


A plant that is easy to find in the homes, gardens, woods and forests of Brazil. Bromeliad is one of the plants that can bring the most color to your home. With lots of light and ventilation, it easily adapts to the room climate. Water to keep the soil moist and to keep the fertilization updated to ensure flowering when it has reached its stage.

2. Geraniums


These colorful and super fragrant flowers come from South Africa and prefer a mild climate with lots of light. Since they can’t withstand temperatures above 25 ° C, growing them indoors is the best way to keep them flowing year round.

3. Begonia

Flower arrangements: plant species and decoration inspirations

This tropical climate flower should also be grown in mild climates, with little wind power and lots of light, ideal for indoor growing. On very hot days, try sprinkling a little water on the leaves and flowers to simulate the rainforest climate.

4. Anthurium

Flower arrangements: plant species and decoration inspirations 1

This plant is one of the most famous in the gardens and houses of Brazil and of course one of the easiest to look after! Don’t forget to always keep the land moist, drain the soil well and keep the pot away from the strong sun.

5. Lily of Peace

Flower arrangements: plant species and decoration inspirations 2

Another plant that is a classic of Brazilian homes is the lily of peace, which can be tended in a pot indoors because its leaves burn in the direct sun. Always keep it in a shaded, well-ventilated area and always keep the soil moist.

6. Orchid

Flower arrangements: plant species and decoration inspirations 3

This kind with super delicate and colorful flowers can be preferred when giving to a loved one. The Phalaenopsis variety is the most popular arrangement and is ideal for indoor storage as it doesn’t tolerate much sun and always prefers partial shade. After flowering, replace the plastic vessels with clay or ceramic vessels, which, due to their porous surface, drain the water well. Adube right and your orchid will continue to bloom for several years.

7. Gerbera

Flower arrangements: plant species and decoration inspirations 4

Available in gardens in an incredible range of colors, the gerberas are easy-to-grow flowers, including those from South Africa. Although gerberas love sunshine, they do very well indoors as long as they have good air circulation and a few hours of sun a day. Hence, it is best to keep them near a window. Soak in a mixture rich in phosphorus and water whenever the soil is dry.

8. Violet

Flower arrangements: plant species and decoration inspirations 5

These super easy-to-find florets are another classic decoration, be it at home or even as a party centerpiece. You enjoy high temperatures but no direct sunlight; invest in a monthly fertilizer to keep your little flowers blooming and watering well when the land dries.

9. Stone rose

Flower arrangements: plant species and decoration inspirations 6

This succulent is one of the most popular and is a grace in decorating more serious or minimalist environments. Keep it in well-drained, partially shaded, well-distributed soil and your stone rose will grow and spread around the area.

60 inspirations from natural and artificial flower arrangements

With all the versatility and charm the arrangements allow, it’s no wonder he prefers a variety of occasions, from his home to a wedding, birthday party, church, and other venues. To make it easier for you to choose, we’ve selected 60 ideas that you should have for reference:

Picture 1 – Arrangement of flowers with different types such as center table for parties or meetings.

Flower arrangements with various species for centerpiece

Photo 2 – The arrangements can’t be limited to just the flowers: make a composition with the leaves and even some berries.

Make composition also with leaves and small berries

Photo 3 – Create your composition from the green leaves in the corners towards the center with similar colors in flowers of different types.

Create your composition from the leaves green in the corners of the arrangement

Figure 4 – Arrangement of flowers for the table in the open terrarium style.

Arrangement in open terrarium style

Picture 5 – Classical arrangement: colorful and natural flowers in a simple vase.

Basic table arrangement

Image 6 – When decorating the table, also remember to keep the stem of the leaves and flowers higher to put in a bottle.

Bottle arrangement

Image 7 – Flower tapestry: Artificial flowers in the bedroom wall decor.

Arrangement of artificial flowers

Image 8 – Smaller arrangements also attract the attention of your guests.

Minor arrangements also draw attention

Photo 9 – The flowers are beautiful and delicate not only in the decoration of the table, but also in the finishing of the cake.

Cake finishing arrangement

Image 10 – Do not be afraid to create a composition with different plants: the result can be surprising.

Create a composition with different flowers

Picture 11 – The flowers on the table naturally bring a fresh and natural tone in addition to the smell.

Flowers on the table

Figure 12 – If you’re using artificial flowers don’t be afraid to think big.

Big arrangement with artificial flowers

Picture 13 – Pick your preferred color palette when choosing the flowers to go into your arrangement.

Choose the preferred color palette to make an arrangement of flowers

Image 14 – Mini arrangements for decoration: flowers in a ring for cloth napkins.

Mini arrangements to spread by decoration

Fig. 15 – Arrangement of several vessels in the color gradient.

Arrangement of vessels with color gradients

Image 16 – Bring spring into the house: composition with artificial flowers in the chandelier.

Composition with artificial flowers on the chandelier

Image 17 – Think of different holders for your flowers: from rustic to elegant, from natural to artificial.

Different supports for storing flowers

Image 18 – Flowers are great elements that you can use to make your interior colorful, even at parties.

Colorful arrangements on party table

Photo 19 – Aromatic arrangement: combine flowers with fresh herbs and after drying you can use them in your recipes.

Aromatic arrangement

Figure 20 – To keep the palette pastel or minimal, think of flowers with variations of light colors, close to white.

Think color with light shades

Image 21 – Large arrangements can help fill empty spaces or create cozy environments with cool decor.

Large arrangement to fill empty spaces

Image 22 – The pendant plants create a natural rock or fringe effect for your table.

Arrangement with hanging plants to have a skirt effect

Image 23 – Colorful flowers in colorful vases.

Colorful flowers and vases

Picture 24 – When choosing the arrangement, consider the color palette of your surroundings.

Red flower arrangements

Picture 25 – Arrangement of leaves and flowers hanging under the table.

Outstanding leaf and flower arrangements

Picture 26 – Arrangements also as a conclusion to the wedding cake.

Arrangement as the final touch of wedding cake decoration

Picture 27 – Flower arrangements combine with any kind of party decoration, even for children. Add another dose of delicacy to princess-themed dances.

Floral arrangements for children's parties

Picture 28 – Flowers combine with afternoon tea.

Flowers combine with an afternoon tea

Image 29 – Aquatic Arrangements: Use supports made of floating materials like styrofoam and look for the lighter colored flowers to get this arrangement.

Wedding arrangements

Picture 30 – Special decoration for a romantic evening: hang natural or artificial flowers on a plate of the format of your choice.

Arrangement with flowers hanging on a heart shaped plate

Image 31 – More freshness and aroma for a fruit punch.

Arrangement for party fruit punch

Image 32 – Use glasses and domes for a beautiful and beast style arrangement.

Glasses and domes for an arrangement in the style Beautiful and the Beast

Figure 33 – Flowers combine with more flowers: even with furniture or decorative elements with paintings or floral prints, you do not give up this natural element in your decoration.

Matching arrangement with decoration flowers

Image 34 – An arrangement from the other side of the world: Make your own ikebana and set it up as the centerpiece for your guests.

Ikebana type arrangement

Picture 35 – Wall construction with artificial flowers.

Arrangement of artificial flowers for walls

Figure 36 – A vase of flowers on the headboard for the morning to be happier.

Small arrangement of flowers for the bedside table

Image 37 – Spring Festival: flowers in the decoration of the table and even in garlands in a ceiling decoration.

Flower Arrangements for Spring Party

Figure 38 – Delicacy and delicacy in the back of the bride and groom’s chair.

Flower arrangements for the bride and groom's chair

Picture 39 – Lots of sunflowers for a Mediterranean climate.

Flower arrangements for decoration with Mediterranean climate

This can also be an arrangement of flowers for the church.

Image 40 – For a home based on a white or minimalist style, the flowers add color and life to the surroundings.

Color and life with flower arrangement for a minimalist house

Image 41 – Combine the color of the flowers with the decorative elements that you already have in the area.

Combine the flowers with decorative elements of your environment

Picture 42 – Cacti get more life when their flowers bloom.

Flower arrangement for decorated wall

Picture 43 – Colorful natural and tropical flowers and fruits.

Colorful and tropical table setting

Photo 44 – For the most serious and demanding environments, the predominance of the green of the stem of the flowers maintains the sobriety of the room and brings more freshness.

Arrangement of table flowers with the strong presence of green on the stem

Image 45 – Flower lighting.

Floral lighting with arrangement in chandelier

Picture 46 – Mix several styles and colors.

Mix several species of flowers to assemble an arrangement

Image 47 – Flower arrangements for the bathroom: Flowers make the bathroom more cozy.

Flower arrangement for bathroom

Image 48 – Enjoy the fashion of the decorated glass pots and use them as pots!

Enjoy the fashion of glass pots

Image 49 – Flower curtain.

Floral curtain

Image 50 – Lots of flowers for the bride’s grand entrance.

Flower arrangements: plant species and decoration inspirations

Image 51 – When thinking of party decorations, think of table decorations and even hanging plants in a ceiling ornament.

Table decorations for party and wedding decoration

Image 52 – Another idea of ​​using flowers and berries in an arrangement.

Another idea to use flowers and berries in one place

Picture 53 – Arrangements on three levels.

Arrangements on three levels

Figure 54 – Table decoration full of colors: flowers in colored bottles.

Table decoration full of colors

Picture 55 – Flowers give a touch of warmth and grace in neutral and serious environments.

A touch of warmth with flower arrangements on the table

Picture 56 – Natural garland to decorate your main door for Christmas.

Garland with arrangement of natural flowers

Image 57 – Flowers and bladoms combine very well when decorating a party.

Flower arrangements in decoration with bladders for party

Picture 58 – Every culture has its favorite types of flowers: In Mexico, the pattern of the flowers that appear in the skulls is almost always the same.

Colorful flower arrangement in Mexican Fiesta style

Image 59 – A natural touch to break up the surrounding geometric pattern.

Arrangement of natural flowers

Picture 60 – Have fun arranging color gradients or rainbows.

Flower arrangements in gradient

Where to buy flower arrangements

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