Actually, I’m a self-confessed peony fan. Besides there were not too many favourite flowers so far.
So far below my Flower-Power-Radar – now the Amaryllis has extended my flower horizon. Okay, already Horst Janssen’s wonderful drawings “Diary of the Amaryllis” fascinated me already at the time of the art course. But in my nursery there was little space (and little interest) in real flower arrangements.
This has changed with my own apartment for some years now and I therefore enjoy market-fresh flowers depending on the season. It also feels like somehow totally grown-up to carry home the shopping bags with vegetables and a bunch of flowers wrapped in paper.

So I was happy about the deep red flower post in the form of red amaryllis, which I placed in our dining room on the windowsill, directly in the new reading corner. It is now completely in my favourite Christmas colours red, gold and white.
The Amaryllis is the December flower in the flower calendar of Tollwasblumenmachen. (It is not only available in December, but from September to April).

What’s most amazing for me is that they’ll be there for almost three weeks! Although the life span of the flowers is coming to an end, they still look very good. A nice sight during my couch week (thanks dear teeth for the knockout). On the photos I show, because I find it so beautiful, the condition of the almost budded flower and the risen cups. Both forms are pretty good, aren’t they? Only the moose, the golden rogue, had to push itself back into the foreground. 😉

So, and while we are biting into the fresh waffle (to the waffle recipe), which stands so decoratively next to it, I show you the Advent arrangement, which is guarded by the merry boygroup of Santa Clauses.
Once again, I was late and had to make some Christmas table decorations – you remember? – leaned back relaxed. Until I noticed that I had NOTHING on the table regarding the Christmas countdown. Short improvisation with gold wire and small numbers of wires from the handicraft shop on the concrete bowl. I did it, no reason for Christmas panic, it’s on!
The only thing missing for Christmas luck is the transport of the crates standing in the hallway to the attic. My parents wanted to get rid of the Barbie stuff from their cellar and we’ve been stumbling over the boxes for a week now. But this can be solved before Christmas Eve. 😉

So, but back to Amaryllis. A few hard facts are still allowed, aren’t they? After that we just dream about winter evenings in the cosy reading corner with hot waffles and inspiring reading.

1 The Amaryllis is also called “naked lady” in the American because of her leafless stem. The name, however, comes from the Greek and means “sparkling” or “radiant”.
The petals come in the colours white, red, yellow, pink, salmon pink, violet or orange. Gladly also two-coloured.
3 The Amaryllis are native to South and Central America and the Caribbean. (Maybe I’ll just have a look at it soon, field research and so on).
For better durability the stems should be cut off diagonally and the flowers should be placed in a vase with clean, fresh water. Best in a cool location.


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