The preparations for the end of the year celebrations have begun! And a healthy option that should not be missing at parties is the fruit table. Who doesn’t want a colorful little corner to cool off at this time of year?

First of all, it is ideal to calculate the number of guests in order to know the size of the table. Start with the color chart that the fruits provide. It is also possible to compose on a tray with peeled or whole fruits on the table.

Always try to choose fruits that go with the season so that there are no problems with assembly, prefer the classic ones so as not to make a mistake. When the celebration is on the beach, take in the scenery with the fruits.

Link these characteristics to the party’s proposal so that everything is balanced and harmonious. For example, in a party with a neutral decoration, it is ideal to bring color and fun with the most colorful fruits. If it’s dinner at night, look for a fruit composition with a single color, like red or orange.

Remember that they don’t just appear at thematic parties! As it is a versatile decoration, it is possible to incorporate the fruits into a simple dinner at home.

Do you like the decoration tips with fruits? It’s time to see more ideas so that you can get inspiration to decorate your party!

Image 1 – Leaves them in the toothpick is a practical form that emphasizes in the decoration table.


Image 2 – The fruits can be arranged in baskets for a rustic setting.


Image 3 – Set up an array of fruits to decorate the table.

Fruit table-3

Image 4 – Making a skewer with different fruits is a great option to keep the table colored.

Fruit table-4

Image 5 – How about a tray with sliced ​​fruits?


Picture 6 – Add flowers and bouquets to decorate the table.

Fruit table-6

Image 7 – Assembling a table with bowls of fruit is great for keeping order.


Image 8 – Organize so that it emphasizes the contrast of colors.


Picture 9 – Put them in a tower of dishes on the table.


Image 10 – The cool thing is to make the container with the fruit yourself.


Image 11 – Always place funny signs to decorate the table.


Image 12 – The cut is an important point in making the look beautiful


Image 13 – A mixture of fruit and cold is great for serving guests.


Figure 14 – Play with the shapes to create a nice table of fruit.


Image 15 – Simple and beautiful fruit table.

Fruit table-15

Picture 16 – Put the fruit on a plate so that it looks attractive.


Image 17 – It is possible to mix cut and whole fruits on the table.


Image 18 – Decoration for fruit tray.


Image 19 – Here the watermelon formed the rest of the fruit.


Image 20 – Place in glass containers to bring out the color of the fruit.


Figure 21 – Set up a themed corner for the fruit table.


Image 22 – The streaky appearance underlined the choice of fruit.


Picture 23 – Decoration for the table with cut fruits on slides.


Picture 24 – Playing with the colors of the fruits.


Picture 25 – Put the green leaves of the fruit to decorate the table.


Picture 26 – The cuts make a nice fruit table.


Picture 27 – If you put them on a wooden board, the weather stays harsher.

Fruit table-27

Image 28 – The flower pot can be a decorative support for fruits.

Picture 29 – Arrange the fruits in a drawing.

Fruit table-29

Picture 29 – Arrange the fruits in a drawing.

Fruit table-30

Image 31 – Decoration for fruit table for fondue.

Fruit table-31

Image 32 – Fruit table for a party on the beach.


Picture 33 – Tower of various fruits.

Fruit table-33

Picture 34 – The black container highlighted the color of the fruit.

Fruit table-34

Picture 35 – Mix fruits and flowers in the decoration.


Picture 36 – The ideal is to highlight the fruit by placing it in the center of the table.


Picture 37 – Leave the table in a romantic mood!

Fruit table-37

Image 38 – Christmas tree with fruits.

Fruit table-38

Picture 39 – Arrange in the large container for small fruits.


Photo 40 – Here the fruit table has been transformed into a central table arrangement.

Fruit table-40

Picture 41 – Table with a tower of fruits.


Picture 42 – Arranging the fruits in boxes becomes more relaxed and colorful.


Picture 43 – Arrange the cut fruits in different containers.


Image 44 – Another cool idea is to make a fruit cone.

Fruit table-44

Picture 45 – Working only one color in the table decoration is fine.


Picture 46 – For an al fresco party, leave the fruit ready to taste.


Picture 47 – Use the base of the pineapple to support the fruit sticks.

Fruit decorations for birthday party

Picture 48 – Assemble a fruit tower and place the strawberries on it to stand on the table.


Picture 49 – Use bowls to organize the fruits.


Image 50 – For the rustic aspect, leave the whole fruit with the leaves visible.


Figure 51 – A tray with the contrast of colors highlights the table.


Picture 52 – Organizing in small containers allows the most harmonious appearance in the decoration.

Fruit table-52

Picture 53 – Put a striking fruit board on the table.


Image 54 – Peach with fruits.


Picture 55 – To avoid waste, use the watermelon peel to support the other fruits.


Picture 56 – The tablecloth makes the difference in decoration.


Image 57 – Colored fruit table.


Image 58 – Arrange in small containers for convenience.


Image 59 – Spread the fruit sticks evenly.


Image 60 – Assemble a table center with various pieces of fruit.

Fruit table-60



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