Between one yoke and another, the conversations, the tea, the laughter. And so the linux duvets were made in the old days, in peace and with stories to tell. This age-old habit of “fuxicar” has found a place in modern life again. With it, it is possible to produce beautiful and precious handmade pieces, ranging from carpets to the famous FuXico duvets.

The fuxicos form one after the other shapes and forms. And there is fuxico! A single blanket takes about 500 fuxics, depending on the size and the way the blanket is used.

Fuxico duvet: learn step by step and creative ideas

Yes, it is true, it takes a little time for you to visualize the work ready, but given the fearful, accelerated, and immediate world we have today, something slower and more self-determined can devote to real therapy. In the end you will see that it was worth waiting for a unique, original and symbolic piece. Not to mention that the cost of such work is almost zero. You only need fabric, needle and thread flaps.

So, separate the necessary materials that we will teach you in this post step by step to make a nice duvet.

How to make a fuqico quilt


Making a bedspread is very easy. First you need to determine the size of the quilt and the shape you want to give it. The bigger the bed and the more you have the quilt, the more you will need. For example, some quilts are made with the fuxicos at the top, others, on the contrary, are made entirely of fuxico. Another important detail: you can use an older quilt and restore it using fuxicos.

The color of the fucicos will be important if you want to create a shape in the ceiling, such as flowers, squares or rectangles. If this is your intention, define the colors that will be used and the approximate amount of yoffs for each color.

But you can also choose to make an entire blanket colorful and without a specific shape, the result is just as beautiful.

Calculation of the number of yo-yo

To roughly calculate how many gypsies you need, you have the full size of the blanket ready. Then make a square (don’t worry about the shape, the square is only for calculation) with the yo-yos and count how many have been used.

Suppose you are planning a double side panel with a total length of 1.98 mx 2.60 m. A square of fuxicos of 0.30cm by 0.30 will have 25 fuxicos. Then calculate the number of squares needed to form the ceiling, in this case 63 0.30 cm by 0.30 cm squares. Finally, multiply the number of squares by the number of yo-yos that fit in each square. The final calculation is 1575 fxicos.

After defining all of these questions, start doing the fuxicos. Can’t I do yo-yo? All right, we separated here in the post and some videos step by step. check-out:

Materials needed to make the yoffs

  • Circular paper template (the size you want)
  • pen
  • Different fabric flaps
  • scissors
  • line
  • needle

Now follow this step-by-step:

  1. Take the shape and circle the fabric flaps. Cut out the circles.
  2. Use the needle and thread to sew the circles around the edges and form a small bar. Tighten the needle to crease the circle and end with a knot.
  3. The yo-yo is done; You can use buttons or gems to complete the yo-yo, it’s up to you.

How to do a perfect yo-yo

After completing the yo-yo stage, it’s time to unite them one by one until you reach the desired size of the ceiling. In this step, you can choose to sew the yo-yos in a larger fabric that will serve as the base for the blanket, or let it run out with the bottom. Both models are welcome. Learn how to unite the yo-yoes without mistakes in this video:

Easy, isn’t it? Now just start making your quilt. Start with a few fuxicos, then join them to see how they come, make more fuxicos, and so on. If you want, you can also see how to make a crocheted carpet, a quilt, and even bathroom games.

60 creative ideas from yoke and crochet blanket to inspire your handicraft production

Before you start, take a look at the selection of pictures of yo-yo quilts to inspire and fill you with ideas:

Figure 1 – Double quilt with green squares filled with colorful fuxicos.

Double bedspread with green squares

Image 2 – For the little girls! The fuxicos won buttons to look like flowers.

Children's bedspread for girls

Image 3 – The fuxicos were sewn onto a white cloth; the bed pillows have also won fuxics to match the quilt.

White cloth with fuxicos

Image 4 – Crochet duvet with fuxico.

Crochet bedspread with yo-yo

Figure 5 – For a clean and sober look, only make the bedspread with one color.

Single-colored fuxico bedspread

Image 6 – Patchwork and fuxicos decorate the path of the doll.

Patchwork and fuxico on the quilt of the doll's house

Image 7 – In this quilt, the yellow fuxicos make drawings of diamonds.

Yellow fuxicos in quilt

Figure 8 – Bedspread of colored yo-yos with ends locked.

Bedspread with colored barrettes

Image 9 – Bar colored in the same tone as the fuxicos.

Bar colored in the same tone of the fuxicos

Image 10 – White diamonds interspersed with hollow diamonds.

Lozenge of fuxicos in the quilt

Image 11 – The fuxicos of the blanket can be made in the desired size, including you can combine different sizes in the same blanket.

Fuxicos with different sizes in quilt

Image 12 – Crochet bedspread with colored diamonds / inspiration to make it look like yo-yo

Crochet quilt with colorful lozenges

Image 13 – Another blanket: Here the gossip was sewn into the blanket

Stitched stitches in duvet

Image 14 – Fabric patchwork can be used to form guxicos and patchwork as on the duvet of this image

Patchwork of fabric on yoke bedspread

Figure 15 – In different prints, but all in the same tone: blue, yellow and white

Blue, yellow and white foxes

Figure 16 – In this garden, drawn on fuxico’s duvet, the leaves and flowers are for the account of the fuxicos

Fuxico Bedspread

Image 17 – Fuxicos in the same tone make the ceiling appear more sober and elegant

Fuxicos in the same tonality of the quilt fabric

Figure 18 – For the Moderninhos, a bedspread made of black and white yo-yos

Bedspread black and white

Image 19 – From square to square, a beautiful crochet braid is created as inspiration for the production of fucicos.

Crochet bedspread as inspiration to make with fuxicos

Picture 20 – A square in the other shape of this yoke quilt on the brown background

Fuxico quilt on brown background

Image 21 – Reaproveite an old quilt that Guxicos sews in it; In the picture, the fuxicos of different sizes form flowers.

Sew guxicos on the quilt

Image 22 – A little color for the black and white space; Note that the underside of the patchwork is black so as not to run away from the decor.

Fuxico bedspread brings color to the neutral room

Figure 23 – Fuxicos cuadradinhos.

Square fuxics for quilt

Picture 24 – The white blanket won fuxicos only in the lower half.

Fuxicos at the bottom of the quilt

Image 25 – The romantic proposal of decorating this room was emphasized even more by the duvet from fuxicos.

Quilting beds with romantic proposal

Picture 26 – Red foxes for a warm and intimate decoration.

Red bedspread

Image 27 – Fuxicos in soft colors harmonize with the lilac bedspread.

Smoothies with soft colors on bedspread

Figure 28 – Grayscale.

Gray phallus

Image 29 – This duvet of all white mares is very delicate; to further improve the piece, each yo-yo won a mini pearl.

Full white yoke bedspread

Image 30 – Delicate and graceful: The mini fucicos were beautiful in this raw cotton blanket.

Mini fuxicos in the quilt

Figure 31 – Fu xicos duvet and iron beds: a combination that always works.

Iron bedspread in iron bed

Figure 32 – Different sizes, colors and prints: Let your imagination run wild when you put up your duvet.

Inspiration for fuxicos quilt

Figure 33 – Crochet hooks connected by a black line.

Crochet hooks joined by a black thread web

Picture 34 – How about some giants?

Giant fuxicos quilt

Image 35 – A touch of charm and personality for the children’s walks.

Quilt with bed fuxicos for children's bed

Figure 36 – No rules: create your quilt the way you prefer.

Create the quilt the way you want it

Picture 37 – To vary the work, intercalate between the production of fuxicos and the production of the blanket.

Fuxicos bedspread

Picture 38 – Missed yo-yo? Leave leaking spaces free.

Spandex bedspreads

Figure 39 – A rainbow of fuxicos on the bed.

Quilt with rainbow fuxicos

Picture 40 – FuXicos quilt; the mustard tone emphasized the manual work.

Bedspreads for bedspreads

Picture 41 – To vary the work, nest the colors of fuxicos.

Fuxico Bedspread

Picture 42 – Cover the quilt blanket with fabric panels.

Fuxico bedspread: learn step-by-step and creative ideas

Figure 43 – Double duvet with the yoke upside down.

Fuxico bedspread: learn step-by-step and creative ideas 1

Picture 44 – And in the middle a black yoke; the only one in the blanket!

Fuxico bedspread: learn step-by-step and creative ideas 2

Picture 45 – perfectly united.

Fuxico bedspread: learn step-by-step and creative ideas 3

Figure 46 – One of the more traditional models of the yoke bedspread.

Fuxico bedspread: learn step-by-step and creative ideas 4

Picture 47 – And to escape the square, fuxicos form octagons.

Fuxico forming octagons

Picture 48 – Dwarf from the fuxicos? Use a double-sided blanket and vary the decor.

Double sided bedspread

Picture 49 – Spread the yoffs according to the amount of each type.

Fuxicos distributed in quilt

Picture 50 – Colorful fuxicos form squares under the white fuxicos.

Colorful foxes

Figure 51 – Colorful crocheted bedspread without fear of being happy.

Colorful crochet bedspread

Image 52 – Happy and lively: colored fucicos form this quilt, which decorates the room in neutral tones.

Colorful fuxicos for quilt

Figure 53 – Rustic children’s room with fuxico bedspread.

Rustic children's room with yoke bedspread

Picture 54 – Pink, formed by crochet squares.

Crochet patterns

Image 55 – Bedspread with fucicos only on the top.

Bedspread with fuxicos for the top

Figure 56 – Bedspreads and pillows: everything fits.

Croche beds and cushions

Image 57 – Rich and detailed craftsmanship: quilt with blue and white fuxico flowers.

Bedspread with yoke flowers

Image 58 – Fuxico duvet for a demanding environment.

Sophisticated ambience with yoke bedspread

Picture 59 – Fuxicos decorates the children’s room.

Fuxicos to decorate the baby room

Picture 60 – And to stay warm, how about a blanket made of colored wool?

Bedspread with wool yoke



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