What does the dream house look like? Spacious living room, elegantly furnished bedroom, tasteful hallway with spiral staircases and of course – a beautiful backyard! Exactly. The garden is a space that can give a certain friendly atmosphere to the house. Therefore it is important, when designing your garden, to pay attention to all small details. In this article we give you over 180 modern and stylish garden ideas that you can use as inspiration!

Modern garden ideas: How do you plan your dream garden?

A beautiful garden usually costs a lot of time, effort and money. With some good planning, you can create a uniform outdoor area that will give you years of pleasure. But how do you plan your dream garden? The following steps are very helpful here:

1. make a sketch

Before you decide what your garden should look like, you need to know well what you have. Draw an accurate sketch of your garden. Measure the width and length of your outdoor area. Check what places are sunny and what places are shady. Integrate all the paths you normally use. Answer the following questions: Are there any places where children like to play? What are the best places for plants and flowers? Where would you like to create a seat?

2. divide your garden into different zones

Decide what you need in your garden. Must there be a place to sit and relax? Where should this place be? Would you like to plant flowers or maybe even vegetables or fruit trees? Where is the best place for it? If there isn’t one, decide where the paths should be. Sketch everything on one sheet.

Garden ideas: Design your dream garden

3. decide what you need

The garden should be a place where you feel comfortable in the first place. For this reason, it is important to decide what you need and what there should be in your garden (garden furniture, garden swing, perhaps a fireplace, a fountain, etc.). List everything you need to buy. Here it is good to inform yourself about the prices. It would also be good if you compare the prices of the different suppliers.

4. determine the budget

Renovating the garden can sometimes be expensive. A very important step, therefore, is to determine how much money you want to spend on your project. Think carefully about how much your project will cost. If your budget is limited, look for cost-effective solutions. For example, recycled materials cost less than new ones, gravel usually costs less than pavement, etc. Leave 10% of your budget for unexpected costs.

When planning the budget, consider the cost of:

the laying out of the lawnGarden furniturePlants, flower pots etc.Garden accessoriesLighting and irrigationSpecial wishes such as wells, swimming pools, garden houses etc.
Create a place to feel good and relax

5. decide whether you need help from a professional

If you have never realised such a large project yourself before, you can look for help from a professional garden designer. Yes, this can be expensive. But if you want to realise your dream garden, it is really worth considering this option.

6. if you are renovating your garden, consider what you want to change and what can be left.

A complete garden design can cost a lot of time and money. If you like some elements of your garden, such as some trees, paths, etc., it is best to keep them. An excellent way to save money is also to renovate the old garden furniture. This is not a difficult task. Simply research the Internet to find inspiration and instructions.

7. garden maintenance

And last but not least, be careful that you periodically care for your garden so that it stays beautiful for a long time. Think about how much time you can invest in it. Are you an enthusiastic hobby gardener or do you simply prefer to relax outdoors? The answers to these questions will help you choose your garden plants and some other elements.

Grass in combination with light tiles


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