Geek Decorating: See 60 creative ideas and DIY tutorials

Flowers, crochet and pastel shades? That is nothing! In geek decorations, it is series and films like Star Wars and Game of Thrones, video games and mathematical formulas that conquer the environment and penetrate frames, stickers, furniture and other objects. In this way, the geek decoration can represent the lifestyle and personality of the resident in a very peculiar, unusual, creative and very original way.

The term geek came some time ago to refer to fans and lovers of technology, electronics, board and electronic games, comics, books, films, anime and series. English slang finally replaces the term nerd, which until recently sounded negative and pejorative.

The geek decoration is simple and does not require much, but it is necessary to pay attention to some details so that it does not lose its essence, neither caricature nor too childish. The tip is to use neutral colors in the base of the decoration as they prefer a more modern environment. Therefore, white, black, gray and more closed shades of blue are best recommended. The bolder tones, such as red and yellow, can be present and look good when used in the details. Abuse of furniture with daring design, metal parts and indirect lighting.

If you consider yourself a geek or sympathetic to this lifestyle, you will love the tips of this post. Using tutorial videos, let’s show you how to put together a geek-like decoration to destroy it. And we couldn’t leave out a selection of inspiring photos for your facility.

Let’s start with a series of videos that explain the geek decor in the best “do it yourself” style. check-out:

Geek decoration – Super Mario, Pac Man and Pixel

If you love older video games like Super Mario and Pac Man, you will love this video tutorial from Ana Karina channel. You will learn step by step how to design and decorate your room in the best geek style.

DIY Geek Decorating – Harry Potter

Harry Potter fan? So this video is for you. Watch the Bonitezas Channel tutorial and learn how to create two different board models with Information Platform 9 ¾ Hogwarts Express.

DIY: Geek decoration for the room

Change the look of your living room with the geek decor. In this tutorial, you will learn from Cooler than Bubble Plastic how to make an original and creative geek decor with a little of everything that belongs to this universe.

Geek Decorating: Learn How To Make A Magic Cube Closet

Magic Cubes are the face of the geek world and nothing better than bringing this element to the decor in a practical and functional way. Channel Ana Karina’s suggestion is to turn cardboard boxes in the form of magic cubes into cupboards. Check it out and don’t forget to do it in your house.

Mathematical clock – geek decoration

Every geek who appreciates himself has mathematical formulas on the tip of his tongue. So why not use this knowledge and turn it into a beautiful and unique wall clock? In this video tutorial on Think and Decorate, you will learn everything step by step. Make and challenge your visits to find out what time it is.

DIY: furniture geek

To complete the decor, the furniture must also have that geek touch. But don’t worry, think that you have to change all the furniture to get this effect. With the simple decoupage technique, you can give old furniture a new face. Learn how to use comic books to mobilize an outsider in this Ady Marina Channel video.

How the ideas? So follow the post to get inspired and enchanted with 60 more geek decorating tips:

Figure 1 – For reading lovers geeks a decoration inspired by books: vase, coasters, clock, mug and pillow.

Book-inspired geek decoration

Image 2 – Minimalist geek decoration.

Minimalist geek decoration

Image 3 – Home office geek inspired in the movie Star Wars; Lightsaber looks like a wall lamp and the black stones help to immerse yourself in the mood of the film.

Home office geek star wars

Figure 4 – Make the hallway a special corner for your collections; The top here is an illuminated glass shelf.

Corridor for geek collections

Image 5 – Geek decoration in integrated environments: table frame made with huge pieces of mount, self-portrait made by Van Gogh with Lego and the little monster eats come drawn on the wall.

Geek decoration in integrated environments

Figure 6 – Room with industrial style and geek decoration inspired by Japanese designs.

Geek-style industrial room

Image 7 – A decoration for geeks who love music.

Geek decoration music lovers

Image 8 – White dominates in this geek decoration for the home office.

Geek decoration for home office

Figure 9 – Decoration geek: panel with futuristic face to organize the books.

Futuristic panel geek decoration

Image 10 – The world of computer science cannot miss the decoration of geek influence.

Decoration with geek influence

Figure 11 – The LED sign gives the geek touch in the decoration of this bathroom.

LED marquee in geek decoration

Image 12 – Bold design furniture, colorful floors and a Mickey Mouse in the corner next to the window form the geek decoration of this environment.

Mickey mouse geek furniture

Screenshot 13 – Geek Decor for the room: Super Heroes on all sides and a TV to watch all films and favorite series.

Geek decoration for the bedroom

Image 14 – Classic albums on the wall and modern pillows on the bed.

Decoration geek classic albums

Image 15 – Geek decoration in the closet: Star Wars film wallpaper decorates and brings color to the environment.

Geek decoration in the closet

Image 16 – Phrase symbol of the Harry Potter saga that decorates the room.

Harry Potter geek decoration

Image 17 – Decoration geek and gamer in the same environment.

Geek gamer decoration

Image 18 – A stylish and colorful Darth Vader on the wall; To reinforce the decor geek, a round and red armchair.

Darth Vader on the wall of the environment

Image 19 – Comics and superheroes have priority in this geek decoration.

Comic books in geek decoration

Picture 20 – If you have lived this time and have kept these relics at home, you can give them a new use by making a beautiful – and geek lamp.

Geek lamp

Figure 21 – A special bookshelf to organize the geeks objects; On the coffee table, the controls for the video game wait for the next moment of use and help compose the decor.

Geek objects on the shelf

Image 22 – Color idea for the geek decoration: gray, black and other more vivid tones, such as yellow or red.

Color for geek decoration

Image 23 – Mini Batman protects the sleep of the residents; Highlighting metal fixtures that perfectly match the geek style.

Mini batman decoration geek

Figure 24 – A geek room for lovers of electronic games; The favorite game was highlighted on the wall.

Geek decoration for lovers of electronic games

Image 25 – For a Star Wars fan, a chair in height.

Star Wars Geek Decoration

Image 26 – In this room, the posters of your favorite films decorate the wall, while the coffee table strategically holds the board games.

Favorite movies in geek decoration

Picture 27 – Are the hard drives already? Not in this room! Here the size was changed to create a very original table.

Original tabletop diskette / geek decoration

Image 28 – When the modern and the retro come together in the decoration, the result is similar to that here: super modern design computer, aging table with skating effect and wallpaper with cassettes.

Modern, retro room with geek decor

Picture 29 – In this room, the pictures lying on the wall decorate without much concern.

Frames on the wall with geek decoration

Picture 30 – It is worth leaving a niche in the closet to organize the favorite superheroes; they appear in comic books on the opposite wall.

Niche Cabinet with Geek Decorating

Picture 31 – Geek decoration with child figures, but no caricature.

Geek decoration with children's characters

Image 32 – Brick wall made room for Darth Vader’s poster; on the shelves, the other characters in the film are protected in a glass box.

Brick Wall Poster Darth Vader

Picture 33 – The organized chaos that every geek at home deserves; Highlight the math formula clock.

Chaos organized home office geek

Image 34 – Geek kitchen with a poster of the legendary Sonic, a video game character that was successful in the 90s.

Sonic geek kitchen

Picture 35 – Black, white and gray were the colors chosen for the geek decoration of this room; Note that it is possible to assemble a decoration without exaggeration or childishness.

Black white and gray in geek decoration

Image 36 – This image can be inspired even for those who prefer something more colorful; Even with all the colors and dolls, the environment doesn’t become childish thanks to the most sober furniture and modern design.

Colorful geek decoration

Image 37 – Home office and room together: Geek decoration brings relaxation and lightness into the environment.

Geek decoration with home office

Image 38 – Technology, always present in the geek lifestyle, deserves a prominent place in decoration.

Technology in geek decoration

Figure 39 – Room Multi-Screens: You can watch and play whenever you want.

Decoration geek room multi-tiles

Image 40 – A room decoration for the little geeks.

Geek Room Decorated

Picture 41 – And for the youngest a black bedroom and gray, influenced by the film Star Wars.

Geek black room

Picture 42 – Superheroes, films and technology: all very geek, but you will agree that nothing can be more an outsider than a game of chess!

Super hero geek decoration

Figure 43 – Books on the coffee table give space to this modern room.

Modern room with geek decor

Figure 44 – The installation of the lights in this room is similar to computer circuits.

Illumination circuit

Picture 45 – Blackboard with well-known children’s drawings; To maintain the sobriety of the environment, the colors blue, gray and black should be used.

Wall slate in geek decoration

Figure 46 – If you’re afraid to overdo the geek dose, use only one or two pictures on the wall.

Decoration geek pictures on the wall

Image 47 – The clean decoration has gained color and life with the colorful image that relates to the comics.

Colorful bedroom with geek decor

Figure 48 – Comfortable sofas and armchairs, indirect lighting and a complete visual audio system: the dream of every geek.

Sofas and armchairs in geek decoration

Picture 49 – Clean and sober double rooms with just a hint of the geek world on the wall.

Star Wars Geek Decoration

Figure 50 – White, black and white geek decoration turquoise.

Black and white geek decoration

Illus. 51 – a collection for geek that is not set by default.

Geek Collection in Decoration

Image 52 – Geek decoration with futuristic lamps.

Geek decoration with futuristic lamp

Figure 53 – Invest in a projector to watch your favorite films and series.

Geek Decorated Movies & Series

Picture 54 – In this room the bright colors contrast with the softer tones.

Geek decoration with vibrant colors

Figure 55 – All possible comfort for this room dedicated to electronic games.

Geek Room Games

Image 56 – The result of the combination of luxury, pop art and geek is this space.


Image 57 – The famous Simpsons series composes the decoration both in the poster and in the colors.

Simpsons geek decoration

Image 58 – Discreet but eye-catching presence of the Hulk superheroes and Captain America.

Discreet geek decoration

Image 59 – The universe of geek decoration summarized on a shelf.

Geek decoration on the shelf

Picture 60 – Geek decoration: the tastiest chemical composition in the world printed on the wall.

Chemical composition geek decoration



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