Geometric shapes are present in some details of our day in colors, prints, designs or textures. Used to decorate the caves since the Stone Age, it is still tall to compliment the indoor ambience.

Aside from traditional shapes like a square or rectangle, there are other ways to create orthogonal strokes so that they form a geometric design. It is possible to find a wide variety of products in the market that use this technique, such as in fabrics, tiles, decorative items, wallpapers, paintings, bed linen, etc.

In addition to enhancing the decoration, the geometric shapes mark a strong presence in the environment. Most often it creates an interesting point compared to the rest of the decor through a graphite or a wall with a geometric coating.

For those who like lively, lively and modern environments, it is ideal to abuse colors and mix different shapes on the wall or objects. The classics can opt for more subtle tones, which makes the space clearer, more minimalistic and more sophisticated.

Check out our gallery with 65 incredible and creative suggestions on how to use geometry in decoration and give your home a unique touch. Inspire yourself here:

Image 1 – The highlight is the wall, which receives a geometric art made of lines and lines

Image 1

Photo 2 – create a beautiful and flamboyant effect by coating your headboard!

Image 2

Photo 3 – The ideal is to go for a couple of walls with a geometric coating so that the look is not difficult so choose the one that you want to highlight more

Picture 3

Figure 4 – Apply the geometry in the joinery, prioritize the shape and exit with a visual clean

Image 4

Photo 5 – Make a composition of decorative objects and geometric furniture

Image 5

Figure 6 – The use of decorative pictures of various geometric shapes attached to the wall will help create a point of interest

Picture 6

Image 7 – When creating a composition of objects, try to choose the objects with a certain amount of care so that it is a harmonious environment

Picture 7

Image 8 – Play with the geometric mirrors to decorate your wall!

Figure 8

Image 9 – Use the geometric shapes done with the effect of full and empty on the shelf

Picture 9

Image 10 – Tiles have become a trend and they come in a variety of models and designs

Picture 10

Image 11 – The wallpaper has a great variety so the larger patterns make the wall stand out even more

Image 11

Image 12 – The geometric shapes in the decoration mark different styles

Picture 12

Image 13 – Carpet cushions in neutral colors reflect the modern style

Picture 13

Picture 14 – Use creativity to create panels with different designs based on geometry

Picture 14

Photo 15 – Invest in pendant lights to raise awareness about the environment

Picture 15

Image 16 – Use color for a lively, entertaining and urban environment!

Picture 16

Image 17 – The small pattern and the colors of the tiles balance and modernize the environment

Picture 17

Picture 18 – Innovate in the joinery, which gives a happy and colorful air!

Picture 18

Image 19 – The niches in geometric formats take up functionality and decorate the surroundings

Picture 19

Picture 20 – Triangles with different shapes and colors offer interesting results in this space

Image 20

Picture 21 – Combine colors and shapes in the painting on your wall!

Picture 21

Image 22 – create a bold and original bottom side!

Picture 22

Image 23 – The design of this furniture enables endless uses and shapes!

Picture 23

Image 24 – The images stamp the owner’s personality, so apply moderately!

Picture 24

Picture 25 – Another painting helps to create the environment!

Image 25

Image 26 – Create an optical illusion with play of light in the hallway!

Image 26

Picture 27 – Paint your furniture to take a different look at the surroundings

Image 27

Image 28 – The tile decorates your outdoor area!

Image 28

Image 29 – The furniture with a foot palito is ideal for adding the geometry in the furniture.

Picture 29

Picture 30 – Take a bit of the city to your mosaic floor bathroom

Picture 30

Image 31 – The geometric shapes characterize the contemporary style in the area

Picture 31

Picture 32 – Set up your plant with concrete blocks and an original painting!

Picture 32

Figure 33 – A little geometry in every detail of this room!

Picture 33

Picture 34 – Contrasts of plans and colors

Image 34

Picture 35 – The geometry can be entered discreetly and in a modern way

Picture 35

Picture 36 – The structural elements form a play of volumes and drawings in architecture

Image 36

Picture 37 – Play with the volumes and colors on the lining of your residence

Picture 37

Picture 38 – Lines penetrate the wall cleanly

Picture 38

Figure 39 – Play with textures on your wall!

Image 39

Image 40 – The mirror with geometric surfaces brings elegance to the living room

Picture 40

Picture 41 – Create a focal point with geometric coatings

Picture 41

Picture 42 – Shelves and chest of drawers can play with the geometric shapes

Picture 42

Picture 43 – Geometry in a minimalist environment

Picture 43

Figure 44 – Sofa design with origami style takes sophistication on space!

Picture 44

Image 45 – Put on a geometric rug to give personality to the environment

Image 45

Picture 46 – The play of colors and materials led to a geometric residence

Image 46

Image 47 – Modular carpets allow many compositions in the environment

Picture 47

Picture 48 – Make your mood happy with a painting on the door

Image 48

Picture 49 – Structures made of wood form the decoration of this room

Picture 49

Figure 50 – The decorative objects in geometric shape enjoy the place

Picture 50

Figure 51 – Have you thought about repurposing a closet?

Picture 51

Photo 52 – The combination of the brick tile with the yellow of the bench left the bathroom with a retro feel

Picture 52

Image 53 – Simple and original bed!

Picture 53

Picture 54 – The classic P&B could not be missing!

Picture 54

Picture 55 – Decorate a feminine room with the geometric shapes

Picture 55

Figure 56 – Bookcase with geometric tiles

Picture 56

Image 57 – Destroy the sobriety of the kitchen with cheerful tiles

Image 57

Image 58 – B&W tones give the place an urban and masculine atmosphere

Image 58

Picture 59 – Geometry makes the atmosphere cool with decor

Image 59

Photo 60 – Decorate your gourmet balcony with geometric tiles

Image 60

Picture 61 – Works of art with geometric designs can replace the coating on the wall

Picture 61

Picture 62 – Decorate the room with triangles!

Picture 62

Screenshot 63 – The background image looks different in each setting.

Image 63

Picture 64 – The shelf with metal structure allows infinite designs with the nested niches

Picture 64

Image 65 – Break design linearity with decorative elements!

Picture 65



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