Brown is a sober, elegant color that, like white and black, goes well with other colors, textures and materials. Now do you imagine combining these properties with those of granite? I agree! The connection between the two is a great option for those who are looking for a charming and refined decoration, without sacrificing resistant material and quality.

Like other types of stone, brown granite is indicated for internal and external use and is mainly used for sinks and bathroom countertops. However, their use does not have to be limited to these locations. Brown granite also stands out on the floor, the sills and the drip and also as wall cladding. Try combining brown granite with furniture and other details in wood, the result is an even more inviting and sophisticated environment.

Granite brown: know the main types and photos of projects

Despite all the advantages of this stone, you have a question that must bother your head: “After all, brown granite stain?”. The answer is yes. As with all granite or marble, this variety is also prone to impurities. But calm down, so don’t give up the stone. The darker shades are less porous and therefore tend to be more stain resistant, but if there are stains, the stone’s dark tone doesn’t show the problem. And if it helps, you know that coloring a brown granite is very difficult, so the stone would have to be exposed to chemicals, water, or intense color products for hours.

But generally the rule: “dirty? Clean up immediately ”. So you save the beautiful stone much longer. Another tip to preserve the durability of granite is never to clean it with steel sponges or other abrasive materials, as the stone can scratch.

With all this simple maintenance, you can fearlessly invest in the brown granite and take advantage of all the beauty it will add to your project.

Ah, one more thing. There are different types of brown granite available on the market. It is therefore important to know and analyze each and every one of them that best suits your proposal. The most common are brown tobacco granite, imperial brown granite, brown coffee granite, brown granite beaver and absolutely brown granite. See also: the main types of white granite, Ubatuba green, black and other shades.

Do you want to get to know each other better? So follow the post that we’re going to introduce the main features of them, the price range per square meter of brown granite and beautiful pictures of designs adorned with brown granite. Come on?!

Absolute brown granite

Absolute brown granite

The absolute brown granite is formed from a mixture of quartz, feldspar and mica, which are responsible for the color of the stone. This composition guarantees the hardness and high durability of the granite.

The absolute brown is very suitable for kitchen and bathroom projects that are looking for a homogeneous and even colored stone. The unique shade of this granite creates refined and elegant environments and creates a harmonious highlight in the surroundings. The natural uniformity of the stone also makes it a good alternative for industrial stones like Silestone.

And don’t worry, the absolute brown granite doesn’t color either. So many advantages should you think that this is a very expensive stone. But you know that absolutely brown granite offers a much cheaper square meter price of R $ 350 m² compared to other types of granite, even those of the same color.

Image 1 – Absolute brown granite in the bathroom bench: refinement and sophistication for the environment.

Granite brown: know the main types and photos of projects

Image 2 – Contrast between the white and the absolutely brown granite of the bathroom countertop.

Contrast between white and absolute brown bathroom countertop granite

Image 3 – American balcony made of absolutely brown granite.

American counter made of absolute brown granite

Figure 4 – If the surroundings have details or wooden furniture, the absolute brown granite helps to make the place even more cozy.

Absolute brown granite to make the environment cozier

Figure 5 – White kitchen with absolutely brown granite bench.

White kitchen with absolute brown granite

Image 6 – Clean and modern kitchen on the bench made of absolutely brown granite.

Clean modern kitchen with absolute white granite

Image 7 – Two shades of brown in the kitchen.

Two shades of brown in the kitchen

Figure 8 – Carved toilet bowl made of absolutely brown granite.

Cuba carved with absolute brown granite

Image 9 – Do you want uniformity? So bet on this stone.

Uniformity of brown granite

Image 10 – Absolute brown granite beauty is highlighted even more in bright kitchen designs.

Beauty of absolute brown granite

Image 11 – Unique design for the sink made of absolutely brown granite.

Differentiated design for the sink in absolute brown granite

Image 12 – One of the outstanding properties of granite, especially dark shades, is the brightness.

Brown granite shine

Figure 13 – Absolute brown in the kitchen of the modern rustic style.

Absolute brown in modern rustic style kitchen

Granite brown Bahia

Granite brown Bahia

Unlike the Absolute Brown Granite, the Brown Bahia has a more striking appearance thanks to its tonality. The stone is a connection between the brown, gray and black colors with larger grains, which makes this granite ideal for anyone who is looking for something not so uniform.

The national stone costs around R $ 450 m². It is worth noting that the values ​​may vary depending on the region of the country.

Picture 14 – Brown granite brown Bahia looks almost black.

Closed brown granite brown Bahia

Image 15 – A good request: combination of rustic with brown granite.

Granite Brown Bahia for rustic bathroom

Image 16 – Note the larger and striking grains of Marrom Bahia granite.

Note the larger and striking grains of granite Brown Bahia

Picture 17 – Clear surroundings and without much visual information look good with this stone.

Kitchen with absolute brown granite

Image 18 – Mix of colors and textures in this kitchen.

Mix colors and textures in this kitchen

Picture 19 – Brown Bahia granite and wood form a nice combination.

Wood and granite Brown Bahia form a beautiful combination

Figure 20 – Brown Bahia granite kitchen island.

Kitchen island made of granite Brown Bahia

Picture 21 – White kitchen reinforces the brown stone of the worktop.

White kitchen enhances brown bench stone

Image 22 – Classic combination of dark stone and light furniture.

Classic combination between dark stone and light furniture

Picture 23 – Granite brown Bahia stretches from the stone to the wall and covers the entire kitchen side.

Bahia brown granite extends from rock to wall

Figure 24 – Granite supports high temperatures, so it can be used near stoves and grills without fear.

Brown granite in the barbecue area

Image 25 – Workbench draws attention to granite.

Bench with brown granite

Brown granite castor

granite brown beaver

Maroon granite is characterized by its slightly yellowish-brown color. This stone has variations of brown, black and gray in its grains. The brown beaver granite is one of the brown varieties that have a lighter and less intense tonality, ideal to make the environment lighter.

The average cost of brown beaver granite per square meter is $ 350.

Figure 26 – Ladder coated in granite brown beaver; Due to the smooth and slippery surface of the stone, it is advisable to use non-slip tapes.

Ladder with brown granite castor

Picture 27 – For a lighter kitchen you bet on the granite brown beaver.

Brown bean granite in darker kitchen

Picture 28 – White kitchen cabinet with dark worktop.

Dark kitchen with white furniture and brown granite castor

Figure 29 – Modern and elegant bathroom with granite brown beaver countertop.

Brown granite countertop castor

Picture 30 – Wooden furniture combination with granite brown.

Wood furniture with absolute brown granite

Figure 31 – Classic white kitchen with granite brown beaver bench.

Classic white kitchen with countertop made in granite brown beaver

Figure 32 – A charming design; Escape the obvious and invest in the beauty of brown granite.

All the beauty of brown granite

Picture 33 – Matching the furniture, a stone of the same color.

To match the furniture, a stone of the same color

Image 34 – Black Cuba in contrast to the brown stone.

Black cube against brown stone

Picture 35 – White and brown kitchen.

White and brown kitchen

Imperial brown granite or imperial coffee

Imperial brown granite or imperial coffee

The Imperial Brown Granite or Imperial Coffee, as it is also called, is one of the most commonly used in kitchen and bathroom designs. But don’t confuse them with imperial marble, they have the same name, but they are very different materials.

Imperial brown granite has open veins and grains that resemble coffee beans, hence the name. This stone has a very different shade of brown than the others. It’s a mix of black, beige, and brown tones variations on the same piece.

This granite combines very well with wood and metal and can be used in projects ranging from rustic to modern. Like other granites, imperial brown is very strong, does not stain easily and can be used in high temperature environments both indoors and outdoors.

However, be prepared to pay a little more if you plan to use it in your project as this is one of the most expensive granites on the market and costs R $ 550 m².

Picture 36 – Elegant, imperial brown granite appreciates every environment in which it is used.

Imperial brown granite enhances any environment where it is inserted

Image 37 – A kitchen made of brown tones relies on the imperial coffee granite to maintain the color uniformity.

Kitchen of brown tones bet on imperial coffee granite

Figure 38 – Clear kitchen with imperial coffee granite countertop.

Clear kitchen with granite countertops Imperial coffee

Figure 39 – Change the face of your bathroom with a granite brown coffee countertop.

Change the face of your bathroom with a brown granite countertop

Image 40 – Wooden kitchen with imperial brown granite.

Wooden kitchen with imperial brown granite

Image 41 – Brown granite is also a good choice for classic decorations.

Brown granite in classic decoration

Picture 42 – As in the most modern projects.

Brown granite in a modern design

Image 43 – Granite Café Imperial on the gourmet balcony.

Granite brown: know the main types and photos of projects

Image 44 – Even and homogeneous tone of the stone makes it one of the favorites of the decoration projects.

Brown granite in decoration

Figure 45 – Rustic kitchen with granite countertop brown imperial coffee.

Rustic kitchen with brown granite countertop

Image 46 – Imperial brown between the living room and kitchen.

Imperial brown granite between living room and kitchen

Figure 47 – To break the brown kitchen pattern, invest in a white wall.

Granite brown and white wall

Picture 48 – This stone makes the kitchen a lot more cozy, doesn’t it?

All the warmth of the brown granite

Brown tobacco granite

Brown tobacco granite

The brown tobacco granite has small black grains on the surface that do not give the stone a very uniform appearance, both in color and in texture. However, it is still a good choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops, floors, and walls. Brown tobacco can be used indoors and outdoors in the same way as the others. The stone also has high strength and low porosity, avoiding the terrible stains.

After Imperial Coffee Granite, this is the most expensive variety of brown granite on the market. The average cost is around R $ 470 million.

Image 49 – Pure charm and glamor of this bathroom lined with brown tobacco granite.

Glamor brown granite tobacco

Picture 50 – Note the black veins that mark this stone.

Notice the black veins that mark this stone

Figure 51 – Bathroom counter made of brown tobacco granite.

Bathroom countertop made with brown tobacco granite

Image 52 – Smooth and shiny surface, characteristic of granites of dark tonality.

Granite with dark tint

Figure 53 – Granite brown tobacco in the room. How the idea?

Brown tobacco granite in living room

Image 54 – Worktop made of worktop and granite, brown.

Brown granite counter and countertop

Picture 55 – Luxurious bathroom made of brown tobacco granite.

Luxurious bathroom made of brown tobacco granite

Picture 56 – In the meantime in the outside area of ​​the house a portal made of granite, brown tobacco.

Meanwhile in the outside area of ​​the house, a portal made out of granite brown tobacco

Picture 57 – Different shades of brown in the kitchen.

Assorted shades of brown in the kitchen

Picture 58 – An inspiring kitchen.

A kitchen to inspire

Picture 59 – Gray, white and brown tobacco granite.

Gray, white and brown granite tobacco

Image 60 – The elegance and sophistication of this kitchen is due to the granite brown tobacco.

Elegance and sophistication of this kitchen is due to the granite brown tobacco



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