The green granite Ubatuba is a stone that is so common in houses that a large part of the population cannot imagine the stories. The green granite Ubatuba was discovered in the community that gave it its name around 1961. Until then, it was only found in the Ivory Coast. The fact that this stone was found only in Brazil and Africa reinforces the notion that both territories are already geographically united, which confirms the strengthening of the theory of a supercontinent, also known as pangeia.

Stories aside, the fact is that Ubatuba Granite Green is widely used these days, especially for the production of kitchen sinks and bathroom countertops. This granite is very resistant to stains, dirt, heat and weight.

Granite Green Ubatuba: shades, price and decoration tips

The Ubatuba Green is a magmatic rock that consists of three minerals: mica, quartz and feldspar. The hardness of this granite is very high and is used very often even in civil construction.

Shades of Granite Green Ubatuba

Shades of granite Green Ubatuba

Green Ubatuba granite is often confused with darker shades of gray, like the São Gabriel and Absolute Black, but you can see the greenish stone in the sunlight.

And precisely because of its property of being a darker and therefore more homogeneous stone, Ubatuba green granite is very suitable for use in various projects without affecting the decoration.

Price of Granite Verde Ubatuba

Another advantage of this stone is the price. As a national stone, the Ubatuba Verde is a much more attractive option for the consumer. The sale is per square meter and varies between $ 90 and $ 130 per meter depending on the region and marble. And see also: All about white granite the main types of granite and more about black granite.

60 decoration ideas that use the green Ubatuba granite as a coating

Are you thinking about using Green Ubatuba Granite in your home? So first look at some projects that are also on the stone and see how they came about.

Figure 1 – Kitchen sink counter with green granite Ubatuba.

Kitchen sink counter with Green Granite Ubatuba
The bench in this vibrant color and retro kitchen was made with Verde Ubatuba granite. The dark tone of the stone, which almost reaches black, gives the environment a more elegant atmosphere.

Image 2 – The green granite Ubatuba is the color that comes closest to black and has the advantage of being cheaper.

Kitchen: Green granite Ubatuba is the color that is closest to black

Image 3 – The green Ubatuba is a very resistant stone and can be used in internal and external environments.

External area with granite Verde Ubatuba

Image 4 – In contrast to white, the Ubatuba Green forms a very nice decoration.

Granite Green Ubatuba in contrast to white in this bathroom

Image 5 – The modern kitchen has chosen Ubatuba Verde for the sink.

Modern kitchen with granite Verde Ubatuba

Figure 6 – Classic white kitchen with Verde Ubatuba granite countertop.

White kitchen with granite Verde Ubatuba

There are several different shades of color for the Granite Verde Ubatuba that will be used in your project depends on the marble.

Picture 7 – Green granite Ubatuba in the workbench and in the wheel bench of this kitchen.

Granito Verde Ubatuba on the kitchen counter

Image 8 – The greenish tone of the stone is emphasized by the natural luminosity.

Brazilian cuisine with granite Verde Ubatuba

Image 9 – Tom from this Green Ubatuba resembles a slate.

Granite Green Ubatuba similar to a slate in kitchen decoration

Image 10 – The texture of the stone is less noticeable than in the lighter versions of granite.

The texture of the stone is less striking than in the lighter versions of granite

Figure 11 – Same stone for different kitchen suggestions.

Same stone for different kitchen proposals
The light green of the cupboards in this kitchen was rated and highlighted by the darker green of the worktop. The buttons and the black tap create the visual balance in the room.

Picture 12 – Verde Ubatuba granite coffee table.

Coffee table made with granite Verde Ubatuba

Figure 13 – The dark worktops become even more sophisticated with the hob.

The dark countertops become even more sophisticated with the cooktop

Image 14 – Woody tone of the cabinets in combination with the worktop Ubatuba Verde.

Cabinets in combination with the Ubatuba Verde countertop

Image 15 – Would you like elegant flooring for your bathroom without consuming too much? Invest in the Granite Verde Ubatuba.

Bathroom with green granite veneer Ubatuba

Figure 16 – Gourmet balcony with green Ubatuba granite.

Gourmet balcony with granite Verde Ubatuba
Granite, for example, is a much more resistant stone than marble, which is why it is suitable for warmer areas such as B. grills can be used.

Image 17 – Granite Green Ubatuba proves that it can be integrated into classic designs.

Granito Verde Ubatuba proving that it can be incorporated into classic projects

Picture 18 – From the balcony to the granite worktop with green Ubatuba.

From the balcony to the granite countertop Green Ubatuba

Image 19 – One of the main features of the Granite Verde Ubatuba is its smooth and shiny surface.

Kitchen counter with granite verde Ubatuba

Picture 20 – The Ubatuba Green doesn’t even look green near the black wall.

Black wall and granite Green Ubatuba on the kitchen counter

Picture 21 – Green Ubatuba in the baseboard of the sink.

Granite Green Ubatuba in the foot of the sink
A granite slab was used to protect the cabinet from the sink. The dark tone of the stone helps to keep the kitchen clean.

Image 22 – The classic combination of light and dark that always works.

Light and dark combination in this kitchen

Image 23 – To upgrade the furniture, a dark bench with green granite Ubatuba.

Dark countertop with granite green Ubatuba

Picture 24 – Green Ubatuba is also a good option to use in combination with wood.

Granite Green Ubatuba: shades, price and decoration tips

Picture 25 – A mirror in the stone.

Mirror on stone

Image 26 – Dark shades underline the modern kitchen style.

Modern style with dark tones
If you want to create a modern atmosphere in dark shades, including stone. In this case, the Ubatuba Green can be a good choice both aesthetically and economically.

Figure 27 – Gray cabinets with granite top made of green Ubatuba.

Gray cabinets with granite countertops Verde Ubatuba

Picture 28 – Green granite stone marked Ubatuba to get two vats.

Piedra de granito Verde Ubatuba marked to receive two vats

Figure 29 – Rustic kitchen with green granite Ubatuba.

Rustic kitchen with granite Verde Ubatuba

Figure 30 – Brushed steel bowl with granite worktop Verde Ubatuba.

Brushed Steel Cuba with Green Granite Ubatuba

Picture 31 – Now the wood, now the granite.

Wood and granite Green Ubatuba in the kitchen
The Ubatuba Green is a very versatile stone and can be used in various projects, from the classic to the most modern. The stone also goes very well with other materials such as wood. In this kitchen, both materials were used in the benches, which gives the environment an additional charm.

Picture 32 – Green Ubatuba completes the dark appearance of only one side of the kitchen.

Green Ubatuba completing the dark look of just one side of the kitchen

Image 33 – Grill framed with green granite Ubatuba.

Grill framed with granite Verde Ubatuba

Image 34 – Granite green Ubatuba on the floor and on the bench.

Granito Verde Ubatuba on the floor and bench

Image 35 – Small kitchen with green Ubatuba bench.

Small kitchen with bench Ubatuba Verde

Figure 36 – Rounded corners give the stone more comfort and security.

Rounded corners give greater comfort and safety to the use of stone
Remember this when you ask your bank to round the corners and edges. An important detail, but this allows greater safety for the use of the stone, especially if you have children in the house.

Image 37 – Option for dark stones guarantees the use of different colors in the design.

Option for dark stones ensures the use of varied colors in the design

Picture 38 – In this kitchen, until the table was made of granite Verde Ubatuba.

In this kitchen even the table was made of granite Verde Ubatuba

Picture 39 – Dark bench is more appreciated with the contrast of the light floor.

Dark bench gets more prized with light floor contrast

Picture 40 – Blue, white and granite green Ubatuba complete the decor of this kitchen.

Blue, white and granite Verde Ubatuba

Picture 41 – L-shaped granite green Ubatuba.

L granite countertop Green Ubatuba

Picture 42 – The rounded drawing of the bench gives the kitchen a special charm.

Rounded granite countertop Green Ubatuba in the kitchen
Despite the hardness of the granite, it is possible to create special shapes in the stone, like in this kitchen. That means you can always innovate a little.

Figure 43 – Kitchen in L with granite worktop and green Ubatuba.

Kitchen in L with granite countertops Verde Ubatuba

Image 44 – Corridor kitchen of dark tones benefits from the use of granite Verde Ubatuba.

Corridor kitchen with granite green Ubatuba

Image 45 – Green Granite Ubatuba: Dark stones always value projects.

Granite Green Ubatuba: shades, price and decoration tips

Figure 46 – For those who think that it is not possible to put together a wonderful kitchen with Verde Ubatuba …

Wonderful kitchen with Green Ubatuba
Many people can be biased with granite when you consider that it is inferior to marble. But when you enumerate and compare the characteristics of each one, it is possible to notice that granite surpasses marble in many aesthetic and functional factors. This kitchen is great proof of that.

Figure 47 – Planned kitchen with green Ubatuba granite.

Kitchen planned with granite Verde Ubatuba

Picture 48 – Lay granite on the floor for a kitchen with a mirror effect.

Mirror effect kitchen

Picture 49 – In contrast to light stones, dark granite does not suffer from stains.

Dark granite in the kitchen

Photo 50 – Modern and rustic combined with green granite Ubatuba.

Modern and rustic kitchen with granite Verde Ubatuba

Figure 51 – Bathroom with granite worktop Verde Ubatuba.

Bathroom with granite countertops Verde Ubatuba
Granite doesn’t just have to be used on the worktop of the kitchen, on the contrary, the sink looks great in bathroom designs, especially in combination with white. To leave the bathroom with a more modern look, opt for the tanks instead of the tanks.

Picture 52 – How about the green Ubatuba granite at the edge of the pool?

Ubatuba green granite on the edge of the pool

Figure 53 – Kitchen with granite green Ubatuba and full of light.

Kitchen with granite Verde Ubatuba
The natural lighting of this kitchen emphasizes the greenish tone of the Verde Ubatuba granite. Furniture and worktop harmonize in one tone.

Image 54 – Matching the green of the wall, the green granite Ubatuba on the bench.

Granite Green Ubatuba: shades, price and decoration tips

Figure 55 – A lighter shade of green resembles a gray.

Clearer shade of green
Pay attention to the place where you buy the granite stone. As mentioned earlier, there may be significant differences in the color of Ubatuba Verde. So ask for a model of the stone the marble works with so you don’t take a cat for a rabbit.

Image 56 – Choose the uniformity of the kitchen.

Opt for Kitchen Uniformity
If you have a kitchen with countertops and countertops that need a stone, choose to use the same. Granite is a structured stone and, when used in many different tones, can overwhelm the look of the surroundings.

Image 57 – Ubatuba Green for a large white kitchen in a classic style.

Green Ubatuba for a white kitchen

Image 58 – Leave everything ready for the moment of installing the granite stone Ubatuba Green.

Leave everything ready for the moment of the installation of granite stone Ubatuba Verde
When buying the stone, it is interesting that you have already bought the hob, the tub and the tap. This guarantees the accuracy of the measures for drilling the stone, to avoid possible interference with the measures.

Picture 59 – Industrial kitchen with granite worktop Verde Ubatuba.

Industrial style kitchen with granite countertops Verde Ubatuba
The industrial-style kitchen won a granite worktop Verde Ubatuba. The dark tone of the stone ensures the suggestion and gives the environment a cleaner look.

Picture 60 – Worktop and cabinet in the same tone Granite Verde Ubatuba.

Countertop and cupboard in the same shade of granite Verde Ubatuba



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