Using creativity is important for anyone who works or wants to work with arts and crafts. One of the materials that we can use as a base is the popsicle and ice cream. When combined, they are ideal for putting together custom objects in a practical and inexpensive way. You may have some to spare at home and buying them is very affordable too.

Today we are going to show you the different types of objects that can be made with this material, from decorating the house to accessories for women. Many objects can only be made with toothpicks and hot glue. Some may take more work, but the results can be incredible.

Art models and photos with popsicle sticks and ice cream

We have compiled the best references for you so that you can get inspiration as you make your own popsicle. After viewing the pictures, be sure to also watch the videos for instructions and practical techniques for using them.

Decorative items made with popsicles

Besides function, one of the main objectives of the craft is to decorate the surroundings. Check out some nice and creative references below:

Image 1 – Picture frame with painted popsicle stick.

There are 3 frames in the shape of a heart, one with a natural aspect of the wood of the toothpick, the other two were painted brown and pink. A decorative item to hang on your wall.

Image 2 – Flower vase with popsicle sticks.

Image 3 – Image and support with popsicle stick.

Image 4 – Decorative object with different toothpicks in different colors.

This object makes the environment more colorful and lively and easier to just be creative.

Picture 5 – Bird house to hang on the wall.

Figure 6 – Small round vase with a tip for delicate flowers.

Image 7 – Coasters and cups with popsicle sticks and colored lines.

Figure 8 – Decorative object with sticks and string for hanging.

Image 9 – Popsicle sticks were used here to make a pen door and small objects.

Image 10 – Rabbit-shaped table top with popsicle sticks.

Image 11 – Various ornament in spiral format.

Picture 12 – Decorative frame had illustrations with an inverse painting on bars.

This type of art combines the sticks and uses the natural color to frame the illustrations. The toothpicks were painted black on the back of the drawings.

Image 13 – Tree decorations with popsicle stick and colored lines of fabric.

Image 14 – Small green and blue chest for storing jewelry and small items.

Picture 15 – Decorative dates from sticks on the wall.

Picture 16 – Middle cloth with colorful popsicle sticks.

Image 17 – Another good idea is to make a toilet soap dish with popsicle sticks.

Image 18 – Small decorative vase with colorful popsicle sticks.

Image 19 – Stand for hanging vase with twine and yellow popsicle sticks.

Figure 20 – In this example, the pen holder inserts several colored toothpicks.

Image 21 – Different ways to show love and romance with toothpick hearts.

Image 22 – Mandala with string for outdoor tree.

Image 23 – Beautiful bowl tray with crescent-shaped bars.

Picture 24 – Simple picture frame with sticks and preacher.

Image 25 – Beautiful lampshade with punched and colored rods.

Image 26 – Square hanging vase for storing small plants.

Picture 27 – Box to put the ration of birds.

Image 28 – Pink box with pearls for storing objects.

Image 29 – Vases with toothpicks in gradient colors.

Figure 30 – Beautiful door tube rings made of bars with feminine colors.

Image 31 – Create a small blackboard to leave messages in chalk.

Figure 32 – Towel made with colorful popsicle sticks.

Picture 33 – Differentiated geometric niche with popsicle sticks.

Picture 34 – Colorful stand to put the ration of birds on the tree.

Image 35 – Coasters with popsicle sticks.

Picture 36 – Details of an ornament of spirals in spiral format.

Picture 37 – Another example of a small towel with chopsticks to house the decorative objects on the table.

Picture 38 – Signs with a funny map.

Christmas decoration with popsicle

Christmas is an excellent memorial date for us to use the craft. Since many families decorate their homes to receive family members, an inexpensive way to reuse materials and create embellishments is. Here are some Christmas craft solutions using Popsicle Stick and Ice Cream:

Image 39 – Colored star based on popsicle sticks.

Figure 40 – Decorative tree decorations with sticks and sequins.

Image 41 – Christmas angel ornament made with colorful sticks.

Figure 42 – Snowflake tree ornament made with popsicle.

Image 43 – Christmas tree ball with photo to hang on the tree.

The bars were striped red and black and white. The straw is used to hang it up.

Picture 44 – Use the sticks to make an easy and practical decoration on the walls.

Picture 45 – Soldadinhos made with ice stock.

Figure 46 – See how three toothpicks can be used to make a Christmas reindeer ornament.

Picture 47 – Colored tree with pieces of ice, flowers and light stones.

Picture 48 – Make a brightly colored star to hang a Christmas tree with popsicle sticks.

Picture 49 – Create custom inserts to decorate your Christmas decorations.

Picture 50 – A simple picture frame for the Christmas tree.

Figure 51 – Christmas decoration in triangular format, related to a crib.

Image 52 – Bright little angels to hang on the Christmas tree.

Figure 53 – Colorful triangular decorations to add charm to your Christmas tree.

Figure 54 – Beautiful ornaments based on the popsicle stick.

Accessories made with popsicles

It’s not just decorative items that can be made with toothpicks. You can create earrings, necklaces and other accessories with the material. Check out some creative ideas:

Image 55 – How about a delicate necklace with a toothpick and colored lines?

Picture 56 – Trailer with characters’ faces.

Image 57 – Key rings with popsicle sticks connected by colored lines.

Image 58 – Fun trailer with popsicle stick.

Picture 59 – Put colored earrings in a chain with a toothpick.

Children’s decoration with popsicle stick

The toothpick can be a great material to decorate the table in the kids party or to use as part of a kids game. Here are some cool ideas:

Picture 60 – Puzzle with popsicle sticks with a fruit design.

Picture 61 – Colored character with painted bars.

Picture 62 – Decoration of a table for party sailors.

Picture 63 – Flower made on the basis of the toothpick for the decoration of the children’s party.

Image 64 – Country plates for theme parties and jokes.

Image 65 – White character to decorate the party with popsicle sticks.

Picture 66 – Notebook with an illustrated cover made from popsicle sticks.

Picture 67 – Children’s puzzle with illustration.

Figure 68 – Panelinhas made with cords in differentiated toothpicks.

Picture 69 – Ornamental pipe with a funny face.

Picture 70 – Yellow finches with ice stock and yellow paper.

Picture 71 – Small sticks with names to play with.

Picture 72 – Popsicle Stick House to decorate the children’s party table.

Picture 73 – Yellow basket with chicks to decorate the party.

Picture 74 – Multi-colored figure with popsicle sticks.

Image 75 – Alligators with toothpicks and fabric.

Picture 76 – Fan of colored paper on ice-cream sticks.

Image 77 – Children’s game with ice sticks as a pack.

Messages and Maps

Check out other ideas that include messages, phrases, gifts, and cards:

Image 78 – Father’s day gift with popsicle sticks.

Picture 79 – Jigsaw puzzle with sticks forming a portrait.

Image 80 – Puzzle to send to your loved one.

Picture 81 – Frame with toothpick for setting sentences.

Various decorative objects

Do you want to know more? Keep browsing to see various objects that used the Popsicle Stick.

82 – Side marking with colored ice stick.

Picture 83 – Toothpicks with funny messages.

Fig. 84 – Signals for plant cultivation.

Image 85 – Small colored abacus based on popsicle sticks.

Picture 86 – Use the sticks to win competitions.

Picture 87 – Plaquinhas to decorate the children’s party.

Picture 88 – Box to put the sweets on the party table.

Image 89 – Book marking with ice cream stick and colored flower.

Image 90 – Supports saving line trails.

How to make craft with popsicle stick and ice cream

In addition to any references to be inspired, it is important to follow the instructions that teach you step by step how to make your own craft. That is why we have 10 videos that teach you to separate different decorative objects with popsicle sticks and ice cream:

1. Fixings with popsicle sticks

How to make spiral objects with popsicle sticks, step by step the lights covered here just use sticks and glue. Check out the video below:

2. 5 creative ideas with popsicles

In this video you will learn in a practical way how to make 5 different objects with popsicle sticks. The first is the mirror, the necessary materials are:

  • Mirror with a diameter of 20 cm;
  • 48 popsicle sticks;
  • Golden acrylic paint (interchangeable with any other type of paint);
  • Universal glue or hot or cold silicone glue;
  • Parana paper or any other cardboard;
  • Pencil, ruler and scissors;
  • Double-sided tape to attach to the wall.

Watch further in the video: How to make a personalized plaque, how to make a cup holder with a toothpick and mini-comics:

3. Niches made with popsicle sticks

Hexagonal niches with popsicle sticks can be positioned next to each other on the wall. The combination is great and is great for storing lightweight objects that don’t break easily. Watch the video below with the walkthrough:

4. Enamel door with popsicle sticks

This is an easy and quick craftsmanship to make using popsicle sticks and hot glue. See below for the video:

5. How to make a box of popsicles

Here’s how to make a simple box using glue sticks. The materials required are:

  1. Sticks;
  2. Hot glue;
  3. Ruler;
  4. Scissors;
  5. Pencil.

Watch the complete video solution:

6. How to make a trunk with popsicle sticks

7. How to make the fountain of desires with popsicle sticks

This is one of the most beautiful examples that we can find, the fountain of wishes is made with details and special care. Check the materials you need:

  • 100 popsicle sticks
  • scissors
  • hot glue
  • white glue
  • Sealing base for wood
  • Ruler
  • sponge
  • to brush
  • artificial flowers
  • line
  • White, dark brown, cappuccino, moss green and green leaf inks

8. How to make a mini dresser with popsicle sticks

How to create another mini-drawer to store small objects in the following video:

9. How to make a simple easel

A practical example that can be combined with other crafts, see how easy it is to make a simple easel:

10. How to make a pen door and a door with popsicle sticks

These are objects that we saw in the mail earlier that are very useful on a daily basis. Follow these steps to create a pen door and a message door step by step:



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