The box bed is a trend that has become to stay – they’re practical, take up less space, and are easier to swap out. Along with box beds, the use of headboards helps to make the room even more incredible, as well as protecting the wall from scratches and the bed from the cold. Today, let’s talk about the headboards of the cape, a kind of upholstered headboard.

The head of Capitonê is characterized by geometric shapes in the upholstery, by the points with buttons that make the upholstered fabric visible. It’s a much more comfortable option than an ordinary wooden headboard because the fabric provides the comfort and softness of the back.

The size of this type of headboard can vary widely, from a traditional headboard behind the bed, horizontal models that occupy ribbons across the wall, even those that reach the ceiling. It is important here to keep the decoration in harmony and to bring it in line with the suggestion of the environment. It is ideal to fuse other materials, coatings and even mirrors with the headboard wall. In this way you can choose which one will be highlighted most visually.

60 models and photos of Capitonê headboards

We separate beautiful designs from different rooms that use the capitonê headboard in decoration. Enjoy and use ideas to visualize yourself and be inspired. At the end of this post we explain how to make your own bed at home:

Picture 1 – Bed box with capitonê bed side.

The box bed has become commonplace for those looking to replace the traditional bed. Since this bed model doesn’t have a headboard, a cool idea is to make an upholstered headboard that follows the height of the bed and extends through the ends of the wall. A bedside table on each side to complement the look makes all the difference in this proposal.

Image 2 – The essence of Capitonês is to add value to the space. Therefore, it is ideal to use noble fabrics that are compatible with the proposal.


Image 3 – Girls’ room with a pink headboard.


For girls who like a princess room, a great option would be the captain’s headboards, which are padded and cozy.

Picture 4 – A capitonê bed in a jovial and bold decoration.

Since this is a room for a couple, the details must be present in the room. The capitonê finish is a classic of decoration, to break a bit of the seriousness of this item, look for urban coatings like the brick in sight and the apparent pipes.

Picture 5 – This finish is perfect for a double bedroom proposal.

Referring to Fig.

The beauty of this project is the demarcation of each room, see how the cabinet and bed managed to limit the space of the bed as well as define the sides of the room.

Figure 6 – Headboard clad vertically in caponet in blue velvet Tiffany.


Figure 7 – Headboard with padded panels by Capitonê from end to end.


Figure 8 – Capitonê headboard in caramel leather.

Referring to Fig.
Caramel is a trend in decoration! With this proposal we can see sofas, armchairs, pillows and even upholstered chairs. It would be no different with the headboard, it shows modernity and manages to stay with the decoration with a neutral aspect. Any color goes well with the caramel, even more so if it is a noble material like leather.

Picture 9 – Bed with built-in headboard capitonê.

Referring to Fig.

Figure 10 – Single bed with cloak bed

10The headboards are great for creating focal points in the bedroom. Especially when it’s a small area. Its function will be to mark the headboard of the wall using for example: different colors, materials and finishes.

Figure 11 – The headboard Caponere to the ceiling is ideal for large rooms and the mirror brings amplitude to the environment.


Picture 12 – Double room with white decoration.


Figure 13 – Bed with Capitonê Rosé headboard.

This finish shows a lot of sensitivity and romance in the environment. Since it is a feminine space, the rose is ideal and this clearer tonality enhances the owner’s personality.

Image 14 – Capitonê graphite head part.


Figure 15 – Girl’s room with capitonê headboard.


Image 16 – The pens give this bed a classic and feminine touch.


Picture 17 – Headboard of the captain with pink shantung fabric.


Figure 18 – A model of the capitonê headboard in the industrial style environment.

There are two basic characteristics in industrial style: the apparent piping and the use of gray in accessories.

Figure 19 – Double room with capitonê headboard up to the ceiling.


Image 20 – The fabric makes the difference to the proposal.

The choice of print can change the decor of your room. The flowers are ideal for a feminine room and can still accompany the same upholstered in an armchair or bench.

Picture 21 – Play with neutral tones.


Image 22 – White capitonê headboard.


Image 23 – The classic model stands out and must be used in a harmonious composition.

Since the captain’s head is already very pronounced in the area, caution is advised when composing with other materials. In this proposal, the brick came into play to add personality to the environment. Like any other coating, it should have a specific and specific approach.

Picture 24 – The mirror-clad wall took depth into the room.


Figure 25 – A clean room requires light decoration. Put on the capitonê headboard made of white leather.

If the ceiling is high, you can invest in a large headboard without fear. But if it’s a lower ceiling, leave this suggestion aside so the environment doesn’t look any smaller than it actually is.

Picture 26 – Woman’s room with headboard.


Picture 27 – Modern double room.


Picture 28 – Neutral room with colored headboard.

This model with turquoise shimmering fabric is the strength of the room. The color not only evaluates the piece, but also its length, which takes up the entire wall.

Figure 29 – Capitonê square headboard.


Figure 30 – Capitonê headboard with frame.


Picture 31 – Head part of the seed captain.


Figure 32 – Capitonê headboard with tacks.


Figure 33 – Young and female room with headboard capitonê.

Enter a background image to make the headboard stand out and add personality to the room.

Figure 34 – Beige capitonê headboard.

If you are looking for a classic proposal for a double room, combine a carpet in a neutral color, a beige padded headboard and an arabesque wallpaper in the bedroom.

Figure 35 – Men’s room with capitonê headboard.


Figure 36 – Bed with Capitonê bed in blue color.


Picture 37 – A capiton option with Victorian details.


Image 38 – Cabiceira capitonê gray.


Figure 39 – Boho Chic room with capitonê headboard.


Figure 40 – Pink headboard headboard.


Figure 41 – For a men’s toilet, demonstrate sophistication with a capitonê headboard in plain leather.


Figure 42 – A Scandinavian little room with a cape head.

Why not connect with a hit you’ve always dreamed of? The Scandinavian style emphasizes the use of simple pieces with a neutral color decoration. In the above design we can see the boldest furniture with the apparent wires, lamps with their own lamp, pictures with a discreet frame and a gray headboard. Remember, color makes all the difference in this design!

Picture 43 – How to combine the headboard captain with the mirror.

There are endless ways to use the mirror on the wall that the headboard hangs from. One is to hem the entire plane and insert the regular bed (as shown in the project above). The other is on the sides which is ideal for a room with a long wall. Finally in strip format, horizontally or vertically, after installing the headboard on the wall.

Picture 44 – Add a touch of sophistication with a cape with cape with crystals.


Picture 45 – Head capitonê in yellow color.

In this case, the colored Capitonê Bedside brings modernity to the environment. Even in a small room, the resident was creative and abused the color, which made the place unique.

Figure 46 – Capitonê headboard in Tiffany blue.

Here is another example of how to apply the style you want with the captain headboard. We cannot define the style of this headboard, but we can define the composition of the colors and accessories that characterize the proposal of the space. In this children’s room, the boho chic is equipped with ethnic prints and bright colors.

Figure 47 – Black captain headboard.


Picture 48 – Single room with capitonê bedside table.

For a young, elegant and manly profile, try to go for dark colors. In this project we can see the end on the headboard and stool. Both harmonize very well in the decoration without appearing excessive. Another plus point is the mirror, which gives the room elegance, because only the headboard that reaches to the ceiling can be a little heavy, as it is a small room.

Image 49 – If you want to bring a touch of color, invest in a colored headboard in a neutral room.


Picture 50 – Clean double room with bedside table capitonê.

A double room requires a neutral and delicate decoration, after all, it has to please two people. The best way is for the simple but well made. For example: choose a decorative note that will stand out in the environment. In this example, the headboard extends to the liner. However, it could be an eye-catching paneling, armchair design, well-designed panel, and other objects.

Picture 51 – Baby room with detail in capitonê.


Picture 52 – Use the captain with no regrets in view of the environment.

In this example, the tall captain has been placed over the side of the wall, contrasting with the leather-covered headboard.

Picture 53 – Double bed with headboard captain horizontal.

For those who choose a horizontal headboard, you can compose on the wall with other materials as long as they talk to each other. In this case, the couple opted for a neutral headboard in gray, a bronze mirror for more comfort, wallpaper without many details in beige and indirect lighting to combine this combination.

Picture 54 – Quiet young room with the head of the cape.

If the suggestion is more daring, then you should abuse the paint in the surface colors.

Figure 55 – Children’s room in a classic style.


Picture 56 – The famous finish can also be depicted on wallpaper to create a beautiful bed headboard.

With the modern wallpaper models you can transform your bedroom in a few minutes.

Picture 57 – Learn how to make your bed stand out in Captain.

This project is a great example for those who have doubts about how to put the headboard together with the bedside table and wall. The headboard with the ideal height does not need any other finish to accompany the ceiling or the lining. You can choose mirror strips on the sides above each bedside table. In this way we have a simple, modern and elegant composition.

Picture 58 – For those who want a classic style, go for the capitonê headboard with a wooden framed frame.


Picture 59 – Enjoy the frame of the captain’s plate to insert a framed door.

This headboard model is designed to decorate and give functionality to the wall. Using the frame of the panels, add an inner bar to place the frame and accessories as if it were a shelf.

Picture 60 – The headboard can bypass the ceiling and form a niche for the captain


Make capoeir headboards step by step

After reading all the references, follow the instructions with video to see in practice how to make a cape headboard at home using the right techniques and materials:

1. Step by step to make a headboard inexpensive and practical

2. Another step by step to make a captain headboard at home, for less than R

3. Tutorial: Make yourself a captain’s headboard



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