The party is becoming increasingly popular and is gaining the taste of adults who want to celebrate birthday parties, meetings and other celebrations with friends in a relaxed, informal and joyful, entertaining and fun way! Because it has all this atmosphere and generally does not require sophisticated organization, this is the typical thematic party that can spend little without losing an advantage.

Holiday Party: Check out 60 creative ideas and themed pictures

To help you plan and design your celebration, we have put together a post with suggestions for food, drinks and props to match your mood. Then prepare the cold beer, the portions of the salty snacks and let’s go!

How do you organize your party?

Cape party for party

As we mentioned earlier, this type of party is very easy to set up and with some tips it can add even more of a bar and happy hour atmosphere that is suggested to be celebrated with friends and family!

The Party Crowds and Limitations: Since this party usually includes large amounts of drinks, they are more suitable for meetings, gatherings, and other celebrations among adults. Although it can also be used as a theme for birthday parties (a party that usually includes families with children and other ages), it is important to plan this topic carefully in the presence of minors.

1. Location planning

Depending on the size of your guest list, the size of the venue can vary widely, but it is always suggested that this party take place in a more open and airy setting and be big enough to put together small or medium-sized tables for groups.

For some guests (up to 12 people) it is possible to organize a central table for everyone, but as the guest list grows, it is ideal to separate into several tables of 5-8 people or to make room for them people feel comfortable when they move their chairs around the tables.

Beyond the space of the tables, also remember to be careful with the environmental circulation! So, remember to leave a good space for circulation between the tables, especially since it is common for people to walk with their glasses on (this type of concern helps prevent various accidents and spills of drinks on other people!).

2. Suggestions for your party menu bar

If there’s one thing you can’t miss on a bar menu, it’s cold beer! In addition to the more elaborate snacks and drinks, beer is a special and indispensable component for a successful beer party.

But outside of the beer, the inspiration of the bar also brings light meals to prepare and eat! Skewers are one of the fastest and most versatile options, and can be made with meat, cheese (curd is more commonly used, but you can also try other types of hot or cold cheese), vegetables, and more. And don’t forget to accompany the antipasti and small cress, as well as toasties or bread rolls. French fries are usually a little more elaborate, but they are part of a menu typical of every Boteco: portions of potato chips, cassava (cassava), polenta, pastries, chicken wings and even shrimps can be on the menu. And don’t forget the peanuts!

And if you want to get into the cool weather of June and July, you can include stews like beans, cassava, onions or stews! The idea is that the environment offers simple foods that nourish guests while drinking.

To serve these foods and drinks, remember to have them at hand and make your guests feel comfortable: when serving drinks in bottles or cans, arrange a large cooler or improvise a bucket of drinkable ice, keep drinks always cold and close to the guests. When eating, it is worthwhile to organize a buffet table for the portions (for warm dishes, it is interesting to go back during the party so that they do not cool down). But a couple of basic things, like breadsticks, baskets of toast or toast and jellies, it’s interesting to keep one for every table.

Cups, dishes and cutlery can either be placed at the group tables or on a separate table for this function so that people can pick them up in use.

3. Simple and inexpensive thematic setup

Although this party is easier and more relaxed, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have any special decoration. A bar decor can prove to be much cheaper and easier than you might think!

Inspired by the grill climate, try to make the environment more intimate. If your party is taking place at night or in an enclosed space, consider using bottom light – enough to make the room more cozy but not too dark. The flashing lights or other chains are the most specified, providing lighting that can be distributed through the environment suspended in the ceiling and even in the walls. They are very popular for decorating the most intimate and relaxed parties these days.

When decorating tables or balconies, empty beer bottles can become large vases for natural or artificial flower arrangements. In this case, you can choose to leave or remove the label.

The missions are always welcome too! Not only the signs with the names of the bars and pubs can be personalized, but also the famous plaques with messages and funny speeches that relate to the culture of the bar. They are available in various locations (we can find them in decoration stores and even in newspaper kiosks in big cities!), But if you can’t find finished cards, you can have them printed on cards.

If you want to further personalize your party, you can choose another theme: the cities of certain cities (such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, which have different decorations), a more rustic pub town, or even a more country-like climate. In this case, you can use references of these subjects, street signs famous for their bars and pubs of the big cities that use wooden barrels … The most important thing is to make a personalized decoration!

See 60 great ideas for decorating a stylish little party

Now that you’ve got some general tips on how to organize your party with the bar theme, take a look at our selection of images for even more decoration, layout, and menu inspiration!

Figure 1 – Decoration with panel party bar in country style with many references.

Decoration with panel fiesta boteco

Image 2 – A personalized bar chart for your party bar!

A personalized bar chart for your party

Image 3 – Festa boteco: small portions of stew in a mini copper sauce for every guest to serve

Serving portions for the party menu bar

Image 4 – Darker decoration for party bar with wine straight from the barrel.

Darker decor for party favors

Picture 5 – Festa boteco: Adorninhos for straws with the plates of the streets of São Paulo of the unconventional climate.

Christmas baubles for the party

Image 6 – Use in the party bar and take it as a souvenir: Bottle opener super cute.

Bottle opener for party booth

Image 7 – Party stand: cans or bottles, it is important to always keep the beer well chilled!

Cold beer at the bar party

Image 8 – Invitation foyer with souvenir: Caipirinha kit at home!

Invitation party bar with souvenir

Image 9 – Panel idea for celebrating personalized party birthdays.

Panel idea for bar party

Image 10 – Small fried tapioca dumplings: another idea to serve in your party.

Fried tapioca dumplings

Image 11 – Party booth: personalized disposable items and games to animate the class.

Custom disposable for party favors

Figure 12 – Fun decoration for your party: alcoholic visual inspection.

Fun decor for party favors

Figure 13 – Biscuit decorations: tables with pieces of cheese and olive ready to start happy hour at the bar party.

Ornaments in biscuit for party tearoom

Image 14 – Party Tavern: themed coasters to protect your tables!

Party coaster for party favors

Image 15 – Main table for party stand with blackboard drawn in chalk: another trend of decoration simple and individual.

Main table for party booth

Image 16 – Party Bar: Undergrowth with snacks or sweets for your guests.

Copper chopp for party tearoom

Image 17 – Idea of ​​decorating the table for party simple bar: decorative and disposable plates in the same standard.

Idea of ​​decoration of table for party simple bar

Image 18 – Let yourself be inspired in the famous botecos table menus and create your own board.

Blackboard menu for party bar

Image 19 – Party booth: The personalized topper nameplates can also be used in cupcakes, brigadeiros and kisses!

Plaques personalized type topper for party bar

Image 20 – In the rustic and simple atmosphere of the botecos, their souvenirs can be distributed to the guests in jute sacks.

Jute sachets for party favors

Image 21 – Reaproveite the empty bottles of several beer brands such as vases for table arrangements in the bar party.

Bottles empty as pots to decorate the party with boteco theme

Image 22 – Crate bags to take away: souvenirs disguised as beer at the bar party!

Disguised party favors for beer party

Image 23 – Decoration for your indoor party: personalize your balcony with signs and other typical objects.

Decoration for party booths indoors

Image 24 – Another cookie idea for decorating your party: bar with portions and a good cup of chopp.

Biscuit for party decoration boteco

Image 25 – Party stand kit with temperinhos, pepper and personalized napkin holder, already in the middle of the tables.

Party kit with tins

Image 26 – Mix of snacks for party bar: popcorn, peanuts and savory biscuits in one serving.

Mix of snacks for party favors

Image 27 – If your bar is more elaborate, it is worth adding a small sign with the menu of available options in the bar party!

Options menu for bar party

Picture 28 – Candy table for outdoor party in a rustic indoor climate.

Table for party favors

Image 29 – Paper sandwich holder on the theme of your party.

Door snacks for party booth

Image 30 – Plaquinhas de Boteco to finish a relaxed decoration and full of fun.

Bar plates to finish a decoration

Image 31 – Another way to make your party even more sophisticated is to test and evaluate different types and brands of beers for your guests!

Different beer brands for your party-themed boteco

Annotations of chopps for boteco party

Figure 32 – Cold tables are always welcome as super tasty treats, simple and practical for parties.

Cold tables for party favors

Image 33 – Feast Baroque ideas of a Bohemian decoration that mixes the rustic with the sophisticated.

Bohemian decoration for party booth

Picture 34 – In graphics you can design packaging and all topics of your party in different forms.

Party themes in various forms

Image 35 – Stickers to customize the chopp glasses with the theme of your party bar!

Stickers for party beer chopp

Image 36 – Individual bags of peanut kraft paper for eating during or after the party.

Individual kraft paper bags for party favors

Picture 37 – Another idea of ​​the table arrangement with flower in the bottle of beer.

Arrangement of table with flower in bottle of beer

Image 38 – Bar themed party for the adult birthday: a great way to plan this party!

Party with theme theme for adult birthday

Image 39 – Inspired by the old and Bohemian botecos, inhale a retro decoration with objects from the 40s and 50s.

Retro decor for party favors

Picture 40 – More rustic atmosphere on this self-service dining table with small napkin serviettes.

Self-service meals with bowls rolled up in napkin-style napkins

Image 41 – Entrance board with the daily menu for your party bar.

Entrance plate with the menu of the day for your party bar

Image 42 – Invest in other classic elements of the botecos, like these whales with the tastiest balls.

Bullets full of bullets at the bar party

If you want to invest in something bigger for your party in a chic bar style, offer a lounge for your guests and a special buffet.

Ballroom party in hall

Picture 44 – A souvenir for those who loved the party playlist: A personalized CD for those who leave the weather, even after the party is over!

Personalized feijoada CD

Picture 45 – Games and activities with the whole gang: voting cards of the best drink of the party!

Plaques of voting of the best drink of the bar party

Image 46 – The petisqueiras, whether made of ceramic or wood, are very useful for the direct guests in the table at the hour of the serving of entradinhas.

Party snacks for party menu

Image 47 – Main table of the celebration party in a rural atmosphere with a special cake.

Party table booth in the country mood

Image 48 – Placemat to start the party in your bar: personalized American game, kit with temperinos, napkin and small snacks to eat.

Table set to celebrate the party

Picture 49 – Small plants and flowers give the environment a cooler and rustic climate.

Little plants and flowers help give a cooler and rustic environment

Picture 50 – Give your snacks a delicate and relaxed touch: bean stew in cups of coffee.

Bean soup served in cups of coffee for the party bar

Figure 51 – Cake with decoration in American noodles personalized with the theme of the party bar.

Cake with American pasta decoration

Image 52 – Fake chopp cups for decorating your party bar.

Fake chopp mugs for your party decor

Picture 53 – More theme bars for beer lovers.

Thematic plates for the chopp

Image 54 – Central table with snacks for groups: a great system to make it easier for guests to use.

Central table with snacks

Image 55 – Boxes made with wooden boards give this more rustic and simple climate for decorating your party.

Party decoration simple and rustic



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