It has been a long time since I became active and worked here at home. I find far too little time in everyday life for the implementation of my own elaborate ideas. The head is filled with other things, so that the long planned macramé has to wait, the fruit box above the stove still hasn’t given way to a really chic old wooden box and the new cookbook has only been leafed through so far. And yes, I should also call Grandma urgently again. What can I say, it’s the fault of the time and the day could simply take a few more hours here and there. Ideas, what I would do with the more time, I would always have.

Still, there are positive things to report before I go on talking about the space-time continuum. As short as time is, there are small time windows here and there to realize simple things. So also this nice little (and above all ultrafast) DIY for a pinboard above our desk. And for that I didn’t even have to drill holes in the wall thanks to “glue nails”. But from the beginning…

DIY from a trellis – with adhesive nails
A trellis, which I simply bought at the DIY store, is now emblazoned over our desk and houses small memorabilia, photos and leaflets. As a child, I lovingly fitted my red cork wall with all sorts of stuff, today, smart gold clamps (which I bought from Schön & ehrlich) help with the fastening.

The trellis is available in every DIY store, I sprayed it with anthracite acrylic paint. Ideally, you should take a galvanized grid directly, on which the varnish holds well, or roughen the surface a little with sandpaper. If the size of the trellis doesn’t fit, you can simply shorten it to the desired length with a puksaw. Alternatively, the grid can also be used in portrait format – a matter of taste!

Wall mounting
Let us now come to fastening – as I said, completely without the use of tools! tesa has designed the adhesive nails for use on a wide variety of surfaces. For example, there is the fastening system for plaster and wallpaper, tiles and metal, as well as adhesive hooks for transparent surfaces and glass. Depending on the weight of the object to be suspended, different load levels can be selected.

If you already know the Power Strips of the brand, it will be easy for you to bring the glue nails to the wall. Once the surface is clean and dust-free, the fixing strips are placed in the desired position and carefully pressed into place. Then the carrier plate with the hook can simply be glued to the strips – done!

Simple, isn’t it?


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