Houseplants: Modern designs that inspire you

The planning of the residential architecture is an important step in any project that can be fully adapted to the needs of the residents.

The ground floor is one of the first elaborated studies, as well as the measurement of the terrain, the slope, the topography and the technical requirements according to the local regulations of the town hall. The project must be approved before or during its execution to avoid disruption. For this, the help of an architect and engineer is recommended to plan and finish the work.

In addition to the architectural design, the hydraulic and electrical equipment must be defined to carry out the construction. Nowadays there are alternatives if you buy all these projects online, but they have to be adapted to the characteristics of the place.

House plans: projects with photos and details

To help you visualize, we have separated some designs from low floor homes to inspire you:

1 – One-story house.

At the entrance of the house there is a garage with two parking spaces arranged by pilots.

Picture – Ground floor ground floor house with 3 bedrooms.


Its plant is well distributed and has an integrated social area, that is, it eliminates the use of walls. The rooms are connected by a corridor that leads to the only social bathroom.

2 – One-storey house with modern architecture.


Picture – Ground floor ground floor house with 2 bedrooms.


This low ground is ideal for those with small terrain. The house is ideal for those who live alone or have a smaller family. The main feature of this residence is the optimization, with each m2 being important to bring functionality to the occupants.

3 – House with contemporary architecture.

Referring to FIG.
For families who need space, a house with a larger footage is a big challenge. In this way it is possible to insert more rooms, additional environments such as office, cabinet and gourmet room.

Imagem – Ground floor of the ground floor with swimming pool.


In addition to the pool, the ground floor has a large living room, which is integrated into the dining room. The kitchen is closed with masonry and the service area at the end of the property.

Image – Floor plan of the upper deck with the intimate areas.

The highlight of the floor of this floor is the luxury suite, which has a closet and a bathroom with two benches. The other two suites retain the surface pattern and layout.

4 – Ground floor for small house.

Referring to FIG.

This is a basic floor plan of a house that would have a couple and a child. Because it is a small house, the bathroom needs to be shared so that it has a privileged position for both bedrooms.

5 – Ground floor for big house.

Referring to FIG.
The difference in this house is the landscaping with a large green area. The backyard is overlooking the garden and yet with an excellent gourmet area.

6 – Modern townhouse with 3 bedrooms.


The large glass pane underlines the facade of this house.

Image – Humanized floor plan of the ground floor of the Sobrado.

The project manager gives access to the bedrooms on the upper deck. It is located in the middle of the complex to facilitate access both downstairs and upstairs. We can observe the large garden in the backyard, which has a floor that defines the circulation.

Image – Humanized floor plan of the upper floor of the Sobrado.

The large glass window on the façade is nothing but an emptiness on the upper floor, which forms this double-height foot and still creates a floor in the mezzanine. On the ground floor there is a living room with a high ceiling.

13 – Luxury house.


Picture – Ground floor house with swimming pool.


For those with large grounds and a large recreational program, try to focus them close together.

Imagem – The upper floor concentrates the bedrooms with closet.

Again, the gaps are exactly inside the residence.

14 – House with straight lines.


Image – Simple layout, but with a complete demand program.

The project has two ladders: one for access to the garage and the other leading to the interior and dormitories of the upper deck.

15 – House for narrow ground.


Picture – This house has a beautiful garden.

This house has a flexible floor plan with few walls and uses a lot of free circulation between the two ends.

Picture – The house has only 1 suite with balcony.


Ideal for a couple who likes space and wants to have a large suite.

16 – House with simple architecture.

The painting makes the difference in the facade of the house.

Picture – Through the plant we can observe the presence of an Edicule.

We can watch the famous “Puxadinho” in the residence. Ideal for those looking for a guest room in the demand program.
The building has two floors and is connected by a simple cover on the ground floor.

17 – Modern house with mezzanine.


Image – All environments are openly distributed, ie without walls.


Imagem – At the top there are two dormitories on the mezzanine, which occupy half of the complex.

Already in the upper part of the concept is different, masonry is installed to demarcate the rooms.

18 – House with 1 bedroom and terrace.

This house has differentiated the layout, with the main entrance leading directly to the individual suite of the residence.

Picture – The room is located on the ground floor.

We can watch the large cabinet that extends from wall to wall, resulting in a perfect wardrobe for the couple.

Bild – At the top of the social area is distributed.

The living room and the kitchen are separated by a staircase, but do not disturb the look and the architecture of the house.

19 – And the roof terrace has a nice terrace.

The large terrace has two floors, which occupy the lower deck and the roof.

20 – Traditional house with 2 suites.

Try to use a contrasting color in some details of the architecture of the house.

Image – The difference of this house is the beautiful backyard and the size of the suites.

We can also notice a living room that is isolated from the rest of the rooms. Ideal for prioritizing privacy!

21 – semi-detached houses.


Image – In semi-detached houses, the plants are exactly the same, ie they are mirrored.


Figure 22 – House with covered garage.


Picture – Half of the ground floor has the leisure area.

It is possible to include a large garden, a swimming pool and other social environments in the project. Everything depends on the needs of the inhabitants and the area that the land offers for construction.

Picture – On the upper floor, the bedrooms are distributed through a corridor.

For larger areas, the houses have more than one floor. There is no resident rule for any footage, so this house with this dimension can accommodate both couples and families with children.

23 – House with large glass windows.


Imagem – On the ground floor next to the social area, the house has a suite of guests.


Picture – Ground floor for the home with 4 bedrooms.

The large emptiness inside the house leads to a high ceiling and a larger view of the living room.

24 – house with a large garage.


Image – Account with two swimming pools.


Image – Complete leisure on the ground floor.

In larger homes, it is possible to have large integrated environments, living spaces such as libraries, a game room, a patio, a closet, and green areas surrounding the building.

Imagem – On the top floor: dorms, office and TV room.


25 – Main facade of the house has a balcony.


Picture – At the back there is a nice view of the pool.


Image – Terraces make the differential of this project.

The entire external circulation is delimited by the wooden deck. The pool is narrow to accompany the layout of the site. And the TV room is a bit isolated, to make the environment more free.

26 – House of glass.


Image – Easy distribution for a background terrain.


Picture – At the top of a luxurious suite with office.


27 – One-storey house without garage.


Image – The dorms are concentrated in the best position of the terrain.

The dorms should be in a place where the sun shines in the morning. So stay tuned, if you plan your facility, a good study of lighting is essential at this time!

28 – House with two parking spaces.


Image – The entire intimate part focuses on the back of the house.


29 – House with modern architecture.


Picture – Ground floor house with stairs.

The staircase is in a privileged position and, with the large glass surfaces, still forms a beautiful facade design.

30 – House with minimalist architecture.

The minimalist architecture is the building without excesses, where only the essentials of the facade are prioritized and the details minimal. In this residence, the important point is the path that connects two environments and forms a central courtyard on the ground.

Image – Interior of the house with ladder and circulation.

The walls are removed to make room for the open concept.

Image – Humanized scheme of the house plan.

The project provides a horizontal and linear distribution along which the person finds the desired environments.

31 – House with concrete facade.


Imagem – One of the dormitories is located on the lower floor.


Image – Already in Superior there are 2 bedrooms with balcony.


32 – house with balcony.


Image – The cavities are important for a nice interior design.

In order to lift the right foot in the living room and in the dining room, a mezzanine level has been created on the upper floor, leaving an empty space on the ground floor.

33 – Container house.


Picture – No walls for a modern house.


Picture – The upper floor has large rooms.


34 – House for closed condominium.

The gated community has more classic features, as it is usually a single family home. Thus, the Necessary Program extends more than the other residences, the dormitories are designed with wardrobe and bathroom, the dining room accommodates more people than just the residents and the swimming pool is almost indispensable.

Picture – The parking lots are open.

An advantage of living in gated communities is the freedom to build a house without walls.

Imagem – The house also has the elevator for the access of the needs carrier.


35 – House with doors and panels.


Image – The background area has an integrated space near the pool.


Image – And also a broad social sphere.

The waterproof area around the house is indispensable in most residential projects. A good plantation, with defined access, with green corridors, with plants and benches make the difference for the well-being of the residents.

Image – Optimize the circulation area by building an office.

The main circulation, which allows access to the rooms, has a special corner for those who need to study or work from home.

36 – house with concrete blocks.

The meeting of the concrete blocks forms a lush architecture in the middle of the terrain.

Picture – The lower block has the bedrooms and the pool.

The cool thing is that the swimming pool blends the blocks in a harmonious way. A small covered part will soon be visible in the entrance hall of the residence. The dorms are practically discreet in the architecture of the house, but with a private location and with more privacy.

Image – And the upper block crosses the lower block with the social areas of the residence.

The facades of the upper part offer a beautiful view, both on the pool and on the outside of the house. Its glazed panels contribute to this integration between the inside and outside.

37 – One-storey house with swimming pool.


Picture – All suites overlook the pool.


38 – beach house.

The large spans receive windows, doors and porch that open to the green side of the country.

Image – Good part of the country has garden.

For those who have a large green area, you can open the rooms with a beautiful view.

Picture – At the ends of the building are the two dormitories.

Each dormitory has its view and its special feature. And in order to connect these two dormitories, a living room has been designed that forms a larger circulation hall.

Where can I buy architectural plans and projects online?

Nowadays, you can request a complete project with the help of professionals via the Internet. However, it must be checked whether the plants are suitable for the chosen location. If in doubt, contact a specialist who can help you. Take a look at some sites with multiple projects:




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