The bathroom is one of the places in the house that needs constant cleaning. Also because we can say that it is an easy place to collect dirt, bacteria and other microorganisms.

Not to mention, because it is a room that is constantly exposed to moisture, there is a greater chance of mold. Especially when we talk about the tiles, whether on the walls or on the floor.

How to clean bathroom tiles: 9 ways and practical tips

They also need attention and should be cleaned frequently as they not only collect dust and moisture (which can provide room for mold) but also grease when in the box.

Now find out how to clean bathroom tile by following these tips, which include main product range, to do the job:

How to clean bathroom tile with white vinegar

How to Clean Bathroom Tile with White Vinegar

White vinegar is a great ally when it comes to cleaning bathroom tiles. The result is great, whether for lighter or heavier dirt.

Mix the same amount of water and vinegar and pour into a spray bottle.

Then spray your natural cleaner on the tiles and wipe a dry cloth on the tiles.

If you don’t want to use a spray gun, you can prepare the mixture in a bucket for cleaning and then lightly dampen a cloth or sponge and rub the tiles.

To dry it is recommended to let the tiles dry themselves. You can leave doors and windows open in the bathroom to speed up.

How to clean bathroom tile with baking soda

How to Clean Tiles with Baking Soda

The baking soda is displayed to remove the grease that sticks to the tiles. The first step is to make a paste out of baking soda by mixing this substance in a bucket with some water.

Mix the water and baking soda until a paste is created. This mixture cannot be very fluid and not very thick

After receiving a paste, rub it on the tiles with a sponge. Wait about ten minutes and then scrub the tiled walls with a clothes brush.

Finally, if possible, tap water with the shower hose and then dry with a soft cloth.

If you prefer, you can simply dry the floor to prevent people from getting in and out. You can dirty the floor and let the walls dry themselves. Only leave the airy atmosphere with the doors and windows wide open.

How to clean bathroom tile with lemon juice

How to Clean Bathroom Tile with Lemon Juice

Lemon juice helps clean the tiles due to the fact that it is more acidic. It is even advisable to remove mold.

Prepare the juice, put a spray bottle and mix with a small amount of water.

Then spray on the tiles in the bathroom and wipe off a sponge or damp cloth.

If you don’t have a spray bottle, you can put the juice in another container and dampen the sponge or cloth to rub the tiles.

Lemon juice also works in conjunction with the previous tip, which means you can toss the juice onto the baking soda paste to intensify cleaning.

Since it is an acidic product, it is interesting to wear gloves when applying lemon juice, especially if it is poured into a sponge and then rubbed against the walls.

The reason? Your skin can become fairly dry and irritated by staying in contact with the lemon juice for so long.

How to clean bathroom tile with multi-purpose products How to Clean Bathroom Tile with Multipurpose Products

Cleaning products known as multi-purpose devices are also used to clean bathroom tiles. They are even very practical and easy to use.

Simply apply or spray the solution onto the tiles and then wipe with a cloth or sponge.

It usually doesn’t need to be rinsed and you can generate steam in the bathroom before you start cleaning, keeping the tiles moist and making it easier to remove dirt.

Interesting tip: switch on the shower and leave the drain, windows and doors closed until you can generate steam in the bathroom. If you prefer, you can achieve the same result by pouring a bucket of hot water into the box (with the drain closed).

How To Clean Bathroom Tile With Bleach

If the tiles need more cleaning, a mixture of bleach and water can be very useful.

The ideal is to always work with a ratio of one to three. That is, use three water for each tablespoon of bleach.

After preparing the mixture, you can put it in a spray bottle and rub it on the tiles with a sponge or a soft cloth.

If you prefer, leave the bleach and water in a bucket or basin and dampen a cloth or sponge and then scrub the tiles.

It should be noted that bleach produces toxic fumes and can cause skin irritation. When using this tip, keep the bathroom open and wear gloves.

How to clean bathroom tile with neutral detergent

How to Clean Bathroom Tile with Neutral Detergent

The neutral detergent can be used for cleaning. Apply a small amount directly to the tiles and rub with a sponge or cloth.

You can also apply the detergent to the sponge and then rub it on the tiles.

Finally rinse with water and wipe with a cloth to dry or remove some water. If you prefer, you can let the tiles dry themselves.

How to clean bathroom tile with ammonia

To clean the bathroom tiles with ammonia, it is recommended to use the one to two ratio. That said, for every tablespoon of ammonia, you should use two of water.

As it is a product that can irritate the skin and produce toxic fumes, it is recommended to keep the bathroom airy and to wear gloves during cleaning.

The mixture can be sprayed onto the tiles or applied using a sponge or cloth.

Other methods of cleaning bathroom tiles

steam cleaners

Steam cleaner

If you have a steam cleaning machine at home, you can use it on the tiles, especially those that are used on the bathroom floor.

Operation is usually very simple and only follows the manufacturer’s tips. It is necessary to add water to the machine and then run it over the surface you want to clean.

Usually useful for tiled floors, but some parts of the bathroom can also be cleaned using this device.

Salt and vinegar

Salt and vinegar

In addition to the tiles, you also need to clean the mortar to make sure the bathroom shines.

In this case, there is a homemade mix that you can use, namely salt and vinegar. Simply mix one cup with white vinegar, one with salt, one with hot water, and two tablespoons of detergent.

Then just soak a sponge in this mixture and go into the mortar of the tiles. Wait ten to fifteen minutes and wipe a sponge or clean cloth in the area where you applied the mixture.

Extra tips for cleaning tiles

How to Clean Bathroom Tile: 9 Ways and Practical Tips

  • Before you start cleaning, especially in the shower cubicle, try rubbing a sponge over soap stains so you can soften them;
  • Use cotton or a smaller sponge for the corner tiles. These rooms are usually more difficult to clean, especially the mortar, then cotton and even an old toothbrush can help;
  • Clean the floor tiles when cleaning is complete. I think you’ll have to go back and forth. So it is best to start with the walls and land on the floor.

Now you already know how to clean the bathroom tiles. Any tips, including using chemicals or not showing good results, then you can choose the one that you find more practical for weekly cleaning.



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