A good night’s sleep is essential for the recovery of your body and mind, and various factors help ensure that you sleep with the angels without being distracting or interrupting. It takes a relaxing, calm environment with a comfortable temperature and adequate lighting so that we can close our eyes and really relax at night. This article will teach you how to properly clean the mattress .

And besides all this, you also need comfort, the right density of the mattress, softness and pleasant textures on the sheets and pillows and of course a minimum of hygiene in your bed.

Why is it important to clean the mattress?

How to Clean Mattress: 9 Steps and Tips to Remove Stains

It may seem redundant to include mattresses in regular household cleaning and many people neglect the hygiene of this item, which can pose a health risk to all residents.

The life of a mattress is roughly 10 years depending on how you care for it, so we spend a third of our lives on it. By doing this, I think it becomes clear why there is a need to take care of the cleaning of this article.

Another piece of information that you may not know is that the foam on your mattress is home to more than 1 million mites, animals that are invisible to the naked eye and for various allergic conditions in humans such as rhinitis, asthma, conjunctivitis and even dermatitis are responsible.

Mites love damp places and it is estimated that after 2 years of use, about 10% of the weight of a mattress is eaten by mites and their debris. Can you imagine? And in addition to the mattress, the pillows are also pockets from mites, which makes it important to do the frequent hygiene of these items too.

How to clean mattress: materials that are needed to clean

Vacuum cleaner

Now you know the materials you will need to clean the mattress:

  • Vacuum cleaner;
  • Powder soap in water;
  • Upholstery cleaner;
  • Sponge or soft brush;
  • White wine vinegar;
  • Sodium bicarbonate;
  • Stain remover;
  • Dry towels;
  • Fan;

How to clean mattress: step by step cleaning

Mattress hand

Know the complete step by step for mattress cleaning:

  1. Remove the sheets, bedspreads and, if your bed is model box and you have skirt, remove the skirt as well.
  2. Put the bedding to wash.
  3. Vacuum the entire length and sides of your mattress with a good vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget the seams, the corners, and the buds.
  4. Apply a product to clean the mattress and remove the mites. You can use a specific product for upholstery or a dilute soapy water solution.
  5. Use a sponge to rub the dirty areas of the mattress in a circular motion.
  6. Before applying any product, do a test on a hidden part of the mattress to make sure the product does not damage the fabric.
  7. Let the mattress dry completely, remember that moisture encourages the appearance of more mites. To speed up the process, place it in the sun or put a fan near the mattress.
  8. Once it is completely dry, evacuate again to ensure that all residue has been disposed of.
  9. Now it is time to lay clean and fragrant bed linen, even the pillowcases should be changed regularly.

How to remove mattress stains

Sponge for cleaning

Over time, it becomes inevitable that some dots will appear on your mattress, after all, this is an object that we use for many hours during our lives and accidents happen. Check out the tips for removing stains:

  • Moisten a soft sponge with white vinegar and rub the stain. Let it rest for five minutes.
  • Cover the stain with baking soda and when it is completely dry remove the powder with the help of a vacuum cleaner.
  • If the stain persists, apply hydrogen peroxide, always moistening the sponge and rubbing in circular motions until it disappears.
  • Another interesting and effective stain removers on mattresses are stain removers that are sold in pet stores. Apply the product, leave it on for 15 minutes and wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Urine stains can also be mixed with white vinegar or 1 tablespoon of baking soda in 20 ml of water.
  • It is important to dry the application site thoroughly before using the mattress.

How do I get unwanted mattress odors?

How to Clean Mattress: 9 Steps and Tips to Remove Stains

Sometimes the mattress has no visible stains or impregnated dirt, but over time there will be unpleasant odors and it will be used. There are ways to counteract these smells, take a look:

  • Spread baking powder all over the mattress and leave it on for a whole night. The next day, remove the product with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Apply some citrus detergent (e.g. lemon), let it dry well and finish with the vacuum cleaner.
  • The white vinegar is also very efficient, apply half a liter of water with half a liter of vinegar with a spray and wait for it to dry. The mattress will have a faint vinegar smell for a few days, but the unpleasant smells will be gone.
  • Smokers end up smelling cigarettes on bed sheets and mattresses. It is important to wash the bedding more often (at least once a week) and to clean the mattress with a mixture of one tablespoon of liquid laundry detergent and two cups of cold water. Wait for the solution to completely absorb and dry the mattress. Alcohol vinegar also helps.

Clean the box

Mattress box

Box beds, those with a fabric-covered wooden floor that works as a mattress support, also need special care in cleaning. In this case, it is not enough to clean the mattress well when the base is still dirty.

Use the same materials, products, and homemade solutions that are used to clean the mattress at the bottom of the bed box and dry them thoroughly before putting the mattress back in place. Capriche in aspiration because this part usually collects a lot of dust because it is very close to the ground.

Important tips

Cleaning product

  1. When cleaning with certain upholstery products or homemade solutions, avoid soaking the mattress or leaving it too damp. Remember that mites love moisture, and their excess also encourages the appearance of fungi.
  2. Clean the stains as soon as you notice them or as soon as the accident happens so that the liquid or dirt is not impregnated.
  3. Try to use protective covers for the mattress and also for the pillows. At the moment there are covers with antiallergic material, but do not neglect to clean these materials, wash the covers every 15 days.
  4. Try to keep your mattress in the sun as much as possible.
  5. To ensure the durability of your mattress, you should rotate it regularly to avoid deformation due to body weight while keeping it airy.

Finally, it’s important to refer to the label on your mattress and the manufacturer’s tips for more specific guidelines on how to properly clean mattresses. This is how you always keep your mattress clean and suitable for a restful sleep.



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