The suede sofa is a piece of furniture that gives your living room a touch of elegance. So much so that it has won the affection of some people who want a nicer decor for their homes.

The detail is that their cleaning is a little differentiated compared to other sofa models. Some products are even banned because they can ruin your fabric.

How to clean suede sofa: tips, materials and step by step

And it is very important to keep this furniture clean so that it does not lose and lose all its sophistication.

To help you who has a suede sofa at home and have questions about how to clean it, we separate some safe tips to keep the sofa stylish and in good condition:

What can you use for cleaning?

To clean a suede sofa, you can use the following materials:

  • Soft brush;
  • Vacuum cleaner;
  • Laundry detergent;
  • Neutral soap;
  • Waterproofing products;
  • White wine vinegar;
  • Alcohol.

How to clean suede sofa: Easy cleaning

Suede fabric

If your suede sofa is new, you can opt for weekly cleaning. For this you can:

Pass a soft brush

The brush is supposed to clean the suede and remove dust and small lint that has stuck to the fabric.

There is no need to go through cleaning products, just brushing the sofa. If the cushions are removable, remove them from the area where you want to clean them and brush them underneath.

Hand over the vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner on the sofa

The vacuum cleaner is also useful for cleaning your suede sofa. If you notice that the dirt is difficult to remove with the brush, bet on the vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning should be done on all parts of the fabric and the hand vacuum cleaner can be very useful for the pillows.

In addition to the dust, the vacuum cleaner is ideal for those who have pets and let them climb onto the sofa as it also removes hair.

Detergent and neutral soap

sofa cleaning with detergent

Mix two tablespoons of detergent in one liter of water. If you want, you can also use neutral soap in the same amount.

Then slightly dampen a cloth in this mixture. Ideally, it’s best to stay moist.

Go through the sofa, always towards the fabric and leave the furniture in a dry and airy place to dry naturally.

Be careful not to soak the cloth to be cleaned! The suede cannot be soaked.

Take off the pillows

Crumbs of bread, paper, and even pet hair can be between the pillows. You must remove them at least once a week to clear this area.

After cleaning under the pillows, you can brush them and let them breathe.

When reinstalling the sofa, replace the seat cushions and turn the seat cushions over so that the seat cushions are the same everywhere.

Protection of a new sofa

If you just bought a suede sofa, you can avoid headaches and make it easier to clean and protect the furniture at the same time.

It is sufficient to use so-called impregnation for suede. It is even very useful in the case of spilled drinks that can be cleaned when the sofa is not waterproof.

The ideal is to apply this waterproofing spray in an airy place and to go through parts, you are in no hurry to finish. It is recommended to use two to three layers of the product to ensure its effectiveness.

Finally, keep the furniture in a dry and airy place and do not use for the next twelve hours.

How to remove stains from a suede sofa

Accidents happen and you can drop some drink or food on the suede couch that will stain.

If you have not yet done the impregnation, prepare for cleaning and do not let the stain dry.

To remove stains, you can use the following:

White wine vinegar

White vinegar

Once you pour something on the couch that can stain, dry the place with a paper towel.

Dry the place with white vinegar after drying.

Press on the stain so that the cloth absorbs what has been spilled and dirty the fabric.


Alcohol is also useful for removing stains whether they are dry or have just happened.

The process is similar to that of white vinegar. If the stain is already dry, dampen a cloth with alcohol and press on the spot.

If it just happened, dry it off with a paper towel or other element that absorbs the liquid or fat. Then apply the cloth with alcohol.

Scrub the stain

Scrub sofa stain with cloth / cloth

This tip is only useful for areas that are already dry, because if you hit something on the couch, you risk increasing the amount of friction.

Use a soft cloth to wipe lightly back and forth in the colored region.

Extra tip: only rub the stain after applying alcohol or vinegar as it is easier to remove the substance that has fallen into the fabric of the sofa.

Specific suede products

There are some products that are specifically designed to remove suede stains. If rubbing, alcohol, and vinegar don’t solve the problem, you can appeal to them.

Do not forget to read the instructions carefully and check whether they are suitable for your sofa.

Knowing that it is safe to apply on the upholstery fabric, apply on the stain and follow what is recommended on the packaging.

Caring for your suede sofa

Leather sofa

A suede sofa at home requires more care than furniture made from other fabrics. So it’s important that you:

1. Keep the sofa in a dry place

The suede is sensitive to moisture and when it becomes moldy it creates a stain that is difficult to remove.

It is best to keep the sofa in a dry and airy place. As an additional precaution for this problem, impregnation is worthwhile.

2. Perform a weekly cleaning

Since it is a delicate tissue, it is not recommended to clean it daily. Ideally this happens at least once a week and once a month you invest in a stronger cleaning.

Brushes and vacuuming are sufficient for weekly cleaning. For monthly cleaning, it is interesting to remove the pillows and change them on site.

3. Avoid chemicals

Suede is very delicate and the use of chemicals for cleaning is not recommended. At most detergent or neutral soap, dissolved in one liter of water.

If you need to use chemicals, also bet on those recommended for this type of fabric.

Still, if you exercise some caution as you clean every stain as soon as it happens, you hardly need any chemicals to clean your sofa.

Another chemical released is impregnation, which should be for suede.

4. Scrub easily

If you need to scrub the fabric of the sofa, this may be necessary in the event of stains. Do it carefully.

Use a microfiber cloth or other soft cloth and wipe gently to avoid damaging the suede. Avoid circular movements that also spoil this type of fabric.

Now you know how to clean suede sofa. Since it is a more delicate material, the care is little to increase the durability of the furniture! Follow these tips!



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