Air conditioning at home or in the working environment ensures an always pleasant climate, whether in summer or in winter. In order for the air conditioner to be able to do its job, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct cleaning of the device. Today’s post is dedicated to the subject so you can learn step by step how to clean the air conditioner.

In short, the air conditioner works as follows: Outside air is taken in by the unit, undergoes a cooling or heating process and returns to the environment. This cycle repeats several times so that the desired temperature remains constant.

All of this process, over time, tends to accumulate dust from the animals, mites and other substances that ultimately block the passage of air. And even when switched off, the air conditioner continues to accumulate dirt. For this reason, cleaning is necessary even in months when the device is not in use.

The lack of cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioner brings a number of negative consequences, especially for the health. Dust that accumulates in the device can trigger allergies, trigger renitus and sinusitis, and even trigger migraine.

A dirty air conditioner does not work properly, consumes more energy and can still make noise. The life of the device is also reduced considerably.

In companies and offices it is recommended to clean the climate filter on a monthly basis. In households, cleaning can be done every two months. If the device is on for a long time, clean it once a month.

Before you start cleaning the air conditioner, you need to check the type of equipment you have. There are basically two models of air conditioning on the market: the window and the split. Everyone has a different cleaning method. Take a look at the detailed step-by-step guide to learn how to clean each one:

How to clean windows / conventional air conditioning

Conventional Window Air Conditioner

  1. Disconnect the air conditioner from the power outlet;
  2. Remove the front panel and wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. If it is very dirty, use a cloth moistened with warm water. Do not use “multi-purpose products” as they will turn the device yellow.
  3. Remove the filter from the air conditioner and remove the dirt with a vacuum cleaner. Wash it only when it is very dirty, with cold or lukewarm water, never hot;
  4. When you have washed the filter, let it dry well and naturally. Only put it back after it has completely dried.
  5. Ready! The window air conditioning is clean and can already be used. Be sure to insert the filter before turning it on.

How to clean split air conditioning

How to Clean Split Air Conditioning

The way to clean the split air conditioner is essentially the same as the window air conditioner. check-out:

  1. Take the device out of the socket.
  2. Remove the front panel and wipe it with a soft, dry cloth. If it is very dirty, use a cloth moistened with warm water;
  1. Some models have an activated carbon filter on the left or a HEPA filter on the right. If your air conditioner has one of these filters, remove it in front of the nylon filter.
  2. Check the type of removal and installation of these filters as these may vary depending on the make of the air conditioner;
  3. Clean the charcoal filter or HEPA filter only with a vacuum cleaner or replace it with a new one, as it can not be washed.
  4. The cleaning of these filters – both charcoal and HEPA – should be done once a month and replacement every four or five months;
  5. Then carefully remove the nylon filter from the device and wash it with cold or warm water; use neutral soap and bush if you want to complete the wash;
  6. Of course, allow the filter to dry and then reinsert it before turning on the device.
  7. Ready! The air conditioning is clean and ready for use

Clean the outside of the air conditioner

How to Clean Air Conditioning: Step by Step and Practical Tips

After learning how to clean the air conditioner filter, it is also important to know how to properly clean the outside of the unit, including the cover, front panel and remote control.

The process of cleaning the exterior of the air conditioning system is also quick and easy. Simply use a damp cloth with neutral detergent and go through the above parts. Then use a dry cloth to finish cleaning. Always remember to unplug the appliance from the mains whenever cleaning is carried out.

Watch the step-by-step video on cleaning split and window-mounted appliances. So there is no doubt

Step by step how to clean windows air conditioner

In this video you can check the correct cleaning mode of the window air conditioning and some tips on how to care for and conserve the device. The video air conditioning is from the Springer brand, but the procedure can also be applied to models from other manufacturers. If in doubt, refer to the operating instructions of the device.

Step by step how to clean split air conditioning

Already the cleaning of split air conditioning models you can see in this video. The air conditioner of the tutorial is LG brand, but the tips can also be applied to other brands. The tip is the same: If in doubt, see the manual.

The cleaning process for both types of air conditioners is quite simple, as you may know, but you know that this does not preclude the need for preventative maintenance performed by a specialist at least once a year.

There are companies that are accredited by the manufacturers offering this kind of service. The skilled person assesses the need for cleaning in other parts of the apparatus, such as turbine, serpentine, drainpipe, among others. The maintenance takes about 60 minutes and the technician still uses a bactericide to ensure longer cleaning time.

By following all these recommendations, you will ensure that your air conditioner is durable and functional, and most importantly, it will preserve the health of those exposed to the device.



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