The glass box is a very common element in the bathroom today. It’s even better for the bathing area to prevent water from watering the rest of the room and allowing you to watch the surroundings.

Like many other objects in the house, the box also collects dirt and since it is in a place like the bathroom, it is very important that it is cleaned properly and frequently.

How to clean the glass box: 9 ways to clean

For cleaning, you not only have to invest in products that are specially designed for the glass box, but also in easy-to-make, homemade mixtures that achieve the same result!

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Now look at how to clean the glass box:

1. Water and neutral soap

How to Clean Glass Box: 9 Ways to Drive Cleaning

If the box is not very dirty and has no mold stains, an easier cleaning with water and soap from neutral stone is sufficient to clean the glass of the box.

Use a lint-free cloth to prevent it from sticking to the glass, soak it a little with water, and then scrub the neutral soap.

Then run this cloth over the entire glass part of the bathroom box. Give that soapy touch.

Then use another cloth only in water and over the glass to remove the soap.

In the box you can also use the shower hose for rinsing.

If the box has grease or oil stains, the hot water along with the soap will help with cleaning.

Dry the windows inside and outside with a dry cloth.

2. White vinegar, water and neutral soap

How to Clean Glass Box: 9 Ways to Conduct Cleaning 1

There are cases where stains on the glass are more difficult to remove, so it is common to use only soap and water (even with hot water) so as not to solve the problem.

You can then grab white vinegar and have two alternatives to use:

Sponge + white vinegar

Use a soft sponge. If you use a sponge, rub only the soft side of the glass.

Pour some white vinegar so that the sponge is wet. Rub in the most difficult stains, then wipe with soap and water to complete the cleaning.

Direct white vinegar in the soap-water mixture

Pour a little vinegar into a bucket of soap and water, the same amount you would use to leave the wet sponge on the previous tip.

Mix and then rub over the entire box with a sponge or soft cloth. The heavier stains tend to fade more easily.

3. Sodium bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate

Baking soda is another great ally of anyone who wants to know how to clean a glass box. It even helps prevent mold stains that are common in humid environments.

To carry out the cleaning with this component, first moisten the box, possibly with the shower hose itself.

Then pour a little baking soda over a sponge or soft cloth (if you use a cloth, wrap it in the lint-free cloth). Rub on the glass box, especially on the parts that are most colored.

Finally, rinse the box using the shower hose. It can be made with cold water or at room temperature.

To facilitate the removal of grease stains, as well as suggesting soap and water, you can also wet hot water from the shower itself to wet the stall and rinse the soda paste.

4. Alcohol, water and white vinegar

How to Clean Glass Box: 9 Ways to Drive Cleaning

This is a natural blend so you can make your own clean glass at home. Mix 300 ml of alcohol in the same amount of water and add a tablespoon of white vinegar.

Then place the mixture in a spray bottle or other container for easy use. If you bet on the first option after spraying your homemade glass cleaner in the glass box, wipe a soft cloth or sponge over the surface.

If you use a different container, soak a sponge in the solution and go over the glass box. Finish cleaning by wiping with a dry cloth.

5. Car wax

How to Clean Glass Box: 9 Ways to Conduct Cleaning 2

It may seem strange at first glance, but car wax also helps to clean the bathroom stall.

The idea is to polish the glass and prevent the occurrence of errors caused by the chlorine present in the water.

After cleaning with soap and water or cleaning glass, you can apply the wax like in a car.

The best thing is that you only have to reapply every four months, otherwise you can usually clean your box with soap and water or glass cleaning products.

6. Water spray with soap and brush

Spray bottle

This tip is interesting for those who have an older glass box, which are more structured and which are more difficult to clean.

Simply prepare a mixture of water and soap and pour it into a spray bottle. If you don’t have it, you can add a sponge to help with cleaning.

Then, after adding the soap and water mixture to the box, use the brush to rub the texture.

Remove soap with water – it can be hot if you notice stubborn dirt – and dry the box with a dry cloth or paper towels.

7. Detergent

The detergent can help clean the glass box. To do this, apply a small amount to a sponge or cloth and rub on the box.

If you notice a lot of grease stains, you can even use the kitchen detergent, the famous dishwasher.

Finish cleaning by rinsing the glass and drying with a cloth.

8. Degreaser

If you use cleaning products to remove stains and clean the glass box, a legal and very useful tip is to put on the degreaser yourself in addition to the pure glass.

Spray the degreaser on the glass and wipe with a soft cloth or sponge. If you prefer, you can pour the degreaser directly into the sponge.

Rinse with tap water at room temperature. Since it is a product to remove fat, there is no need to use hot water.

A lint-free cloth or paper towel already helps to dry.

9. Water, alcohol, white vinegar, soap powder and bicarbonate

Another mixture is indicated for a glass box with more resistant dirt and can be prepared at home.

Start by mixing the water and the vinegar, measuring about a cup is necessary. Ideally, the water should be warm or warm.

Then add a tablespoon of white vinegar and another powder soap. Ready with two tablespoons of baking soda.

Soak a cloth or sponge in the mixture while the water is still warm or warm and apply it over the glass of the bathroom floor.

Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off with the shower hose. Rinsing can be done with cold water.

A soft cloth is sufficient to dry.

Now you already know how to clean glass boxes and cleaning your bathroom has become much easier. Did you know and did you apply any of these tips ?! If not, try the next time you clean the box glass!



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