It is important that you always keep your refrigerator clean so that it not only stays organized and free of unpleasant odors, but also is an important measure for your health and that of your loved ones. With constant use, you may feel unpleasant smells. Read on below to learn how to clean the refrigerator

Poorly stored, expired, and spoiled foods are ideal places for fungus and bacteria to multiply, which can contaminate fruits, vegetables, and other items in your refrigerator and cause serious health problems.

And you’re not kidding, are you? In today’s article we will explain to you , such as your fridge with efficiency and beyond clean as you always organized and keep it free of bad odors, with practical tips and ideas for maintenance:

How to clean the refrigerator inside

Inside refrigerator cleaning

The inside of the refrigerator is the hardest to clean as this is where the food is kept and generally all models of this appliance have several parts, such as grids, shelves and drawers, that need cleaning.

  1. The first step in cleaning your refrigerator is to completely unplug it from the electrical outlet to avoid damage or electric shock.
  2. In the second step, remove all products and groceries from the appliance and leave them in the kitchen.
  3. Check the expiration dates, discard what’s overdue, and check the pots of leftover food. Any stronger smell or color change in food is a sign that it is not suitable for consumption. Discard anything that seems suspicious, as spoiled food can leave unpleasant smells in the device.
  4. Food that is easy to consume should be packed in a cool box or a styrofoam box with ice to prevent spoilage during cleaning.
  5. Remove all removable items: shelves, grids, drawers, covers and wash them with water and a mild detergent.
  6. Generally, avoid strong odors or chemicals. Make a solution of baking soda (1 tablespoon) diluted in 2 liters of warm water.
  7. Use a soft sponge or clean cloth to soak this mixture and go all over the refrigerator.
  8. Also, clean the door and the rubber seal, as too much dirt will build up and create a nest of bacteria – don’t forget this part.
  9. Wipe the inside of the appliance with a dry cloth, plug it back in and dispense the good food in it.

Cleaning the freezer or freezer

Most refrigerators have a freezer at the top and their cleaning requires special care, which also depends on the technology of the device, i.e. whether it is frost-free or not. Here are more tips to keep the freezer clean at all times:

Freezer cleaning inside

  1. With the refrigerator turned off, remove all food and wrap it in a styrofoam box to freeze it. For devices without a frost-free system, let the device thaw the night before so that most of the glaze has melted. Frost-free devices do not require this step.
  2. Remove the accumulated ice with a cloth dampened in warm water. Never use knives or sharp objects as these can damage the device and leave traces.
  3. Thoroughly clean the inside of the freezer or freezer with a soft sponge moistened with water and baking soda.
  4. Let it dry well and put the food back in the freezer.

Did you see how difficult it is to keep that part of the fridge clean? Now let’s share the tips on how to clean the outside of the device:

How to clean the outside of the refrigerator

Cleaning the refrigerator from the outside

In addition to cleaning the inside of your refrigerator, the outside should also be cleaned so that no residue can get into your food.

  1. Use a dry cloth to remove dust and dirt from the top, front, and sides of the device.
  2. Do not use acidic or alcoholic chemicals to clean the outside (or inside) of your refrigerator, as these can damage the casing of the device.
  3. Never use abrasive cleaners such as steel wool or the green side of the dishwasher as these can scratch the enamel.
  4. Use a soft sponge dampened in water with neutral detergent and this will be enough to remove the built up grease.
  5. Use a damp cloth to remove any excess foam and detergent, then wipe dry with a dry cloth and avoid staining.
  6. It is also important to clean the back of your refrigerator as this is the region where dust is usually generated which over time can affect the proper functioning of the device.
  7. To clean the back of the refrigerator, unplug it from the socket and use a paintbrush, brush, mop, or dry cloth.
  8. Never use water or detergent in this area. After the dust has been removed, you can now plug the device back into the socket.
  9. Make sure the refrigerator model you have at home has a drawer in the back to collect water. If so, put a small amount of bleach in this drawer to prevent fungus and even mosquito larvae from multiplying.

Periodicity of cleaning

Now that you know the key steps to always keep your refrigerator clean, there are a few suggestions for periodicity and when to repeat this process:

Duplex refrigerator outside

You can work out a schedule for cleaning your refrigerator to make the process easier by avoiding the build-up of a lot of dirt inside and out.

Every day

Whenever you pick something up in the refrigerator or while cooking in the kitchen, be sure to check it out if there is a splash, some food that has already been thrown away, or something spilled into the unit. Remember to always clean the door handle, as this is where the largest accumulation of bacteria and germs can usually be found in the kitchen.


Cleaning the refrigerator from the outside

If you have the opportunity to buy vegetables and refrigerated goods, such as frozen foods, butter, on a weekly basis before you store the newly purchased items, give a general on the food already stored. Check the validity, discard what is no longer suitable for consumption and donate what can be consumed but what you do not plan on.

Once a month

The general cleaning that we describe step by step in this article is ideal to do once a month and always keep your device sterile conveniently and safely.

How to get rid of unpleasant smells from the refrigerator

Refrigerator with food

The refrigerator is a device that gives off strange smells from time to time. To prevent this or counteract the unpleasant smell, follow one of the following tips:

  • Put an open saucepan of baking soda in the refrigerator;
  • Use an open saucepan with white vinegar;
  • Put a carbon pebble or two in the refrigerator.

Now that you’ve learned how to clean, and most importantly, how to keep your refrigerator clean inside and out, try putting this routine into practice to keep food contamination free.



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