The dining table can be stowed in different ways. It all depends on the occasion. It can be a little more casual, for a moment of leisure with family or something more formal for a special date …

The good news is that regardless of when you need to fix a dining table , depending on the occasion, driving it is quite easy and convenient and we will help you with this mission.

Check out how to clean up a dining table below!


Dining table decoration

As we said at the beginning of this text, there are different formats and occasions on which you can set up a table. The best known include:


Ideal for a casual time with family and friends.


For special occasions like a wedding anniversary, graduation party, and even a Christmas dinner or a new year.


Perfect for a dinner for two. Be it with your boyfriend or your spouse.

Simple and beautiful

Together in everyday life. It can be planned for a dinner alone, a dinner with friends, or even with family.

How to arrange a dining table: step by step to assemble with each style

Informal table

Since this is an informal dinner, all you have to do is bet on the basics. You can invest in brightly colored and vibrant towels and the same goes for American games. As for cutlery, just fork, knife, spoon and glasses.

You can also bet on the informal bowls, which are colorful and full of details, if you want. The napkins can have details and are arranged in a simpler napkin holder.

Nice table

The American game is mandatory in this case and should have a formal touch without a lot of color or drawing. It should also match the tablecloth chosen. The napkin, fabric or more chic should be placed next to the American game, folded in a triangular shape.

The dish should be placed in the middle of the American game and the fork and salad fork on top of the napkin that should be with the tip of the triangle from the American game.

The knife is on the right side of the plate with the point pointing inward. It should be the teaspoon by her side. The tablespoon ends the cutlery and is placed next to the teaspoon.

In conclusion, let you at the top of the American game, the guest is the glass of wine and the bowl of water.

Romantic table

Romantic table

For a romantic table, wrap in neutral colors or baby pink for the tablecloth. The dinner game can also follow this more neutral style, including the American game and the napkins.

The final touch to make the table more romantic is to put on small flower pots and candlelight or lower light. For drinks, bet on the glasses of water and wine that will likely be part of the meal.

If you have dishes and dishes with details with flowers or hearts, you can also prepare your romantic dinner. It is important that there is a balance between the dishes and the color of the tablecloth.

Simple and beautiful

Simple and beautiful table

For a simple and beautiful table, opt for lighter, shorter towels with floral patterns or striped details that are reminiscent of a picnic tablecloth, for example.

Dishes can also be simpler, of a single color. For cutlery, only forks, knives and dessert spoons – if there is dessert after dinner. In this case, you can also do without the American game.

Traditional long-neck cups are welcome for drinks.

Other important recommendations

1. Ambient noise

If you want to give a song for dinner, you can bet on the most romantic for romantic dinners. Somewhat quieter and quieter for upscale dinners. And for informal, simple dinners, you might want to make music the way you want.

It is important that the sound is not too loud in all cases and that the guests can talk to each other without having to raise their voices.

2. Spices


Are you planning on letting guests decide how they will taste their salads? In this case, it is interesting that the spices are put on the table. If it’s a smaller room, leave all of the spices in a spice port in the center of the table for all guests to help themselves.

For larger tables, it is interesting to have more spices available for guests, unless it is an informal or simple table.

4. Ice Bucket

Ice bucket

Do you want to leave the drinks on the table? Bet on an ice bucket to always keep them at a comfortable temperature. The bucket should be in a place that doesn’t disturb the guests, but at the same time allows them to help themselves as they wish.

Bet on something that will go with the rest of the table decor. For upscale dinners, the ice bucket can be gold or silver. With a romantic dinner you bet on the red. Even in the most casual moments, you can invest in buckets with a drink slogan.

5. Guest comfort

Regardless of the type of dinner you are planning, always consider guest comfort. Even with dinner for two, there needs to be room for the person to serve and taste their meal without feeling cramped.

Therefore, care is not taken when setting up the table. Leave only what is essential for dinner, including the dishes that will be served. If there are more guests, the space between the chairs should allow them to move their arms without touching their elbows.

6. Beware of excess paint

Even if your goal is to make a simple or informal dinner, you need to be careful so things don’t get too colorful. Remember, the idea is fun, not a carnival.

Are you going to use a colorful or detailed towel? Choose an American game and a series of neutral color panels.

What do you think of these tips? Now you are ready to prepare your dining table, don’t forget to let us know the result!



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