Nowadays, the constructions offer smaller and smaller rooms in order to optimize the space in the big cities and to offer buyers financial advantages. The benefits of the negotiations are clear, but difficulties arise when it comes to designing and organizing the environment. Use this file to find out how to organize a small room

At first glance, it may seem easier to organize a small room than a larger one, but there are some challenges that exist precisely because of the lack of space for furniture and all of the resident’s personal belongings.

How to Organize Small Space: 15 Infallible Tips to Follow

On the other hand, this can be a good practice for detachment, since most people tend to accumulate too much throughout life and many of these objects are not really needed every day.

If you have a small room at home and have difficulty organizing and decorating the surroundings, don’t despair. The good news is that a few simple tricks will make your life easier by making this task very practical and giving the room more space.

How to organize small space: 15 practical tips for you to follow

Find out about the most important tips that we have separated so that your room is always organized and beautiful, even if there is very little footage. Look here:

1. Functional furniture

Functional furniture

A small room needs intelligent solutions to accommodate clothes, shoes, bedding and other items without having to distribute too much furniture and restrict circulation. So invest in a pull-out bed or built-in drawers that open at your feet so you don’t disturb the bedside table or screw on the carpet.

2. Maximum utilization

Maximum utilization

The entire room should be used when the room is small, so that niches, drawers and shelves can be found where the circulation as beams and above the door is not impaired. When installing cabinets, place them near the ceiling so that the user has more space in the room.

3. Invest in white

White in bedroom decoration

White is the placeholder for small spaces. There is order and order, strengthens the environment and gives depth. When ordering tailor-made furniture, white also reduces costs. Invest in mostly white furniture and scatter colorful objects here and there, adding a touch of modernity and breaking the seriousness of white.

4. Mirrors are good business

In Room Movies

Mirrors are decorative items that can appear in different environments, not just in the bedroom. And it is a good trick to give the impression that the environment is wider than it really is. Try to attach mirrors to closet doors and wardrobes.

5. Plan furniture

Room with planned furniture

One of the major difficulties in organizing and decorating a small space is the placement of the furniture. A housing that is too large can interfere with the opening of drawers or, for example, make it difficult to move around in the room. Invest in planned furniture so that you can make the most of the space.

6. Minimalist structure

Minimalist room

If you have a small environment, less is always more. Avoid collecting lots of decorative items, things that you don’t use often can be thrown away or kept in other rooms and reflect excessive consumption. Environments with little space cannot concentrate very large and bulky furniture, the decoration has to be minimalistic.

7. Invest in macaws and wire furniture

Macaws in the room

A cloakroom takes up a lot of space in a room, because in addition to the drawers, shelves and shelves, the entire wood structure of the furniture in the area also weighs. To create more space for circulation than to organize clothes on gratings and macaws? The look looks cool, your clothes can breathe, and you gain valuable inches in the room to store other items.

8. Hooks and poles

How to Organize Small Room: 15 Infallible Tips to Follow

Another way to keep order in a small room is to have hooks on the walls or behind the door. This way you can organize bags, coats and scarves and prevent these types of objects from falling on the bed or on the furniture. Hanging clothes rails are also a great way to organize your clothes without taking up too much space.

9. Stop piling up

How to organize small room: 15 infallible tips to follow 1

As we said earlier, we tend to accumulate more things than we really need in our daily lives. Remove everything you no longer use from the cabinets and separate what can be sent for the donation and what needs to be thrown away.

10. Everything in its place

Room organized

Whenever you are in the room, you should avoid leaving your objects scattered, hang coats on hooks or hangers, as soon as you arrive, purses and backpacks should have a certain position, as well as makeup, earrings and accessories. Get in the habit of leaving every item in place to avoid clutter.

11. Sliding doors

Sliding doors

Doors are big “consumers” of space in a home environment. With a small space, nothing worse than a door that prevents the good use of the environment, then install furniture with sliding doors. Installing a sliding door at the entrance to the room is also a good idea.

12. Low furniture

Low furniture

This is a trick that many decorators use when they need to find solutions for small environments: use low furniture. Furniture with a low height makes the right foot appear larger and gives a feeling of width.

13. Cleanliness

Clean room

Organized space, be it small or large, starts with cleaning. Always keep your room clean, avoid eating in the room, and if you do, take away cups, mugs, dishes, and leftover food as soon as you are done.

14. Organize the wardrobe by appearance

Looks in the wardrobe

Leave the accessories and clothing that you use or like more often in easily accessible places to avoid searching for drawers and boxes for items. Another interesting tip is to leave the look of the next day separately on a hanger behind the door or to hang it on a hook, which prevents the rush before leaving the house. If you think you can organize the look of the week in advance, even better.

15. Create a routine

Cleanliness of the room

Organize your things and your room at least once a week so you don’t let chaos dominate the environment:

  • Every morning: Remove everything that doesn’t belong in the room, such as glasses, plates, various packaging, magazines, etc. Arrange the bed;
  • Every night before going to bed: put on used clothes, remove what needs to be washed, and hang coats and purses in place. Makeup, costume jewelry, and other accessories should also go to their respective locations;
  • Once a week, leave the windows open to ventilate the area, clean the room by dusting and changing bed sheets;
  • When sweeping the room, don’t forget to look under the bed.

As you can see, the smaller the area, the better it should be organized. Thrown in objects, unnecessary decorative objects, very large furniture pollute the environment.

But you’ll find a way for everything, so if you follow the organizational tips we went through in today’s article and put a cleaning routine in your room, everything will stay in place and you won’t suffer from the excess clutter of surroundings , See you later!



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