Each phase of the baby is a discovery, learning and another joy for the child and the parents. Celebrating this development milestone is very gratifying and also a great way to record baby changes during the first year of life. Learn more about the changing room:

A creative and much used today to ensure the inclusion of these good moments is the baby changing room. The idea is to celebrate the child’s birthday each month with a special photo session. Some parents even prepare a mini-party, in which only the next relatives are invited.

So, if you’re planning a little conversation for your kid, look at the ideas, tips, hints, and inspirations we’ve put together for you:

How to Prepare a Baby Mesversary

Roupinhas and landscape

The outfit with the numbers is most often used in celebrations of messengers, as they symbolize the month of life that the baby completes. But it is also possible to let creativity flow and make baby clothes, superheroes or even photos of the messenger with the baby only in diapers.

The scenery of the photos is also important. Capriche in the view of the environment, but opt ​​for clear background colors that make the photo brighter. Remember to ensure an ideal temperature so your baby does not suffer from extreme temperatures, wind or moisture.

For the photo session of a month, it’s best to do it in a photo studio that specializes in the subject because the baby is too young to expose it. In these places, the environment is fully air conditioned and sanitized to ensure the protection and best photos of your little one.


If you want to prepare a small celebration for the date, you must distribute invitations. But do not worry, because they do not – and should not – be very sophisticated, because it’s just a simple party among those closest to the family. The tip is to make an invitation and distribute it online, through applications or social networks.

Venue for the baby changing room

Since it is a small event, it is not necessary to rent a room. Consider doing it at home or in the grandma’s house. If you have the opportunity to enjoy the day outdoors, even better, especially if you are a messenger in which the baby is older, after six months. He will love the contact with nature.

Baby changing room decoration

The decor should be as simple as the party. Balloons are best suited to decorate the menu, but you can also opt for a fluffy theme and use it in the color of glasses, napkins and sweets. Some suggestions for topics for the messenger are, for example, rainbows, flowers, safari, teddy bears, carts, airplanes, dragons, bees or ladybirds. The pastel tones or the brightest tones look good for this type of decoration.

Baby bowl cake

The messenger’s cake should connect with the rest of the celebration, that is, small and simple, but still tasty. A naked cake or cupcakes can be combined very well with the occasion.

Baby Diner: See 60 Amazing Decoration Ideas

Here are some ideas of baby shower photos, from the simplest to the most creative. We are made aware of the extremely fluid and passionate content of the pictures:

Picture 1 – Flowers mark the celebration of this baby shower; The banners and the leaf chain are a magic.

Flowers mark the celebration of this baby shower

Picture 2 – Black and white were the colors chosen for this one month old baby trumpeter; The pallets make the decoration even more beautiful.

Monthly Black and White Baby Monthly

Picture 3 – The baby is in blue and yellow colors.

Baby boy secondhand decorated in blue and yellow colors

Picture 4 – Photo clothing remembers the youngest moments of the baby; on the table, appetizing sweets and a naked cake to characterize the party.

Photo clothesline remembers the baby's most recent moments

Image 5 – Baby Reverse Outdoors: Ideal scenario to register the grace of the little ones.

Outdoor baby changing room

Picture 6 – The photos on the small table make a before-and-after baby.

The photos on the coffee table make a

Picture 7 – Celebrated baby speaker on the porch of the house; in the decoration only balloons.

Celebrated baby diner on the porch of the house

Picture 8 – Rainbow is the theme of this fifth ambassador, which is marked with colorful candies on the cake.

Rainbow for baby five months

Picture 9 – The balloon shows the months of the baby; White and silver form the colors of the dressing room.

White and silver on baby's back

Picture 10 – This baby shower was done directly on the baby’s armchair with a mini-nude cake and a candle. And what do you think about a cupcake with the face, literally, the Converse?

Baby counterpart with the face of the birthday boy

Figure 12 – For the little baby, the messenger can be celebrated with a whole cake so that he is smeared and happy.

For the baby, the messenger can be happy with it.

Picture 13 – Many little pictures to decorate the messenger.

Many baby pictures to decorate the messenger

Figure 14 – For a month baby clinician with simple decoration: number balloon and bubbles scattered across the floor.

Monthly baby changing room with simple decor

Picture 15 – Simple and sufficient: In this changing room it was enough, a small hat and a small cake for the baby.

Little helmet and minibolo for baby triceps

Picture 16 – Balloon, biscuit and confetti on the table: The celebration of the changing room is ready.

Balloon, cookie and some confetti on baby's table

Image 17 – Beautiful landscape for the two-month baby shower straws: Cabaninha and balloons.

Lovely setting for the two month baby shower

Picture 18 – In the baby dressing room, it is important to keep the child calm. wrap a cloth on the floor and let it play, enjoy the moment and take lots of pictures.

Leaving the child at ease is essential in the baby changing room

Picture 19 – Want to say that you can not do preschool because you will spend a lot? Look at the simplicity – and beauty – of the picture.

Simple and handsome baby clincher

Image 20 – Giant Macarons decorate this baby knife; On the table a biscuit and the plates for the guests to serve.

Giant macarons decorate this baby showerhead

Picture 21 – Since Adam’s rib is in fashion, you also take it into the mechanism of the changing table.

Adam's rib in the baby changing room decoration

Picture 22 – Baby back with the oriental theme.

Baby backpacker with oriental theme

Picture 23 – Here the changing room became too days.

Here, the baby truman turned into days

Picture 24 – Celebrating 100 days of charm in the changing room.

100 days celebrating with lots of charm in the baby changing room

Picture 25 – Floral arrangement decorate baby highchair; Landscape is ready for a beautiful baby shower photo.

Arrangement of flowers decorates the baby highchair

Picture 26 – Baby prepared baby diner with a big table with sweets for the few guests.

Baby prepared baby diner with a large candy table

Figure 27 – Simple decoration and full of romance to celebrate the baby shower.

Simple and romantic decoration to celebrate the baby shower

Picture 28 – Mini-cake on the high chair awaits the arrival of the versatile.

Mini cake awaiting the arrival of the reverse

Picture 29 – Picture with message helps to decorate the changing room.

Picture with message helps to decorate the baby changing room

Picture 30 – American Binder cake with flowers for a baby.

American pasta with flowers for a baby girl

Picture 31 – Imagine what the next click was? Laugh, lick and have fun.

Imagine how the next click what? Laughter, licking and lots of fun

Picture 32 – For this month month cupcakes.

Cupcake for a month-old baby one month

Picture 33 – Idea to celebrate the messenger: Table for a lunch or an afternoon tea.

Idea to celebrate baby shower

Picture 34 – Initial of the name of the versatile, balloon-bow and cake strategically positioned in the highchair.

Baby Mesdress: 60 Decorating Ideas and How to Organize

Picture 35 – Delicious sweets: suggestion how to set the table for the knife

How to set up a baby changing table

Picture 36 – Is it hot? Enjoy the day and make a knife in the pool.

Baby changing pool

Picture 37 – Use and abuse the balloons with numbers and letters, they are great for a simpler decoration, like that of the messenger.

Balloons with numbers and letters on baby's back

Figure 38 – What if your baby becomes famous for a day? This is possible if you set up a special little corner where guests can take a picture.

Celebrity baby on the reverse side

Figure 39 – After the Mesversario, expose the photos in a very visible location of the house; Do you want a nicer decoration?

Photos of the Baby Showers

Picture 40 – Bean-shaped cake and pencil and lunar landscape; everyone is waiting for the opposite.

Beaver-shaped cookie for baby trumpeter

Picture 41 – Three month view, decorated with a bow of decontaminated balloons; to eat sweets, cakes and of course the cake.

Baby months 3 months

Image 42 – Simple cake for the four-month champion; Use a candle or just the number of the month.

Simple cake for baby four months

Picture 43 – Six months how much? Half a year of life! A milestone in the lives of babies and fathers; also with many changes on the way.

Baby six months old

Picture 44 – Black decoration for a knife? Why not? Flowers, sweets and natural light soften the color effect.

Black decoration for messenger

Picture 45 – Dad, Mom, Baby and all the others who are part of family life are honored in this mural of black and white photos.

Photo Wall

Figure 46 – An ideal sized slider for the versatile person to have enough fun.

A slide of the ideal size for the versatile person to have fun enough

Figure 47 – Another idea of ​​decorating the armchair for the messenger; The flowers, even if few, always give an extra charm and look beautiful in the photo.

Another idea of ​​how to decorate the armchair for the messenger

Picture 48 – Monthly baby celebrated a month with a cake very funny and happy.

One month old baby announcer celebrates with a very fun and cheerful cake

Picture 49 – Since everything is very simple in Messenger, you can do it without much worry.

Simple Baby Shower Decoration

Picture 50 – Is there a little cook in your house? So, enjoy this theme idea for your little one’s messenger.

7-month baby reverse

Picture 51 – In this 10 month baby show is the theme Safari.

10 month baby safari theme safari

Picture 52 – Two months baby in the World Cup rhythm.

Baby Mesdress: 60 Decorating Ideas and How to Organize

Figure 53 – Cute Koalas decorate this baby shower for a month; The bamboo vase in the room entered the decoration of the mini-party.

Baby Mesdress: 60 Decorating Ideas and How to Organize 1

Picture 54 – June party can too! Use this year’s hot season as the theme of the season.

Baby Mesmerizing: 60 Decorating Ideas and How to Organize 2

Picture 55 – Pure delicacy of this decorated with giraffe cookies in the changing room.

Baby Mesmerizing: 60 Decorating Ideas and How to Organize 3

Picture 56 – The sentence accompanying the balloons reminds of how important these moments are for the children.

Baby Mesmerizing: 60 Decorating Ideas and How to Organize 4

Picture 57 – A creative idea for the cake: A baby in the dotted tub.

Baby Mesdress: 60 Decorating Ideas and How to Organize 5

Picture 58 – In this six month old baby carrier, the cake has a bubble on top instead of the candle.

Baby Mesdress: 60 Decorating Ideas and How to Organize 6

Picture 59 – Without much effort and money it is possible to decorate the wall to get the baby jewelery.

Baby Mesdress: 60 Decorating Ideas and How to Organize 7

Picture 60 – Special little hat for the month, decorated with the number of the month, very bright and pink pompom.

Baby Mesdress: 60 Decorating Ideas and How to Organize 8



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