Learning a few techniques on how to clean the toilet is the key to solving small problems in your home. In some cases, the blockage is very simple, just use some materials that you have at home. However, if the problem persists, it is best to hire a specialist. Look at the best tricks to release the pot.

How to relieve the toilet: main routes

There are several ways to get rid of the toilet. In some cases, you can use simple products such as water and detergents; at other times, aggressive chemicals must be used. Learn about some techniques that you can use to solve the pot.

Use only bleach

Sanitary water

Undoubtedly, the first technique you should use is to pour bleach into the jar to clear the passage in waste. If the problem of blockage is caused by other objects inside the ship or by pipes such as wood, plastic or cloth, you should use a different technique.

  1. Take bleach and throw a good amount into the pot;
  2. Now wait + or – three hours;
  3. Then enter the discharge to check if the ship releases;
  4. Finally, wash the toilet thoroughly to remove any residue.

Use vinegar and baking soda

Vinegar and baking soda

If you want to use a homemade solution with products that are already familiar to the housewife, simply mix vinegar with baking soda. If it is not solved, you will need to use another more effective technique.

  1. Take ½ cup of baking soda;
  2. Get ½ cup of vinegar now;
  3. Mix a mixture and throw everything directly into the toilet.
  4. Expect to become effective;
  5. Then pour water to see if the ship is cleared;
  6. Finally, perform a general cleaning.

Use water and detergents

Mixing water with detergent is a good opportunity not to use too hard products. However, if the problem of clogging is caused by materials such as fabric, wood and plastic, this technique is not effective.

  1. Take a pot of boiling water.
  2. Add a little detergent in this pot of water to dilute;
  3. Throw all the mixture into the toilet bowl;
  4. Then enter the discharge to check if the blockage has been corrected.
  5. If it is still clogged, you can repeat the process three more times.
  6. If you notice that it does not work, you should look for another technique.

Use a deicer


The nozzle is widely used because it is a very effective technique because the process creates a vacuum. This vacuum makes it possible to eliminate the object that has prevented the drainage of water through the pipe and leaves the passage free.

  1. Take a plunger and make some movements in the toilet to create pressure and create a vacuum;
  2. In this way, the object that has blocked the passage of water is released and the vessel is not clogged.
  3. Use a good amount of water in the container.

Use caustic soda

Caustic soda

Caustic soda is a very aggressive product, so use it only if other techniques have not worked. Before using, you must equip yourself with all safety equipment such as gloves, glasses and boots. This process should be done to avoid direct contact with the product.

  1. Take a bucket and fill with water;
  2. Now take a spoon and put two spoonfuls of caustic soda in the bucket of water;
  3. Then add two tablespoons of salt to the bucket with water;
  4. Then take the mixture and put all the contents directly into the toilet bowl;
  5. Wait a moment to see if the process takes effect;
  6. To finish pull the discharge and wash the toilet to remove all the trash;
  7. Be careful not to use this method often as caustic soda can corrode the hose.

Close the air inlet and outlet

Discharge in toilet

Another good option for simple clogging cases is sealing the air intake and unloading. The process creates a vacuum and presses, pushing down, which helps to release the vessel.

  1. Before proceeding with the procedure, take a garbage bag or a paper bag and cover the toilet;
  2. There must not be any free space for the air outlet. So take care of every detail;
  3. Then close the lid;
  4. Now you have to sit on the toilet seat;
  5. Then pull the discharge for 30 seconds, non-stop;
  6. Accurate discharge is supplied with water;
  7. Check that the blockage is released;
  8. If you have not solved the problem, you can repeat the process twice more.

Use a pet bottle to remove the constipation

Bottles pet to unclog toilet

Another homemade technique is to use a PET bottle to release the water. The process creates a vacuum by eliminating the object and destuffing. It’s a good technique and very easy to do.

  1. First take a PET bottle and cut it in half;
  2. Then use a broomstick and place it in your beak;
  3. The bottom of the bottle that has been cut must be placed in the hole of the toilet;
  4. Now do some movements up and down;
  5. The procedure is very similar to the use of the rubber scraper;
  6. See if the blockage is resolved and if you have to, make the move again.

Use a floor cloth

Floor cloth to unclog vase

The use of a floor cloth is only recommended if you have no other option, since the risk of worsening the constipation is enormous.

  1. Take a floorcloth;
  2. Put on a glove;
  3. Now push the cloth with great force into the toilet bowl;
  4. The greatest care you should have at this time is to prevent the cloth from sinking through the vessel and further aggravating the constipation situation.
  5. Then pull the discharge and pull the cloth at the same time;
  6. Make sure the problem is resolved. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Use a plastic ball

This procedure should only be used if you already have exercise, as there are major accident risks.

  1. Take one of these plastic balls. Give preference to big balls;
  2. Put the ball on the toilet seat.
  3. At this point, you must press the ball until a small portion of it enters to completely seal the vessel;
  4. Then pull the discharge;
  5. You have to be very careful that the ball does not burst;
  6. The goal is that the pressure of the ball can throw off the object obstructing the water passage.

Use cola

Coca Cola to unclog toilet

Coca-Cola is widely known as a home-grown deicer because of the phosphoric acid, which has the ability to dissolve the material blocking the passage.

  1. Use a 2 L bottle of Coke;
  2. Put all contents in the toilet bowl;
  3. Wait for the coke to work and dissolve the debris blocking the passage of water.
  4. To finish, pull the discharge to check if everything is ok.

Use a hanger

Toilet unclogging hanger

The hanger is a simple, practical and easy-to-use technique because you do not have to use more than an old hanger.

  1. Take a hanger that is no longer used in your closet;
  2. Take a pair of pliers and cut the hanger.
  3. Try to make it as straightforward as possible;
  4. Use a hanger that is completely coated with plastic;
  5. Do not use the wire hanger to avoid damaging the porcelain.
  6. Take the already cut trailer and put it in the pot.
  7. Do this until you reach the bottom;
  8. Now move in several directions.
  9. The goal is to break waste;
  10. Finally, pull the discharge;
  11. If you want, you can repeat the process.

If you can not solve it, call a specialist

After all the tips, if you can not solve the problem, it is best to call a specialist in the area. Avoid insistence because you can make things worse. The skilled person will be able to judge whether the problem lies in the passage of the vessel or in the line.

Therefore, immediately seek the advice of a company or a professional to free the toilet.

Ways to prevent toilet flushing

Clean toilets

  • Absorbents can clog the vessel. Never throw tampons in the toilet bowl;
  • If you use condoms, throw them in the trash. Never throw condoms into the vase;
  • After using damp cloths, throw them in the trash. Never throw damp cloths over the toilet bowl;
  • Waste of toilet paper in the toilet should help to clog the toilet. So throw the toilet paper in the trash;
  • To maintain a more hygienic environment, you should always have a trash can in the bathroom.
  • Dispose of all materials properly in the trash;
  • Put the trash can next to the toilet;
  • If you are visiting at home, put a small plate in the bathroom to remind your guests that toilet paper should be thrown in the trash;
  • Clean the toilet at least once a week.

The techniques of releasing the toilet we present in our article are ideal to help you solve the problem. If you do one of the tricks and find that it does not work, perform another operation.



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