Hydraulic tiles in the decoration of environments


Hi guys, I am so exciting about this topic, it is really cute idea for our houses, it is shiny and colorful and incredibly pretty. It’s about the tiles that used in decoration houses. Nowadays, the tiles continue to cover walls, floors and even furniture indoors and outdoors. The tiles as coatings can be used as a decorative element in kitchens and gourmet areas and can even be applied in a place with a greater circulation of people. And the good news about them, they are not only suitable for high overweight areas, such as garages, but what makes this coating so interesting are the countless styles it offers in space, offering countless designs and colours that can be applied to its surface.

And about this good idea we will give you more information, for example the hydraulic tile is a type of coating that has become a fever again in the field of decoration because it combines beauty and versatility. In the other word they range from the minimalist pieces in black and white to the geometric and floral ones that handmade and made of cement. It can may good choice for brave people who are not afraid to venture into the interior and fortunately versatility of the material does not stop here, because it can create many combinations which really are functional.

1 – Hydraulic tile in the kitchen wall with blue cabinet

Image (1)

2 – Hydraulic tile in the bathroom

Image (2)

3 – Hydraulic tile in the kitchen

Image (3)

4 – Black and white hydraulic tile in dining room

Image (4)

A floor that covered by burnt cement with tiles wall will be great for your space. Only imagine this combination for dining room how much is will be fantastic. The tiles with geometric design can place irregular.

5 – Hydraulic floor tile

Image (5)

6 – Black and white hydraulic tiles on the kitchen floor

Image (6)

7 – Hydraulic tile in the gourmet room

Image (7)

8 – White and yellow hydraulic tile in the sink

figure 8)

A common place that people use of tiles usually in, is kitchen in the back of sink exactly. Because the tiles are water-resistant and nice. The mix of yellow and white color together will be great.

9 – Hydraulic tile in the barbecue area

Image (9)

10 – Hydraulic base plate and niche

Image (10)

11 – Blue and yellow hydraulic tiles on the kitchen floor

Image (11)

12 – Hydraulic tile in a coloured kitchen

Image (12)

13 – Coloured hydraulic tile mixed with floor in burnt cement

Image (13)

14 – Portuguese style hydraulic tile in the bathroom

Image (14)

15 – Black, white and grey hydraulic tile on the wall with black niche

Image (15)

16 – Green and white hydraulic tiles in the kitchen with red decoration

Image (16)

17 – Hydraulic tile on the floor and kitchen wall

Image (17)

18 – Red hydraulic tile in bathroom

Image (18)

A light red near to pink design on white background for bathroom will bring a calming feel. And also you will have a cute design decor.

19 – Colourful hydraulic tile with black shelves

Image (19)

20 – Hydraulic panel tile

Image (20)

21 – Cleaning the Hydraulic Tile in the White Bathroom

Image (21)

22 – Hydraulic tile with geometric design

Image (22)

23 – Hydraulic tiles in the bathroom

Image (23)

24 – Hydraulic tile in bathroom with black and white decoration

Image (24)

25 – Black and white hydraulic tiles in the bathroom with bathtub

Image (25)

26 – Modern hydraulic tile in the bathroom

Image (26)

27 – Hydraulic tile with several designs on the wall

Image (27)

The cooking is a interesting work in the world for me, just imagine this unique design on front you while you working in kitchen.

28 – Hydraulic floor tile with wood decor

Image (28)

29 – Hydraulic tile inserted into the strip running from floor to wall

Image (29)

30 – Hydraulic tile mixed with porcelain stoneware on the floor

Image (30)

31 – Hydraulic tile for rustic bathroom

Image (31)

32 – Green hydraulic tile for bathroom with green decor

Image (32)

33 – Blue hydraulically coated tiles in the bathroom

Image (33)

34 – Hydraulic tiles coated on floor and wall

Image (34)

35 – Coloured hydraulic tile on the wall with window

Image (35)

36 – Hydraulic tile on the floor and wall in the outdoor area

Image (36)

37 – Blue and white hydraulic tiles in the bathroom with clean decoration

Image (37)

38 – Hydraulic tile with pink tint on the kitchen wall

Image (38)

39 – Black-and-white hydraulic tile with yellow cabinet in the kitchen

Image (39)

40 – Hydraulic tile with chessboard pattern on the kitchen floor

Image (40)

41 – Coloured hydraulic tile structure with white tile

Image (41)

42 – Hydraulic tile on the kitchen floor

Image (42)

43 – Small format hydraulic tiles in the kitchen wall

Image (43)

44 – Hydraulic tile on the floor in the backyard

Image (44)

Backyard is one of the important part of your house that need a good design, you can rest and sit in dream place on your free time. Use of a tiles with geometric design for floor.

45 – Blue hydraulic tile in outdoor garden

Image (45)

46 – Hydraulic tile on stairs

Image (46)

Step by step to the paradise, use tiles of different designs that no one not same to each other. It can create a fantastic space for your house.

47 – Coloured hydraulic tile in the grill bench

Image (47)

A serious place is not look fun for outdoor. With some colorful tiles you can change the atmosphere.

48 – Hydraulic tile on the kitchen floor wall

Image (48)

49 – Black-and-white hydraulic tiles on bathroom floor

Image (49)

The use of tiles have were common for bathroom floor. They make a safe, beauty and water-resistant space. The tiles with nice pattern like this picture can easily match with your decor.

50 – Blue and white hydraulic tiles on the kitchen wall

Image (50)

Take a look at design history, we will realized that the utilize of tile was very common in ancient mosaics by the Byzantines to cover floors and walls where their designs were characterized religiousness. For example, the trend of “gluing” tiles is a mixture of colours and random patterns that form patchwork panels.


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