If it’s your birthday – or someone you care about – in June, you can enjoy the June theme and turn the party into a real arraia. Have you ever thought about it Well, it’s a fun and very Brazilian idea.

And the decor obviously has to be the character. Everything should be on the topic, especially the table where the cake is as this is the highlight of the party.

Junina Party Panel: How To Create 60 Creative Panel Ideas

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And this post was written and just thought about it: help with tips, inspiring pictures, and tutorial videos so you can decorate the party panel yourself and save a little money. check-out:

How to build a Junina party panel

Follow the tutorial videos below step by step.

Crepe panel for Junina party

Do you know the beautiful and colorful panels that you saw above? You can reproduce with crepe paper. Learn how in this Buba channel DIY video. You will love the result and the best thing is that everything is very simple and economical.

Paper curtain for Junina party

It’s amazing how you can do beautiful things with paper. In this video you will learn how to create a fan-shaped curtain for the panel of your June party.

Now you see 60 creative Junina Party Panel templates

Image 1 – Junina party panel with hat and towels.

Hats and scarves on the panel
For this party with a June theme, hats with colored scarves were worn. A Paçoca cake on the table.

Image 2 – Junina birthday party panel: a colorful ray.

Arraiá colorful for birthday boy
This June birthday party was decorated in a cheerful and fun way. The outdoor party guarantees the rustic and inviting atmosphere.

Image 3 – Panel of the party Junina: Chico Bento is the theme of the party

Party panel joins with bento boy

In this children’s party, the character of the comic Chico Bento was chosen to take the climate of the country for the celebration. For this, many straw hats form the table top.

Image 4 – Flags and balloons in the Junina party panel.

Balloons in the Junina Party Panel
Nothing more typical at a June party than flags, balloons and bonfires. Use them to form the plate in which the cake table and sweets are.

Image 5 – Colored ribbons and lights on the Junina Fiesta plate.

Colored ribbons on the junina party panel

Fiesta Junina also has a lot of light and color. So don’t leave these items. Inspire yourself in the picture below to compose a colorful and vibrant panel.

Picture 6 – Who is the Arraia? Personalize the party with the birthday boy’s name on the Junina Party panel.

Custom name in the junina party panel

Image 7 – Cheetah flags to decorate the table of the June party.

Flags of cheetah to decorate the panel of the party junina

To get away from the traditional flags made of tissue paper, you can make your own park towel. The result is equally appealing.

Image 8 – And the flags on the board.

Blackboard as junina party panel
Instead of paper or fabric flags, use a blackboard or a blackboard sticker to design the party panel. Draw flags, balloons and bonfires.

Image 9 – Junina Party Panel with palm leaves and flags.

Party panel with palm leaves and flags

A colorful decoration with a tropical climate. The record follows the same style and brings the verse of a famous Junina song.

Figure 10 – Party Panel Junina in the climate of the northeastern parties.

Party panel in the climate of the northeastern parties
The panel of this birthday party Junino saves the drawings in Cordel, typical of the state of Pernambuco. The Mandacarus leave no doubt about the style of the party.

Picture 11 – Chess: more Junino, impossible.

Chess: more junino, impossible

Image 12 – Junina party panel on the wall.

Party panel joins on the brick wall
In a rustic mood, this June part used the brick wall as a panel for the party. To highlight the theme of the party, the flags were glued to the dark gray fabric.

Image 13 – Junino panel made with traditional objects.

Junino panel made with traditional objects
The panel of this themed party was made with pallet, tartan, flags and lamps. It’s June party! Can mix materials without fear.

Image 14 – Junino panel with the name of the birthday child.

Junino panel with the name of the birthday boy
With a more elegant and refined decoration than usual for a June party, this birthday had a chalkboard that bears the birthday child’s name in a circle surrounded by stylized flags.

Image 15 – Use the abuse of typical elements in the panel creation.

Use the typical elements abuse in panel creation

The panel of this party features straw hats and fabric curtains. Balloons hang to complete the look of the party.

Image 16 – All blue in this June party.

All blue in this party June
The blue color predominates in the decoration of this birthday party. The panel comes with two types of fabric: a plaid and a simple one, where the hats with the birthday boy’s name are placed.

Image 17 – Junina party panel with balloons and June balloons.

Panel with balloons and balloons June

Figure 18 – Use palettes in the Junina party panel decor.

Pallets in junina party decoration
The kiss tent was made with pallets and glued banners. Enjoy the natural look of the pallets in favor of the Junina decoration.

Picture 19 – Table of the cake gains a head start in the front of the panel.

Panel with cake table for party June

Rate the cake table with a plate adorned with junino elements, which is more traditional to wear straw hats that are hung in the fabric.

Picture 20 – Knitting flags in the decoration.

Bandeirinhas of knitting in the decoration of the party panel junina
Can you knit How about some colorful knitting squares to hang on the party panel? See how nice it looks.

Image 21 – Junina party panel with balloons.

Party panel joins with balloons

Balloons enjoy every party, including the juninas. Use them to form the panel along with other elements like hats and flags.

Image 22 – Festive Junina table in raw wood.

Junina festoon panel in raw wood
Reinforce the rustic party proposal with a plate made of raw wood. The straw hat and the bandeirinhas complete the decoration of the plate.

Figure 23 – Panel with cheetah cloth.

June Party panel with calico cloth
The cheetah’s fabric is another element that is typical of the June feasts, so incorporate it into the decoration. In this picture it was used to form the panel.

Picture 24 – What if the child calls Antonio and celebrates his birthday in June? Now enjoy honoring the saint.

Party panel joins with santo

Image 25 – Junina Party wooden table and top with pallet.

Junkin party panel with pallet
Again, the palette was the material chosen for the Junipart panel. In this case the differential is the paper folding tag.

Figure 26 – Hats of different sizes to design the Fiesta Junina panel.

Junina party panel with hat

Picture 27 – Write the menu on the Junina party panel.

Junina party panel with blackboard
Use the board or a slate sticker to inform guests of the goodies they can find on the table.

Image 28 – Junina Party Panel simple and easy to make.

Junina simple party panel

Picture 29 – Green Junina Party Panel.

Junina green party panel
The artificial leaves of the panel bring a more natural atmosphere to the party. Bamboo curtains on the sides.

Figure 30 – For the girls, pink cheetah.

June Party Panel with Pink Cheetah
The good side of the June birthday decor is that the theme of the party is very versatile, allowing adjustments for parties of children, adults, boys or girls.

Figure 31 – A good wall serves as a panel for the June party.

Junina party panel on the wall
Use a wall that is beautiful and will serve as a panel for the party with the color of the day. Stick small flags on it.

Image 32 – To make your heart beat faster … a Junina party in pastel shades

Junina party in pastels

Image 33 – Blackboard of the festival in June: Honor the Sertão and country life.

Sertão and country life in the junina party panel
Enjoy the Junino theme is the typical Brazilian culture, such as the caipira, the caboclo and the northeast.

Figure 34 – Panel made of folded flags.

Party panel joins with folded banners

Figure 35 – Religiousness in the Junina panel.

Religiosity present in the junina panel
The party panel brings a dove, Christian symbol, already on the cake table, miniatures of the church to strengthen the religious aspect of the party.

Figure 36 – Party panel connects with hats hanging on colorful ribbons.

Hats with colored ribbons on the junina panel

Image 37 – Junina party panel with a mix of styles: Junino and Provençal.

Junk party panel with mix of styles

Image 38 – Junina Party Panel: a letter in each flag.

A letter for each flag in the party panel June
Name the birthday child in the dashboards. Add a letter for each flag. Be sure to center the name according to the size of the panel.

Picture 39 – Fiesta Junina also has scarecrow.

Scarecrow for June party on the panel
This typical figure of the gardens must be present in the decoration in June. A tip is to use it in the panel as in this picture.

Picture 40 – bears? Why not?

Bears in the party decoration junina

Picture 41 – Aisle in cord.

String gang
Very original this panel from Junino’s birthday, where the traditional dance Junina, the gang, was presented in strings.

Figure 42 – Natural Junina Fiesta panel.

Natural junino panel
At this party the garden of the house was used as a table. Nothing is better than a natural landscape to decorate the decor, isn’t it?

Picture 43 – Homemade party.

Junina party panel for home theme
What if the party is inside? Choose your best wall and turn it into a panel. You don’t even have to take the picture.

Image 44 – Junina wooden plate made of wood.

Junina wood panel with wood

Picture 45 – Soar balloon! See this beautiful panel from Junina Party with balloons:

Party panel joins with balloons
Don’t leave the balloons aside when it’s time to decorate the June birthday party. They are indispensable in the topic.

Picture 46 – Abuse of vivid and vivid colors.

Vivid and vibrant colors on the junina panel

Image 47 – Decorate with the animals on the side.

Site animations for party decoration junina
Typical animals from the inside can be brought to the board with figures.

Image 48 – Simple plate for a table, super decorated.

Junina simple party panel

Image 49 – When the June song becomes a party panel …

Party panel joins with phrase

Image 50 – Tribute to the saints in the decoration of the table of the June festival.

Tribute to the saints in the decoration of the panel of June party
For a more religious party, bet on the elements of Christian tradition to decorate the party.

Figure 51 – Rustic and full of retro objects

Rustic june party

Picture 52 – Big June party for an equally big party.

Party panel great June

Figure 53 – Panel of Junina Party with cartoon characters Caipira.

June party panel with character comic

Image 54 – Patchwork also fits the June Party Panel.

Patchwork for junina party panel

Picture 55 – Cages only in decoration; bandeirinhas complete the Junina panel.

Bandeirinhas completing the junina fiesta panel

Image 56 – Junina party panel with coffee bar.

Junina party panel with coffee bar
At the end of the Arraia, invite guests to pass the coffee bar.

Picture 57 – Cheetah fabric with drawings of sunflowers.

Party panel with juniper with cheetah

Image 58 – Junina Party Panel: Junina celebration in triple dose.

Triple dose in celebration of June party

Picture 59 – Everything typical for this party.

Junina Party Panel: How to Build 60 Creative Panel Ideas
Cheetah, straw and lots of color to decorate this birthday party with themed junina.

Image 60 – Colored hats and scarves form the panel of this June party.

Junina Party Panel: How to Build 60 Creative Panel Ideas 1



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