The leather sofas transform a living room and give the environment elegance and warmth. The models available can vary in color and design, from rustic to modern and minimalist.

Leather is a noble material, pleasant to the touch and very resistant to various types of damage. One of its advantages is that it is waterproof, so if children drop drinks or food on the sofa, it can be cleaned easily. In addition, it does not concentrate heat and, like the body, adapts to the room temperature, so it is always comfortable to sit on a leather sofa.

When it comes to decoration, an important tip is to combine the sofa with blankets and pillows. They not only make the environment more colorful, they also make the sofa more inviting and comfortable. In terms of colors, caramel color is a trend in decoration, brown is the most traditional and blends well in an environment with wooden furniture. Besides these we can find leather sofas in black, gray, white and others.

70 photos and inspirations of leather sofas in decoration

To make your search for inspiration easier, we separate a beautiful setting with leather sofas. Check out the list of 70 cool pictures:

Picture 1 – living room with Chesterfield sofa.

This model is the darling in decoration! It is versatile and composed with any style, in this case, to leave it without pillows and throws to highlight the overall finish of the backrest.

Photo 2 – The base of the sofa can be made of a different material.

Mix other materials on your sofa. Most common are some wood or metal surfaces.

Picture 3 – Black leather sofa with gold finish.


Image 4 – The coolness of the leather sofa is its versatility in decoration.

Black is a neutral color in furnishings and it wouldn’t be any different on a sofa! Add the touch of personality with pillows, rugs, pictures and other accessories.

Photo 5 – living room with white leather sofa.

Referring to Fig.

The sofa with chaise lounger is ideal for those looking for comfort. If your living room is tight on space, look for one with retractable mode.

Figure 6 – Leather sofa with upholstered nubs.

In a living room, the firmer, larger, and flatter models would make chatting more comfortable and making it easier to get up and sit down.

Image 7 – Leather sofa with chaise longue.


If you go into a TV room or home theater, prefer the softer, deeper and lower ones made for playing, for lying down.

Image 8 – Living room with a small leather sofa.

Referring to Fig.

Image 9 – Rounded leather sofa.

Referring to Fig.

Photo 10 – Brown leather sofa.


Image 11 – Caramel is a strong trend in decoration.


The combination of the caramel sofa with the brick floor is harmonious and modern for every living room proposal. Complete with pictures to give personality to the environment!

Figure 12 – For the industrial style, opt for the leather sofa.


Picture 13 – Leave your room neutral with a leather sofa.


Image 14 – Dark shades can be highlighted with bright colors.


Photo 15 – The finish of the sofa is an important point in decorating the environment.


Photo 16 – Make a composition of the sofa and armchair with the same finish.

This composition is ideal for large spaces where it is possible to break uniformity with a printed carpet. In this case, the sofa is no longer the highlight and the carpet becomes the star of the environment.

Image 17 – The sofa is indispensable in a room, so the color affects the look and decoration of the environment.


Figure 18 – The sofa masterpiece leaves the atmosphere elegant and refined.


Picture 19 – Detail of the wood on the leather sofa.


Picture 20 – German corner with leather sofa.

German singing is another trend in interior design. In addition to optimizing the dining room space, you can venture out on prints and colors of your choice.

Image 21 – The leather is ideal for a masculine environment.


Figure 22 – The sofa with light colors makes the atmosphere cozy and delicate.

For those who choose a white or beige sofa , leather is the best choice because it is easy to clean and does not accumulate dirt.

Image 23 – For a cheerful decor, choose this color, which is similar to purple / burgundy but leaves the look neutral.


Image 24 – Scandinavian decoration with leather sofa.


Image 25 – Black leaves the elegant surroundings.


Image 26 – Just like choosing navy blue is a way out of neutral colors.


Image 27 – To create more cosiness in the living room, put an earthy color on the sofa.


Image 28 – The brown leather sofa combined with wooden furniture.

You can use a wooden coffee table or a side table to coordinate with the sofa. Wooden furniture looks great with leather.

Figure 29 – Create cool air in the living room with the leather sofa.

To appreciate the seriousness of the surroundings, decorate the sofa with colored pictures and printed pillows.

Picture 30 – Leather L-shaped sofa.


Picture 31 – White leather L-shaped sofa.


Image 32 – Bet on the leather sofa in a rustic decor.


Picture 33 – Create a harmonica composition of sofa, coffee table and lamp.


Picture 34 – The carpet helps to highlight the color of the sofa.


Figure 35 – The sofa without a partition is ideal for those who have a small room.


Figure 36 – The sofa design makes the difference in appearance.


Picture 37 – Sofa and puff pastry in caramel leather.

Add another piece of leather furniture of the same color to coordinate with the sofa. An armchair or, for a small room, just a breath.

Picture 38 – The black sofa emphasized the decoration of the living room.


Picture 39 – Replace the dining room chairs with a leather sofa.

Concrete is a sophisticated material that comes with everything for the living room. Accompany it with neutral colors to give the modern air and vibrant colors for a more youthful decor.

Image 40 – For those who are in love with pink!


Image 41 – Black leather sofa with 2 seats.

This sofa model with the arms inwards is ideal for a small room because its minimalist look helps to optimize the space.

Picture 42 – Put pillows and blankets to decorate your sofa.


Figure 43 – Decoration for living room with gray leather sofa.

The wood lining can underline the living room, its slat design shows elegance and contrasts with all the decorative elements of the environment.

Picture 44 – For a dark decoration, complete with a caramel sofa.


Image 45 – Decoration with leather sofa, corten steel and what appears to be a hose.


Figure 46 – Living room with black decoration and Chesterfield black sofa .


Figure 47 – Colored decoration with leather sofa.


Picture 48 – Leather and wood sofa.


Figure 49 – Sofa with metal structure and upholstered leather.


Photo 50 – White decoration with caramel sofa.


Picture 51 – The leather sofa takes the cozy touch.

Wood and carpets maintain the country’s decor.

Picture 52 – Add a pop of color with a blue sofa!


Picture 53 – The Scandinavian decor requires a leather sofa.

For this style of decoration, the use of blankets is essential as it makes the sofa more cozy and welcoming. In addition to reducing the seriousness of space!

Picture 54 – Brighten the environment with bright colors to make the sofa stand out.

Use light tones to break the seriousness of the sofa. Clear walls and carpets are also good allies for letting your leather sofa shine in the decor.

Picture 55 – This model is ideal for large spaces and with a good circulation area.


Picture 56 – Loft with leather sofa.


Picture 57 – Low leather sofa.

The armchair or puff helps make the decor more relaxed as well as a great way to add color to the surroundings.

Picture 58 – Living room with sofa made of mustard leather.


Picture 59 – In this color he can compose with any kind of decoration.

The earthy tones look good on a leather sofa, but it’s also always valid to use other neutral tones like white, black and gray in the decor.

Image 60 – Leather sofa with a sophisticated design.


Picture 61 – Leather sofa with 3 seats for a room in Scandinavian style.


Figure 62 – Leather sofa model with base and thin backrests for a modern environment.


Image 63 – Beautiful burgundy leather sofa in a peasant room.


Picture 64 – Model made of a white leather sofa with wooden and metal feet.


Image 65 – The sofa-caramel combination with colorful cushions.


Image 66 – Small caramel leather sofas for a large room with a Scandinavian decor.


Image 67 – Combination of the same leather material on the sofa and the center pouf.


Picture 68 – Combine the sofa with neutral frames for a different decoration.


Figure 69 – White leather sofa model in L.


Picture 70 – Scandinavian style living room decorated with leather sofa.


Natural or synthetic leather sofa?

The main difference between natural leather and synthetic leather is in the care, as some care is required. In addition, the quality of the material can vary greatly between natural leather, leather, synthetic or ecological leather. Models with natural leather can have the highest price.

Roughly speaking, synthetic leather is easier to maintain than natural leather and there shouldn’t be the same worry of constant cleaning and moistening that should be done every 6 months to prevent cracks in the material and to keep the shine.

The choice of leather-upholstered sofa, be it natural or synthetic, never goes out of style and can be a great option to add to your living room decor. Enjoy the functionality, durability and convenience of these models!



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