The MDF craft is very popular and practical because it is possible to buy ready-made objects and decorate them according to the right taste and style. In addition, it is a cheap solution and you can sell your decorated objects or make custom creations on customer request.

Most of the techniques involve sealing, sanding, painting, and gluing napkins, glue, and other materials. At the bottom of the post are some sample tutorials for you to watch and learn.

Models and photos of handicrafts in MDF

An important step is to look for multiple references before you start making your own craft. To do this, we advance this work and only leave behind the most interesting references we can find. Take a look at the gallery and be inspired:

Craft in MDF for the kitchen

It is very common to find decorative and functional MDF objects in a kitchen. They can be boxes, stands for spices, napkin holders, trays, cup holders and others. Tinkering with this material is an economical solution to replacing items that would be purchased on other occasions. We have selected some references for use in the kitchen.

Figure 1 – Box made of MDF for storing tea bags.


Image 2 – Female boxes for tea table.


Image 3 – Colored center of the table with pieces of MDF united by a cord and tassel in the top.


Photo 4 – Incredible heart shaped MDF napkin door.


Picture 5 – MDF trays with printed paper to decorate the table.

Referring to Fig.

Image 6 – White MDF box with floral print on the lid for storing the teas.


Picture 7 – Round MDF roller coaster with colorful drawings of flowers.


Figure 8 – Napkin holder for the table made with MDF in the windmill format.

Referring to Fig.

Picture 9 – Cutlery and objects made of MDF with flowers and polka dots.

Referring to Fig.

Figure 10 – Tea set and box in pink MDF with flower designs.


Picture 11 – American set made with MDF board with drawings.


Picture 12 – MDF box with aged wood effect.


Figure 13 – Colored boxes with sliding lids for storing the teas.


Picture 14 – Small cabinet made of colored MDF for storing chicken eggs.


Image 15 – Plank and other utensils for the kitchen.


Picture 16 – Support for pots and kettles with MDF in a different format.


Image 17 – MDF box with glass cover for storing teas.


Image 18 – Door spices in MDF.


Image 19 – Door white wall spices with designs to boxes of spice and paper towel.


Picture 20 – MDF box painted green, aged and covered with a stamped tip.


Image 21 – Another model with aged paint for a tea box.


Picture 22 – MDF box with many details on the painting in the shape of a chicken.


Image 23 – Colored MDF box for storing sweets and chocolates.


Crafts in MDF to decorate the house

In addition to the kitchen, we can use various solutions to decorate the house with MDF, among these objects are vases, picture frames, trays for decorative objects, frames, boxes, shrines and others. Here are some interesting examples to inspire yourself:

Picture 24 – Message and photo door on MDF.


Picture 25 – Wall decorations with heart shape.


Picture 26 – Colored frame frames made of MDF.


Image 27 – MDF flowers with message card to fit leaves in transparent vase.


Picture 28 – Hanging stand with waste paper and object holder.


Figure 29 – Example of a wall mount for storing envelopes and other paper.


Picture 30 – Sanctuary full of details in MDF painting.


Image 31 – Yellow MDF tray with inner stamp.


Picture 32 – Plaquinhas with news.


Picture 33 – Decorative cage for the wall with painting, message and copper grids.


Figure 34 – Decoration in the form of hearts to hang.


Picture 35 – Decorative plaques on the wall with drawings of potted plants.


Picture 36 – MDF box for magazines with bright red colors and floral motifs on the side.


Picture 37 – Decorative plate imitating a vase with pink flowers.


Picture 38 – Clock in note format made of MDF with black paint.


Image 39 – Image formats that will inspire you


Image 40 – Wall stand for pot and matches.


Image 41 – Wall lamp with a personalized name in MDF.


Picture 42 – Decorative frame with lacquered MDF.


Picture 43 – Heart decorated with MDF to hang on the wall.


Figure 44 – Decorative panels in MDF.


Picture 45 – Picture frame with MDF message.


Picture 46 – MDF vase for artificial flowers.


MDF crafts to decorate Christmas

Christmas is a great opportunity to invest in handicrafts that decorate the tree and table. Since we were receiving guests at this time, it is important to have a well-organized decoration, and using MDF can be cheaper than buying finished items.

Picture 47 – Colored Christmas box with MDF.


Picture 48 – Octagonal box with drawings of flowers.


Picture 49 – Small decorative ornament to hang up.


Picture 50 – Decorative fairy to hang on the wall.


Picture 51 – Colorful Christmas box with green and red colors.


Figure 52 – Christmas decoration as a support for ball.


Image 53 – Christmas card made of thin MDF cardboard.


Decoration for children

Image 54 – Green boxes for the baby room.


Image 55 – Colorful portrait door with character.


Picture 56 – White boxes with a pink checkerboard pattern for the girls’ room.


Picture 57 – House-shaped MDF niches for figure dolls.


Picture 58 – Boy made of MDF to hang on the frame in the room.


Picture 59 – Packaging for soap and other objects for girls.


Picture 60 – Portrait portrait in sheep format.


Picture 61 – Boxes for the girl’s nursery.


Picture 62 – Badge with printed letter, crown and glossy.


Boxes, makeup port, costume jewelry and etc.

Figure 63 – Pink box with top, top and crown.


Picture 64 – A box version with an oriental geisha theme.


Picture 65 – MDF box with a delicate color.


Picture 66 – Gray box with polka dots and colored lid.


Figure 67 – Door objects, books, scraps and notebooks.


Figure 68 – Pink box with pearls and drawings of roses.


Image 69 – Striped yellow canister.


Picture 70 – Box with portrait format.


Picture 71 – Door decorations with mirror.


Image 72 – Door decorations with drawers.


Image 73 – Box for storing jewelry on the bedside table.


Figure 74 – Male box to keep relationships.


Image 75 – Box for storing feminine objects.


Figure 76 – Trunk for space.


Image 77 – Delicate box to keep jewelry.


Figure 78 – Box made of MDF with colored tips and flowers.


Image 79 – Fun box for storing chocolates.


Other items

See other different MDF items that can be decorated and stylized:

Image 80 – MDF basket with handle.


Image 81 – asd


Image 82 – asd


Picture 83 – Domino with solid MDF parts.


Image 84 – Door brushes made of MDF panels.


Image 85 – Follower with message.


Figure 86 – Bird house with painting.


Picture 87 – Glass illustrates and is fun.


How to Make MDF Crafts Easily Step by Step

1. How to make an MDF box with scrapbook

In this step you will learn how to make a purple box with black stripes, polka dots and scrapbook on the lid. See below the list of materials needed:

  • MDF box 25cmx25cm;
  • PVA black and purple ink;
  • Shimmery Purple Acrylic Paint;
  • Flex rubber;
  • Wood sealer;
  • Light varnish;
  • Ruler;
  • Masking tape;
  • Foam roller;
  • Scissors;
  • Stiletto;
  • Paintball;
  • Synthetic bristle brush, pig and beveled hard brush;
  • Grosgrain tape;
  • Fine sandpaper for wood;
  • Adhesive beads;
  • Scrapbook paper;
  • Cutting base.

Keep watching the video to see all the steps with all the details:

2. Set of MDF boxes with base for baby room

In this tutorial you will learn step by step how to design an MDF set for a baby room. You can either give a friendly mom as a gift or even sell these items with personalized names. The end result is a delicate and feminine charm, check out the materials needed to make this craft:

  • MDF set that can be purchased at a craft store;
  • Faint or glossy white water-based PVA ink;
  • Ink of the color of your choice;
  • Sandpaper 250 for sanding the edges;
  • Letters to the chosen name;
  • Ribbons;
  • Crystals and flowers;
  • Hot glue;
  • Superglue;
  • Cover button;
  • Soft and hydrated bristle brushes;
  • Roller and dryer (if necessary).

See all the steps with the specific technical details in the video:

3. Technique of making the wood with MDF paint

MDF is a composite material made of pressed wood fibers with a light visual appearance. Know that it is possible to change the face of MDF and use colored waxes to make it look like wood. This is exactly what this tutorial teaches. See and see how to do it:

4. How to make a vintage retro tray using the decoupage technique with napkin and liquid glass

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a beautiful retro tray with Coca-Cola’s napkin. The materials required are:

  • Small MDF tray 20cmx20cm;
  • PVA colors white and red;
  • Napkins for needlework;
  • Flex rubber or white glue;
  • Colagel;
  • Superglue;
  • Red pumpkin ribbon;
  • Half pearl;
  • Fine sandpaper;
  • Lacquer gloss max.

Watch the video for detailed instructions and techniques:

5. How to make the effect of tiles or tablets in MDF

In this step by step, you will learn how to use a sticker that mimics tablets in an MDF tray. Here are the materials you need to do:

  • MDF tray;
  • Tile glue;
  • White PVA ink;
  • Paint;
  • Soft brush;
  • Scissors;
  • Wooden dolls;
  • Superglue

Further in the video:

6. How to make metal paint on MDF

Would you like to give the MDF a different face? See in this guide how it is possible to work with a colorless base layer for MDF, sandpaper and bronze-colored metallic ink

7. How do I decorate a make-up box on MDF?

This is a simple tutorial on how to color an MDF makeup box with a delicate touch. See all the materials you will need:

  • Box for make-up in MDF;
  • Guava acrylic paint;
  • Patina nail white;
  • Colorless sealers;
  • Varnish maximum brightness;
  • Template;
  • 1 beveled brush;
  • 1 brush with hard bristles;
  • 1 soft brush.

Continue reading the tutorial with each detailed step:

8. How to lace an MDF box

In this tutorial you will learn in a practical and easy way how to coat an MDF box with cotton lace and a napkin on the lid. The materials required are:

  • 1 MDF box;
  • White glue without thinning;
  • Brush;
  • Foam roller;
  • Cotton fluff;
  • Scissors;
  • Craft napkin.



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