Gespiegelte Sideboards

The sideboard is a piece of furniture that makes the difference in the environment, because it is a super versatile piece. You can use it to support objects, save your dinner or serve as a bar stand. So they can be found in the living room, dining room, bedroom and even in gourmet kitchens.

The advantage of a mirrored trimmer is that it fits in with any surrounding style. Because the mirror brings harmony to the independent environment when it is a modern or simple room. The most important thing for this item is the design of it, which goes from most finished with details to the most minimalist with straight ends.

To complete the decoration of a sideboard, you can always combine with a wall with coatings or a frame on the wall. What is very often seen on the chest of drawers are decorative objects such as vases, trays with cups, sculptures, books and more. For a modern room it is ideal to create this composition with objects, and for a simpler and more minimalist room the concept “less is more” fits perfectly.

On the market we can see shops with several models of mirror dressers. But if you have no taste and no personality, you can rent a good glazier and plan a good project to put your beautiful furniture in your living room.

For inspiration we separate some models to help you with the selection:

Figure 1 – Mirrored sideboard with cabinet

Image (1)

Figure 2 – Mirrored sideboard with straight ends

Image (2)

Figure 3 – Low Mirror Sideboard

Image (3)

Figure 4 – Mirrored sideboard with garden seat below

Image (4)

Figure 5 – Mirrored sideboard with white details

Image (5)

Picture 6 – Mirador

Image (6)

Figure 7 – Mirrored sideboards with various functions

Image (7)

Fig. 8 – Trimmer with mirrored feet

figure 8)

Figure 9 – Sideboard mirror with white lacquered bottom

Image (9)

Figure 10 – Mirrored Gold Sideboard with Holes in the Door

Image (10)

Picture 11 – Mirror sideboard with wooden base

Image (11)

Figure 12 – Mirrored sideboard with drawers

Image (12)

Figure 13 – Mirrored sideboard with wine cellar underneath

Image (13)

Picture 14 – Mirror sideboard with flower pot to decorate

Image (14)

Illustration 15 – Sideboard with mirrored feet and wooden plate

Image (15)

Picture 16 – Mirror sideboard with rustic style

Image (16)

Figure 17 – Trimmer Mirrored on the Front Only

Image (17)

Figure 18 – Mirrored sideboard with two bases

Image (18)

Picture 19 – Trimmer mirrored only in drawers

Image (19)

Image 20 – Mirrored dark sideboard and lacquered foot

Image (20)

Figure 21 – Mirrored sideboard for modern rooms

Image (21)

Picture 22 – Mirror sideboard with wooden plate in the middle

Image (22)

Figure 23 – Mirror sideboard with two topsides

Image (23)

Picture 24 – Mirror sideboard with wooden foot

Image (24)

Figure 25 – Mirrored sideboard with glass shelves and cabinets

Image (25)

Illustration 26 – Mirror sideboard with white base

Image (26)

Figure 27 – Mirrored sideboard with rounded door drawings

Image (27)

Fig. 28 – Mirror trimmer with serrated edge

Image (28)

Image 29 – Wide mirror sideboard

Image (29)

Figure 30 – Mirrored high sideboard

Image (30)

Illustration 31 – Sideboard with Mirrored Foot and Black Tip

Image (31)

Figure 32 – Mirrored sideboard in the dining room

Image (32)

Picture 33 – Mirror sideboard used as bedside table in the bedroom

Image (33)

Image 34 – Mirror sideboard with Venetian style

Image (34)

Illustration 35 – Mirror sideboard with modern design

Image (35)

Figure 36 – Mirror trimmer with triangular surface on the mirror surface

Image (36)

Fig. 37 – Sideboard with mirrored foot

Image (37)

Figure 38 – Mirrored Vintage Style Sideboard

Image (38)

Illustration 39 – Sideboard with cabinet on mirror doors

Image (39)

Picture 40 – Sideboard with mirrored details

Image (40)

Picture 41 – Mirrored sideboard under the stairs

Image (41)

Image 42 – Copper Mirrored Sideboard

Image (42)

Figure 43 – Mirrored sideboard for integrated dining and living room

Picture 44 – Mirrored small sideboard

Image (44)

Figure 45 – Mirrored sideboard with tray style

Image (45)

Figure 46 – Sideboard with mirrored doors one hundred copper

Image (46)


Figure 47 – Sideboard with detail of mirror in foot and on top

Image (47)

Figure 48 – Mirrored sideboard with sophisticated surfaces

Image (48)

Picture 49 – Wooden trimmer with mirror on the surface of the doors

Image (49)

Figure 50 – Mirrored sideboard and metal details

Image (50)


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