Versatile in use and decoration, chairs have a fundamental role in the environment. Finally, they bring comfort and style to the rest of the furniture. This gives them an exclusive space in the rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, home offices and even outdoors.

The interesting thing is to change different pieces in the same environment – even at the dining table, whether in color or design, it is important to let your creativity flow. Another option is to combine styles, such as a chair with a retro style and a more formal one. The mixture has become a trend in decoration and the more daring this composition, the better the end result!

Always try to adjust the size of the chair to suit the surroundings. Home office chairs require comfort and flexibility in circulation, so make sure that the best option are the most comprehensive models with swivel functions and armrests. In the dining room, it is not mandatory to have chairs with armrests, after all, they take up more space. In the bedroom, the chair serves as a support to either put on a shoe or to put bags and coats.

Modern chair models for different environments

How about enhancing your home environment with modern chairs? Be inspired in this gallery and simply reinvent your little corner!

Modern chairs for dining rooms

The dining room is undoubtedly one of the most important environments to get a table and chairs. If you are looking for references of modern dining room chairs, see what we have selected below:

Picture 1 – The straw chair has come back with everything and is ready to leave your modern dining room.

The straw chairs came back with everything as a strong trend of decoration. Although the straw has a retro look, the new models, just like the wire-frame chairs, have more modern designs and can be easily combined with modern tables. Rely on this type of chair to innovate!

Image 2 – The braided finish underlines the design of the white chair.

How about a different style? Instead of a smooth surface, choose chair models with a braided surface for a different visual effect.

Picture 3 – The black chairs always have a modern look in decoration.

Black never goes out of style and can bring a modern, clean and neutral visual effect that your space needs. When combined correctly, black chairs can serve this purpose.

Image 4 – Play with the mix and match the prints.

A simple and creative solution – combine two or three groups of three of different shaped chairs for a more colorful and fun dining table.

Picture 5 – The wooden chair fits into any type of decoration.

If you are a fan of wood, there are models with bold and modern designs that go with any other material.

Figure 6 – Upholstered chairs are always the best option for those who value comfort.

Figure 7 – If you choose a colored table, try a neutral decoration in the rest of the area.

Image 8 – It is important to choose chairs that match the rest of the decoration.

In this example we have gray as the main protagonist among the colors of the environment. Since there is also wood and exposed bricks, it was decided to use gray chairs to make the table look more balanced.

Picture 9 – The metallic and colored chairs are ideal for a cheerful environment.

Figure 10 – There are those who choose the set of table and chairs with the same finish.

Picture 11 – Clean dining room asks for light furniture and with few details.

The clean decor is a trend that has gotten to stay. For these environments you prefer neutral color models.

Figure 12 – Make a composition of chairs of the same color but with different models.

An excellent idea to have a differentiated dining table – combining chairs of different designs that keep the same color can have an incredible effect on the decor.

Figure 13 – The cartridge with beige tones is ideal for those who are looking for a modern and clean decoration.

Image 14 – Chairs with a wooden structure and padded seat are an option.

Image 15 – How about a touch of femininity in the decoration?

If you want to create a feminine environment, choose colors that suit your style. An example is pink and salmon.

Modern office and home office chairs

The home office is a place of concentration for work and study. For this reason, it is important to invest in a good chair model that is modern and comfortable at the same time. Are you looking for an ideal home office chair? Check out some of the models selected below:

Picture 16 – The combination of B&W is ideal for those looking for neutrality in home office decoration.

Figure 17 – Choose a colored chair for a lively touch.

Figure 18 – For those who spend hours in this corner, the option is a more comfortable model with a padded back and armrests.

Picture 19 – See that the chair can match some details of the decoration, the finish of the cabinet is the same tone of the armchair.

Figure 20 – The stainless steel and white leather finish, despite its simple design, is a modern solution for the environment.

Picture 21 – To make the chair more comfortable, look for pillows that suit your style.

Picture 22 – Acrylic chairs combine with every environment!

Image 23 – The swivel chairs are not to be desired in terms of comfort and decoration.

Image 24 – The metal chair is ideal for those who are looking for simplicity in decoration.

Image 25 – The Charles Eames chairs adapt to every proposal.

Figure 26 – Some people prefer simple models that take up less space.

Figure 27 – The rotating model is ideal for circulation.

Figure 28 – For a small home office, look for discreet and less detailed chairs.

Image 29 – The interior ministry’s rustic proposal calls for earthy colors and noble materials.

Figure 30 – To make the environment more elegant, opt for leather chairs.

Modern chairs for the kitchen

Whether it’s a small table or a bench, chairs are present in most kitchens. We should consider the style of the kitchen cabinets and wall coverings in order to make the right decision when choosing a chair. If the kitchen is neutral in color, choose brightly colored chairs to keep the atmosphere relaxed. If you prefer more sober chairs, black, white and wood tones combine in almost any color.

Check out some models of modern kitchen chairs:

Image 31 – In addition to the modern touch, the chair takes the suggestion of the kitchen more joviality.

Photo 32 – To create the black decoration of the kitchen, the chairs followed the same style.

Photo 33 – Combine the color of the American bench with the finish of the chairs.

Picture 34 – The contrasting straw tone in the kitchen.

In this proposal, the chairs contrast with the neutral white of the whole kitchen, bringing a cozier and friendlier effect to those who visit these surroundings.

Image 35 – Acrylic can add lightness to the look of the environment.

Figure 36 – Play with the clay on the clay in the decoration.

Picture 37 – With the white kitchen it is possible to play with the colors of the chairs.

Picture 38 – Study the composition of the colors well so that they harmonize in the end result.

Figure 39 – The chairs follow the same suggestion from the kitchen.

Photo 40 – Rely on modern and comfortable chairs for the American kitchen.

Picture 41 – The turquoise blue was the highlight of the kitchen.

Figure 43 – Colored chairs are ideal for brightening up the surroundings.

Picture 44 – For those who are looking for color but discreetly, opt for the model with the colored seat.

Picture 45 – Put together a composition of chairs to match the decoration of your kitchen.

Picture 46 – The chairs with the highest base are ideal for high benches.

Modern chairs for double rooms

While not that common, a chair in the room can come in handy in a variety of situations. It serves as a support for the couple’s objects, as a support point when changing shoes and even as a reading corner. Here are some models of chairs for couples:

Picture 47 – Decide on a design piece to highlight in the bedroom.

Figure 48 – In keeping with the carpentry finish, the chair complemented the room composition.

Picture 49 – A colored chair makes the difference in the white decoration.

Figure 50 – How about replacing the traditional bedside table with a chair?

Picture 51 – For a feminine space, pink is always the best option.

Picture 52 – And for a double room, the neutral tones prevail.

Picture 53 – The chair in the bedroom has an important function, e.g. B. Support for a dressing table or small workspace.

Figure 54 – Prioritize comfort with a chair to relax.

Image 55 – The chair makes everyday life easier and adorns the environment.

Image 56 – The chair follows the Provencal style of the double room.

Modern chairs for children’s and baby rooms

Chairs are important for baby rooms. The parents want to approach the little ones with it. In this case, the ideal is to invest in comfortable models. For children and young people, the chairs usually consist of a work table or desk. Check it:

Figure 57 – The printed chairs give the room the greatest charm.

Picture 58 – For the little ones, the personalized chairs are a good choice.

Image 59 – Simple and functional chair model for the bedroom.

Picture 60 – It is possible to put the chair with the bed.

Figure 61 – An “armchair chair” could not be missing in the children’s room.



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