Functionality, practicality and simplicity were combined with the charm, sophistication and beauty of the pieces and furniture that exist in the environment. These are the main features that define the modern decor.

This unique decoration comes from the same modernist concept that emerged in the first half of the 20th century. Modernism revolutionized art and architecture by proposing an aesthetic based on the maxim of “less is more” and even dictating the tendencies of minimalist and contemporary style that soon arose.

Within the modernist concept, the decoration must be useful and not only beautiful, it also represents the personality and lifestyle of the inhabitants. If, like so many people out there, you are devoted to the charm of modern decor, but you still have doubts about how to decorate in that style, continue to follow the post. Let us give you all the tips and information you need to create the perfect modern decoration for your home. check-out:

Features of modern decoration


Neutrality and simplicity are essential in the modern style. Therefore, the color palette should be very well thought out. But it’s easier than it sounds. For starters, know. This is the most used color in the modern style and should be used in the base of the decor to choose contrast for grayscale or black, but in smaller quantity. Earth tones such as brown and beige can also be used.

The liveliest and most striking colors should be used in smaller pieces, such as pillows, clocks and vases. Pastel shades are a great way to color without overly affecting the neutrality of the environment, but you can dare a little more by using the primary colors blue, red and yellow.

In summary: neutral tones in the base mixed with primary colors or pastel colors. Pretty easy up here, right?

Furniture and furnishings with function

All furnishings and objects of decoration must have a reason to be in the room. No mess of environment with chairs, tables and other parts that are not used. In fact, the concept here is “the less the better.”

Another tip is to put on multifunctional furniture such as sofa beds and retractable tables. The floor lamps are also safe in the modern style as they decorate with great functionality.

Personal items such as frames, picture frames and other bibs should be used with great care so as not to overload the space. In doubt, one or the other piece.

Integrated environments

The integrated environments are the hallmarks of modern architecture and the decoration must follow the same visual pattern. The vast majority consists of kitchen, living room and dining room, but there are also other rooms that can be integrated, such as balcony and home office.

Lines and shapes

In modern decor, the straight lines stand out. That’s why you always prefer furniture and decorative pieces that follow this pattern. If you want to combine modern and contemporary style – yes, they are different styles – you can use some of the more daring pieces that have curved lines or some other kind of geometric shape.


Glass and stainless steel are the preferred materials for modern decoration. Other materials, such as wood, are commonly used with at least one of the two. Acrylic and leather also come in the list of materials that are often used in this type of decoration.

For fabrics, you prefer the more sober and elegant as linen, for example.

Overall, the modern decor is not very secret. The most important thing is to know how to balance the use of objects, and always remember that the functionality of the pieces is characterized by their aesthetic value.

60 design ideas with modern decor

If you still have doubts, follow the motto “less is more”. Before we close the topic, we would like to invite you to visit a gallery with inspiring pictures of modern decoration. Watch everyone carefully and see what you can use there in your home:

Picture 1 – Baby room with modern decoration: white and navy blue form the base of the decor; The light tone of the wood completes the proposal.

Baby room with modern decor

Figure 2 – Option for a bathroom with modern decoration: apparent concrete in the ceiling, fired cement in the bench and earthy-tone tablets in the box area.

Bathroom with modern decor

Picture 3 – In this double room is the modern decoration due to the gray tones and the discreet and sober presence of the wood.

Model of double room with modern decoration

Picture 4 – Material mix has made this modern decoration more polished and irreverent.

Modern decoration with mix of materials

Picture 5 – Black and glass set the tone of this modern decoration; The small cactus bed brings a little character into the environment.

Black and glass in modern decor

Picture 6 – The highlight of this modern balcony is the zigzag carpet. The plants help to create a more inviting environment.

Balcony with modern decoration

Figure 7 – Demanding bathroom, but without exaggeration; The bluish hue of the coating gives the environment a balanced color.

Sophisticated bathroom with modern decor

Image 8 – Classic black and white is a great option for anyone who has doubts about which color to use. The tip is to opt for metals and accessories with more modern design.

Black and white in modern decor

Figure 9 – Nursery with modern decoration: It is possible to enter the playful and creative universe of the children without leaving the modern style.

Children's room with modern decor

Picture 10 – For the modern kitchen, black cabinets, wooden floor to the bench and a slight splash of color with the green chairs.

Kitchen with modern decor

Picture 11 – Who said that the round mirror is not suitable for modern decor? Note that the parts harmonize with each other and follow the same suggestion.

Round mirror in modern decor

Figure 12 – Behind the bed the wardrobe was enclosed by a curtain of white cloth; The rest of the room follows in neutral and sober tones.

Room with closet and modern decor

Figure 13 – Straight white sofa highlighted by vertical garden green; Following the modern proposal, the white table with wooden chairs and leather detail.

White sofa on balcony with modern decor

Picture 14 – If you would like to invest in a blind, you can use the modern equipment.

Persiana in modern decoration

Picture 15 – The bathroom is the right combination of colors and materials in a modern style: burnt cement gray, pink pastel vase and black details to close the interior.

Bathroom with modern decor

Picture 16 – This modern balcony explores the possibilities of a vertical garden in a different way.

Balcony with modern decor and vertical garden

Picture 17 – Environments integrated but subtly limited by the glass door.

Glass door separating environments with modern decor

Picture 18 – In this modern decoration, in addition to the traditional whites, blacks and grays, the burnt red of the table appears.

Room with modern decor

Figure 19 – To have a modern style kitchen cabinet instead of obvious handles, you prefer the built-in furniture.

Kitchen cabinet with modern style

Figure 20 – For a modern and very youthful decoration, put on a wall sticker or a relaxed panel.

Modern and cheerful decoration

Picture 21 – And do not leave the service area from the outside: A simple adhesive is enough to change the face of the environment with modern decoration.

Service area with modern decor

Picture 22 – Entrance hall modern and minimalist design with modern decor.

Lobby with modern decor

Picture 23 – Nothing like a touch of black to cultivate and to refine an environment with modern decoration.

A touch of black in the modern decor

Picture 24 – Balcony integrated into the living room is a striking feature of modern projects, if you have the opportunity to do the same in your house, do not waste time.

Integrated balcony with modern decor

Picture 25 – A creative and original way to mark the spaces in the modern decoration.

A creative and unique way to mark the spaces in the modern decoration

Picture 26 – Children’s room with modern and Montessori decoration set on soft tones for decoration.

Children's room with modern and Montessorian decor

Picture 27 – Modern decoration: In this gray kitchen the fitted wardrobes hardly appear; Mark the cup holders on the ceiling.

Gray kitchen with modern decor

Picture 28 – Modern decoration: in this room was only necessary.

Room with modern decoration

Picture 29 – The modern and powerful design of the balcony marks the room that separates the kitchen from the living room; Note the metered and harmonious use of the red color in the environment.

Balcon with bold design in modern decor

Figure 30 – Lamps stand out in terms of both functionality and aesthetic value in this modern decoration.

Fixtures in modern décor

Figure 31 – The gentle Rosaton brings lightness into this space with modern and minimalist decoration.

Modern and minimalist room

Picture 32 – Do you like gray? So enjoy using it in all its variations in the modern decor.

Gray in modern living room decor

Figure 33 – Dining room with contemporary decor with contemporary style influence in colors and shapes.

Dining room with modern decor

Figure 34 – Modern decoration: And how about a little marble to make the atmosphere more classical and refined?

Modern decoration: how about a little marble to leave the atmosphere more classic and refined

Picture 35 – Modern kitchen with a touch of fun and cheerfulness.

Modern kitchen with a dash of fun and joviality

Picture 36 – Do you remember the tip to use colors in the details of modern decoration? In this room, the pink tone of the pillows attracts all attention.

Use color in the details of the modern decor

Picture 37 – No doubt what inspires a modern decoration of this picture; It contains all the elements that characterize this style.

To have no doubt about what a modern decoration is inspired by this image;  it contains all the elements that characterize this style.

Figure 38 – Zigzag carpet brings movement to this modern nursery.

Children's room with modern decor

Picture 39 – Modern decoration: black slate is much cheaper than marble or granite and does not lose anything in class and elegance.

Modern decoration: black slate is much cheaper than marble or granite

Picture 40 – White wall with pictures of botanical inspiration: two trends of modern decoration for the environment.

Brick wall in modern decor

Picture 41 – Another way of fixing the wall, which harmonizes well with the modern furniture.

A different way of fixing the wall nicely with the modern decor

Picture 42 – Modern decoration: A green touch to break the monotony of the colors of this integrated environment.

Modern decoration: a green touch to break the monotony of colors

Picture 43 – To escape some of the traditional modern decoration: This room bet in the tone of purple to make a difference.

To get away from the traditional modern decor

Picture 44 – Modern decoration: patterns of colors and shapes accompany the decoration of the integrated environments.

Modern decoration: pattern of colors and shapes

Figure 45 – The modern home office has a wood panel and black and yellow colors to create contrast.

Home office with modern decor

Picture 46 – Modern decoration simple, functional and aesthetic: everything that an environment needs to be called modern.

Modern decoration simple, functional and aesthetic

Picture 47 – Modern decoration: nothing cleaner than a white environment with a mirror.

Modern decor: nothing more than white with mirror

Picture 48 – The modern design of the pendant lights stands out in this room.

In this room, the modern design of the pendant lamps stands out

Picture 49 – The colors in this modern decoration have been inserted into the niche.

The colors in this modern decor were inserted into the niche

Figure 50 – The disguise of this room brings color and highlights the feature of modern decoration.

The panel of this room brings color and highlights to the characteristic of modern decoration

Picture 51 – Modern decoration: The books on the shelf do not overwhelm the environment thanks to the impeccable organization they have received.

Modern decoration with books

Figure 52 – Modern decoration: lamps in geometric shapes.

Modern decoration with geometric lamps

Picture 53 – LED signage also fits the suggestion of modern decoration; Highlighting the bathroom separated by the glass wall from the room.

Modern decor with LED sign

Picture 54 – The highlight of this kitchen is the mixture of classic joinery and modern decoration.

Kitchen with modern decor

Picture 55 – Many niches, but empty: It is part of the modern decoration these spaces “empty”.

Niche with modern decoration

Figure 56 – Modern decoration: To contrast the white of the environment, the slate wall.

Modern decoration with wall board

Picture 57 – Visual effects are also welcome in the modern interior: in this room the niches on the bed seem to lie one above the other.

Visual effects in modern decoration

Picture 58 – Modern decoration: a bit of paint here, another bit there and the decoration creates form.

Modern decor: a bit of color here, another little place and the decor wants to create shape

Picture 59 – Black and white for a modern nursery? Here was the proposal exactly that.

Black and white for modern nursery decoration

Picture 60 – Modern decoration, rustic and cool: the mix of styles makes the atmosphere more comfortable and personal.

Modern, rustic and funky décor



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