Today we will show you some ideas how you can design your front garden in a modern way. Because it is the calling card of your own home. A beautifully designed front garden makes a first impression and should always be inviting. It is also able to say a lot about the respective residents. And for this reason the front garden design should not be disregarded. Keep in mind that the front garden should also be designed to match the style of your house.

Below you will find our suggestions for great design of your own front garden

When designing such a garden there are some aspects to consider. The orientation of the front garden, for example, plays a very important role in the selection of plant species. Some plants prefer sunny places, for example. If your front garden is in the shade, it should be planted with other species. You should consider the lighting conditions. The front garden should always look beautiful and be easy to maintain.

When planting your front garden, you could use different ground cover plants for this purpose. They are a great alternative for classic lawns. They are also much easier to maintain. Below is a list of groundcover plants for shady locations.

Crawling bugle (Ajuga reptans) – it is one of the most beautiful ground cover plants for shady areas. For its optimal development it needs humus and neutral to moderately acidic soil. Elf flowers – they are characterized by their yellow flowers and green heart-shaped leaves. Usually they prefer shady and semi-shady locations.Ordinary ivy – still a very beautiful plant, which is particularly suitable for greening fences and floors.Front garden modern design – take a look at this video guide

Beautiful front garden plants

front garden with stones

It is no coincidence that stones are a popular element in front garden design – because such rock gardens are becoming increasingly easy to maintain.




Here is an idea for a modern sunny front garden with palm trees and small succulents

Another suggestion for a great design of your front garden


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