Summer is just around the corner and many of you may be thinking about how to renovate your garden and prepare it for summer. We have gathered the opinions of three professional designers who have told us the latest garden furniture trends. In this article we have summarized them for you.

Combining different materials

Garden furniture made of various materials is an absolute trend in 2019. Teak, willow or rattan are combined with elements made of iron or aluminium. In this way, robust pieces of furniture are created that look interesting and provide some variety in modern outdoor areas.

Garden Furniture Trends 2019

“Outdoor Homing” – The living room in the garden

Recently, more and more value has been placed on comfort in interior design. This trend will also prevail in the garden in 2019, according to a study by the comparison portal Moebel24. Almost 1000 garden and balcony owners were surveyed, with the result that more than half this year would like to invest in garden furniture made of polyrattan. Teak is also very popular with 31%.

But no matter what the material, large sofas and wide armchairs are increasingly finding their way into modern gardens. These comfortable pieces of furniture are combined with cosy cushions, which offer plenty of space to relax and unwind.

Simplicity and functionality

The highest level of comfort is the top priority this year. The designers therefore focus on simple designs and functionality. Modern garden furniture usually weighs less. They can be moved without great effort, which is very helpful if, for example, more space is to be created or if the weather is bad. In addition, modern garden furniture often fulfils several functions. Stools and tables with storage space are just some of the innovative garden solutions.

The modern garden is a place to feel good and relax.

Retro Chic and Vintage

In the year 2019 we observe a return of vintage furniture, as we have also noticed for some years now increasingly in the interior living area. The designers choose solid deckchairs in Retro Chic, metal furniture in interesting designs and romantic rocking chairs to give the garden a nostalgic charm of bygone days. The furniture is often combined with cushions in bright colours that perfectly complement the classic retro look. Our tip: If you opt for a vintage style garden, you don’t necessarily have to change all the furniture. On the Internet you will find many DIY instructions and ideas on how you can give your garden furniture a “look made old” with some colour and a pair of new cushions.

Bright colours

As far as colours are concerned, the garden furniture Trends 2019 are very diverse. The designers play with different colours and colour combinations to create certain moods and feelings. The trend this year is mainly towards bright, vibrant colours. Particularly popular among them are red, purple and their nuances. A combination of blue and green is also very popular.

Modern garden furniture for maximum outdoor comfort

A lot of light

Comfort and well-being are of key importance in modern gardens. In order to create an inviting atmosphere in summer evenings, many light sources are integrated into the outdoor area. The designers experiment with different lamps and luminaires. The rule is: nothing is too much! Our tip: Add chains of lights, lanterns or small decorative lamps to give the area a romantic touch.

A comfortable seat for the sunny summer days!


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