For the bedroom of the house, the nursery, the kitchen or the bathroom, the owl-shaped rugs are super cute and versatile, which makes the environment both cozy and fun.

After all, the owl can have several meanings that we may or may not want to add to the environment, and besides, they are very high, especially when we talk about handmade carpets. Learn more about owl rug

In this post we brought a selection of owls to use to inspire and decorate your home, in super cute and soft shapes! In this post we are going to talk about the symbology, the types of carpet that can be chosen, tutorials to make yours and a complete gallery of carpets in different settings. Come on!

Owl symbology

The owl is one of the most famous birds in the world, especially when it comes to their skills that help them in nightlife, such as their hearing and vision being super clear and intense. Because it is so popular, it takes on different meanings and associations in different cultures.
You can imagine these meanings when using this bird as inspiration for your decor, but new associations can also be made to bring the owl ornament closer to your personal style.

What is most associated with these little birds is their aura of mystery, their wisdom, intelligence that comes from their contact with the moon. This is because, in Greek mythology, his habit of sleeping during the day and waking up in the moonlight at night made people believe in the clairvoyant powers of the owl and became the mascot of Athena, the goddess of wisdom.

And the Greeks not only saw the owl as a small animal that could see mystics and occults, the aborigines also saw the owl as a kind of oracle to receive mystical wisdom from the forces of the moon.

Another culture that has the owl as one of the important symbols is the Hindu. The goddess Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity and wisdom, is also symbolized by an owl, but in this particular case a white owl, which also symbolizes peace.

Different types of owl rug to choose from!

Among the rugs available, there are types for every space, occasion or preference! While the arts and crafts are super trendy, industrial rugs come in a variety of colors and patterns that anyone can enjoy. And owls are becoming more and more popular in these prints.

1. Industrial owl mat with natural composition

Wool, cotton and velvet carpets are the most popular and in demand. This is because their durability is much greater than synthetic carpets. But they are also more expensive, which makes access difficult.
These rugs are known for their unmatched softness and also have good versatility, in different sizes, styles and textures, flat or with prints.

2. Owls made from industrial synthetic owls

In the synthetic carpets, the best known are acrylic (a cheaper alternative to wool), but of course those made of polyester win in terms of versatility. This is because it can appear with different textures and heights of the thread, from the lowest to the so-called “shaggy”, with long thread and super hairy and soft.

In the case of owls, they often appear on the shorter carpets, which make patterns and clearer designs easier. In our gallery you will find different styles, with smaller or larger sizes, that take up a large part of the space.

3. Handmade carpet

Handmade rugs are a favorite of any home decor, especially when it is specially made for a specific environment. Certainly the most popular ones are crochet hooks, but there are several other lines that can be used on this garment. In addition, woven natural fiber and patchwork carpets, mesh cutouts or pompoms are super creative and great alternatives to the more expensive carpets.

These latter options are also great for those who want to transform their surroundings into a place full of inspiration, color and attention to sustainability issues by using alternative materials that do not harm the environment as much.

40 amazing owl rug ideas for you to get inspired

Now let’s go to the pictures!

Picture 1 – Carpet with three owls super colorful and beautiful to put the entrance of your house.

Carpet with 3 super colored owls

Image 2 – Carpet made of crocheted owls with a traditional design.

Decorated and geometric owl rug

Picture 3 – Ornate and geometric owl carpet on a pink background.

Carpet with super fun pink owl

Image 4 – Carpets in different sizes with owls super fun and colorful.

Set of rugs of different sizes

Picture 5 – Purple owl rug in crochet.

Purple Owl Carpet

Image 6 – Owl carpet for children’s rooms full of colors.

Owl Rug for Children's Room

Image 7 – Owl rug cast in EVA: easy, simple and inexpensive to make at home.

Owl carpet cast in EVA

Picture 8 – Carpet of colored little owls in the nocturnal environment.

Carpet of colored little owls

Picture 9 – Carpet of the colorful owls in the dark night.

Colorful Owls Carpet

Image 10 – Another carpet for the children’s room: owls in the tree house.

carpet for children's bedroom

Figure 11 – Owl rug in string for everyone to love!

Owl carpet in string

Figure 12 – Round carpet with a special owl message for everyone to sleep peacefully.

Round rug with a special message

Image 13 – Variety of shapes and sizes: carpet with the whole class.

Diversity of shapes and sizes

Image 14 – Colorful owl carpet to lift the Astral out of a neutral space.

Owl colored carpet to change the mood of any room

Image 15 – 3D carpets: crochet with the owl’s head in evidence.

3D rugs!

Picture 16 – Carpet of the green owl super animated, lots of play.

Super Animated Owl Carpet for Girl's Room

Image 17 – More realistic drawn in B&W: owl carpet in the forest in the middle of the night.

Black and White Owl Rug

Image 18 – Round crocheted blanket with simple owl characterization.

Round crocheted owl rug

Image 19 – Rectangular rug with owls at the top of the tree waiting for the fun to begin!

Owl Rug for Children's Room

Image 20 – Door mat with owl pattern in two shades of green.

Doormat with owl pattern

Picture 21 – Another easy way to put a string owl together: mark the head and the body.

String owl: head and body highlight

Picture 22 – Colored owls in the middle of the carpet!

Rug with string of colored owls in the piece motif

Picture 23 – To the living room: Large and super soft owl carpet.

Oversized and oversized owl rug for the living room

Image 24 – For those who are already practicing crocheting: Great owl to decorate and leave the atmosphere more cozy.

Super Owl Rug for Crochet Lovers

Picture 25 – English is a good language to play on words: doormat with a super stylish owl.

Rugs for entry: welcome!

Image 26 – Carpet with owls super happy and ready to play!

Super cheerful owls on the carpet

Image 27 – An inseparable couple: Mr. and Mrs. Owl in twine.

Carpet with the couple of owls

Image 28 – A more discreet type of carpet for which the entire decoration is based on owls.

Low-key carpet with owl illustration

Picture 29 – Carpet catwalk with four different owls.

Rug in style with 4 owls

Picture 30 – The classic drawing of the owl: large and rectangular ttpete for the room with a super clever owl to decorate the house.

big rug for the room with owl

Figure 31 – Mother and baby owl: crochet blanket with fluffy line.

Crocheted owl rug with fluffy line

Figure 32 – Carpet in the Russian point style: super soft and comfortable on the most sensitive feet

Owl rug in Russian point style

Figure 33 – A super colorful carpet in contrast to other colors in the area.

A super colorful rug to contrast with the colors of the environment

Image 34 – Crochet blanket with an owl in the middle.

Owl in the center of this beautiful crochet tapestry

Image 35 – Complete crochet thread inspired by the owls for your bathroom.

Crochet bathroom set with owl rug

Picture 36 – For those who are waiting for the snow: owl carpet prepared for the cold.

Owl rug prepared for the cold

Picture 37 – Smaller motifs can be repeated as a pattern: carpet with colored owls and in geometric shapes.

Rug with geometric owls

Figure 38 – In a single line: crocheted owl rug of a single color.

crocheted owl rug with a single color

Figure 39 – Crocheted sofa bed with felt application.

Sleeping owl carpet!

Picture 40 – To leave a more cozy room: a large carpet!

A large rug to leave the room more cozy with the owl

How to Make Owl Carpet: Tutorials at Home (Step-by-Step)

If you prefer a handmade option, crochet can be a good type of rug to complete the decor of an environment. For those who already know how to work with this manual art, we have separated some video tutorials to inspire you to decorate your home with your own work!

1. Application of owls to simple crochet blanket

Find out in this video how to make a very cute and colorful applique with a little owl on a flowering branch of a tree to decorate a crocheted rug (or any other) and make your rug more interesting!

2. crocheted owl rug with details for the eyes

This tutorial shows you how to make a small owl-shaped carpet,
the little eyes closed, sleepy kind. With a longer duration, this video highlights every detail and makes the process and accompaniment of the tutorial easier.

3. Bonus: Alternative eyes: awake and alert owl!

For anyone who wants a different owl eye option, this other video shows how to open the owl’s eyes!

4. Round owl carpet with several types of lines

For those who are advanced in the art of crochet, this short tutorial shows how to make a round owl rug, with line changes for different textures. The smooth line adds clarity to the details, while the fluffy line gives the owl’s body a super interesting and fluffy look!



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