Popular for its low cost and its infinite functionalities, the pallet values ​​thanks to the concept of the reuse of materials that guarantee new uses for the objects that complement the ambience. It is an alternative for those looking for a nice, inexpensive decoration and for those who enjoy the creativity of the do-it-yourself methods. Today we are talking about the pallet panel

Among so many furnishing options already shown here on the website, it is possible to clad pallets . It is gaining importance in home decoration, parties, retail commercial projects and even in businesses. If you are looking for something else to put on your wall, this type of panel promises to surprise your expectations!

How to make a pallet field?

Making the pallet panel is a simple technique but it requires care and patience. Ideally, check the size of the panel to buy the amount of pallets needed for the wall.

You can nail it the way you bought it, with a natural and raw finish, or apply the bitumen that will protect and color the wood and give it a nice look!

To compose the panel, you can venture into the pallet shelf, which you can do in do-it-yourself style too.

60 ideas and projects with pallet panel to inspire you

Use this piece of wood again and bring more charm into your home! Take a look at some pallets in different applications:

Image 1 – Hang your best photos!

Use the pallet to hang your best photos
To complement this composition, add a ray of light between the photos to make the board that much more charming!

Image 2 – Continuous panel with lining.

Continuous panel with lining

In this room, the panel of pallet wood on the wall of the TV extends to the ceiling, creating an interesting visual continuity in the surroundings.

Image 3 – Spacebar from palette.

Bar space made with pallet

The pallet can be used in commercial spaces as this project reuses the material and saves on decorating. See the palette can be a great addition to a place with a wooden deck.

Image 4 – Palette TV panel.

TV pallet panel

Complete pallet panel in combination with a modern wooden sideboard with turquoise doors.

Image 5 – Harmonious composition of materials and colors for a children’s room.

Composition of materials for a children's room

Use the panel to hang and fix objects that identify with the resident’s taste.

Picture 6 – Create a vertical garden with a pallet slab.

Vertical garden pallet panel
To set up the vertical garden, several pallet squares were attached and at each spacing the plants were secured, creating a beautiful effect for the wall.

Picture 7 – Organization is everything for a home!

Use the panel to keep everything organized

With just one piece of pallet it is possible to mount an organizer panel using hooks, niches and brackets.

Image 8 – Pallet cladding with home theater.

Pallet panel with home theater

Figure 9 – A creative way to organize the tools.

Arrange tools with dowels on the panel

For those who work with different types of tools, a plate with pallets can be the ideal solution to keep the tools close at hand and organized.

Photo 10 – Simple pallet panel.

Single pallet panel idea
Fill the spaces with pallet beams and build a piece of furniture with no gaps.

Image 11 – Mix pallet with wooden boxes.

Wooden crates and pallets: a perfect match

This composition is a way of reusing unused materials to create a beautiful and functional piece of furniture.

Image 12 – Photo panel from palette.

Mount a photo panel using the material

Picture 13 – Ride an outdoor party in a warm and cozy atmosphere!

Outdoor Party Panel

Figure 14 – Ideal for inserting in columns.

Decorate pillars with pallet panel
You can mount a vertical garden on the pillars by cutting the pallets into a thinner dimension.

Image 15 – Pallet cladding for a party.

Decorate the children's party with a pallet panel and save

Image 16 – Assemble a Christmas tree in an inexpensive and creative way!

Creative Christmas tree using pallet wood

Image 17 – Floor to ceiling!

A beautiful floor-to-ceiling panel

Image 18 – A multifunctional piece of furniture is always welcome!

Multifunctional mobile with pallets

Image 19 – How about a beautiful and original design of your cups?

Organization of mugs with pallet

Place brackets to support the mugs and leave them on the wall as a decorative element.

Image 20 – This small panel won shelves for decorative objects.

Support for decorative objects with pallet

Use the spans of wood to attach practical and functional shelves: they allow you to store objects such as vases, flowers, magazines and newspapers, as the example above shows.

Figure 21 – Balcony with pallets.

Balcony with pallet panel to support plants

The pallet panel can also be attached to outside areas. Here is the suggestion to decorate plants to decorate the leisure area.

Image 22 – The outdoor space is ideal for setting up a pallet environment.

Pallet panel in free space

Image 23 – The pallet set brings dynamism to the wall.

Dynamic wall with pallets
You can still attach lights to create the most pleasant effect in the room.

Picture 24 – Fun and happy place for fun!

Fun and cheerful space for fun

Figure 25 – Complete composition of a TV panel.

Complete composition for a TV panel with pallet
Form a panel that covers the entire wall and attaches it to the frame, here the pallets still have a layer of varnish, which guarantees a longer shelf life.

Image 26 – For a youthful air, paint the palette with a lively color!

Paint the pallet with a jovial color

In addition to the natural finish of the wood, you can apply the varnish or any color of your choice to the wood. In this design with neutral tones, the pallet panel gets the yellow color and stands out in the decoration of the surroundings.

Fig. 27 – Partition wall with pallet plate.

Pallet panel partition

Picture 28 – Pallet plate with shelves.

Pallet panel with shelves
Here, the range of pallets is given the company of shelves that facilitate the organization and decoration of the environment.

Image 29 – The slatted pallet results in a dynamic and beautiful panel.

A modern panel with pallet slats

Picture 30 – Woman’s room with pallet plate.

Women's room with TV panel

Picture 31 – Cozy and romantic climate with the panel made of palette and neon.

Romantic weather with the panel in the dining room

Image 32 – Rustic wooden slats cover the wall of this living room.

Wall with pallet slats
The tip is to use wood in different shades of color to create contrast, or even paint some pieces for a different effect!

Image 33 – The home office deserves an organized space!

Home office organization with pallet panel
Position the pallets in different directions and beautify the work environment. The panel also helps the organized environment to store various objects.

Figure 34 – Pallet cladding with decorative frames.

Pallet panel for living room with decorative frames

Image 35 – With a rustic and distinctive air!

A rustic and striking touch with the use of material

The aged finish has its charm and can be decorated in a rustic style, even in a modern setting.

Picture 36 – Small pallet panel.

Small pallet panel

The panel can serve as a photo wallpaper for many outdoor occasions , mainly at events and children’s parties.

Picture 37 – Pallet cladding for a party.

Party atmosphere with panel
For the party decoration, you can get props and decorative items with the pallet panel. It’s a cheap, sustainable and stylish decoration solution!

Picture 38 – The composition of plants and flowers embellishes the appearance of the pallet plate.

Flowers and plants make the panel even more beautiful

Pic 39 – Apply the palette to the entire wall.

Apply wood to entire wall

Picture 40 – Just paint the wall to highlight the palette.

Picture 41 – Pallet pallet and traditional wooden shelf.

Traditional wall panel for TV

Picture 42 – Pallet plate with pots, candles and plants.

Panel with pots and plants

A modern and fun option: add branches of leaves, vases and pots of plants to make the palette even more visible on the wall. The lighting for this decorative point is also provided in this proposal.

Picture 43 – All this little corner was assembled with pallets.

Balcony corner with panel and pallets

This balcony was completely decorated with wood, use the pallets to create a similar ambience.

Figure 44 – Rack and panel coupled together.

Rack and panel: all together with the same material

Image 45 – Pallet cladding for living room.

Living room with pallet panel

Vertical plate with pallet wood for TV and rack, floor to ceiling.

Figure 46 – Pallet cladding with boxes.

Combine the panel with crates

Picture 47 – Put your musical instrument in the spotlight.

Panel to fix the musical instrument
Anyone who owns a musical instrument and does not know where to stow the object can place the panel on the wall and protect the object in a decorative way without taking up space.

Image 48 – A creative way to hang your bikes.

A creative way to fix bicycles
The bike is another item that takes up a lot of space in the house. The idea is to stick it on the dash without wasting valuable space!

Image 49 – Paint the palette for a happy and vibrant finish.

Paint the pallet for a lively, vibrant finish

Image 50 – Practical and functional for a retail store.

Practical and functional for an outdoor trade
The pallet panel can also help keep the corner in the correct order, allowing objects to be exposed and removed to close them.

Picture 51 – Decorate the entrance hall!

Decorate the lobby with a panel
Here the pallet is used in its original form, which is attached to the wall of the entrance hall. Add small decorative items to give the missing touch and still support the main objects like handbags and keys.

Picture 52 – Pallet cladding for the balcony.

Pallet panel for the balcony

Picture 53 – The pallet of the pallets was painted and still served as a support for the bottles.

Bottle holder with panel

Picture 54 – A television room decorated with pallets.

Panel in contrast to wall painting
Since the TV is a reasonable size, this drop-down panel does not require many pallets. The tone chosen was ideal to harmonize with the rest of the decor!

Image 55 – Mix with more modern furniture.

Merger of wood with a more modern furniture
From straight lines with modern design and mixing the rustic style of the palette, the portion of the rack uses a custom-made niche and the top of the TV opted for using varnished palettes to create that contrast of styles.

Image 56 – Transform your wall into a rustic style!

A more rustic style for the wall
Another option is to use the pallet plate as the headboard of the bed. In this way, the room receives a rustic and sustainable air at the same time!

Image 57 – The built-in light goes around the entire panel and highlights the furniture!

Built-in light that skirts the entire panel
Add the LED tape to the panel outline for an even more eye-catching look.

Picture 58 – The distance between the slats gave way to play with the shelves.

Shelves that fit into panel spaces

Image 59 – Simple pallet panel.

Simple pallet panel
The pallet panel is a versatile piece in the decor! In the above design, it is used as a TV stand and to house the decorative objects to create a beautiful and functional composition.

Image 60 – Ideal solution for those who do not want to spend much on decoration.

The panel is a practical and very cheap solution

Pallet is an inexpensive and easy to use material: use it to save money when remodeling your room. Combined with the color, you can make the piece stand out and make it more modern, including with the varnish or with a special color of your choice.

Tips for making a pallet panel

Now that you’ve seen all of these visual tips for decorating your pallet panel, watch the video tutorials to help you set up your:

1. Ideas for making a pallet board for parties

The palette panel at parties is an excellent choice to decorate the bottom of the cake table and candy. Check out this particular video for how to do it step by step:

2. How to make a pallet plate

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a pallet panel: first it is necessary to dismantle the pallet. Then sand the material with sandpaper 80 for wood and then (with 3 layers) with varnish sunscreen. In the example you need to use 2 pallets, but depending on the size of the environment you can use more parts. Just close the holes and attach the piece to the wall:



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