Pallet armchairs: See 60 creative ideas and step by step

The armchairs complement the living room decor when used in conjunction with the sofa, but they can also be used individually on balconies, gardens, pool borders and bedrooms. Have you ever thought about having a pallet armchair? Yes that’s right! The material is increasingly used for the manufacture of furniture and jewelry.

The use of pallets for furniture has proven to be very practical as the material is durable and resistant and the wood allows a number of interventions to adapt the furniture. Pallets were originally developed to support the loading of heavy loads in logistics companies, factories and companies. After prolonged use, however, this material is discarded and discarded. But sustainability has spoken louder and the pallets have gained new benefits.

Keeping this trend in mind, many craftsmen decided to put their skills on the production of pallets. It is now possible to conveniently find the material, from beds to sofas and, of course, armchairs. The price of a pallet chair over the Internet is approximately $ 360.00, including pillows.

But you can also make your own pallet armchair. The necessary materials are limited to the pallets themselves, a few screws, a saw and varnish or latex paint to give the desired finish. You can even get a donation from pallets, but if you can’t, don’t worry. The material is cheap and can be purchased for around $ 20 each. The other materials are also easy to find and you can even have them at home.

A tip before starting the production of the chair is to clean the pallets with a simple solution of water, bleach and neutral detergent. Use a sponge to apply this mixture to all of the material. It is also important to remove any nails and screws that may be in the piece, as well as wood chips.

Then just go to step by step, there are no complications. You will see in the tutorial videos below how easy and quick it is to make a pallet armchair. We have selected the best ideas for you to be inspired and if you want you can see more about decorating pallets, sofas, beds, panels, shelves and tables.

How do you make an armchair from pallets?

In this video of the Fabio Basso channel you will learn how to make an armchair with pallets, rafters and wooden boards. The result is an armchair in the recliner style. Enter the game and watch carefully without losing details.

DIY: pallet armchair

In this tutorial you will learn step by step how to make a pallet chair or a pallet sofa. Check out the Kenny Produções channel and learn more about an armchair model that you can use in your home.

DIY: wooden armchair made with pallets

Would you like to learn how to make a pallet chair with a different and innovative design? Then you have to try this video tutorial. Despite the differentiated design, the piece is very easy to make, just a little attention to cut the pieces to the right size and respect the angles of the structure.

Make a pallet chair yourself

If you want something simpler, like a chair, you can put your chips on this video. The Casabela Canal gives you step by step a pallet chair that you can combine with other chairs or use individually, similar to an armchair. Check out.

60 creative ideas for pallet armchairs inspire you

You may have noticed that there is not much mysterious about making an armchair from pallets. But any inspiration is always welcome. So we have selected 60 designs of armchairs and pallet chairs for you to be taught based on the step by step. Check it out and then let’s get down to business:

Figure 1 – Pallet armchair with high arms and inclined rear feet; the side table follows the same decoration suggestion with pallets.

Pallet armchair with tall arms and sloping rear feet

Image 2 – The pallet armchair doesn’t always have to be the same, some details make the difference in the design, as in the photo where the wooden slats were used horizontally.

Wooden slats on the pallet armchair

Image 3 – And what about this deconstructed model of a pallet armchair for outdoors?

Deconstructed model of pallet armchair for external area

Figure 4 – Pallet armchair with minimalist design.

Pallet armchair with minimalist design

Figure 5 – Pallet armchairs adorn the party with simplicity and style.

Pallet armchair decorates the party with simplicity and style

Image 6 – The model of this armchair is very simple: three stacked pallets with upholstery, scarf and pillow.

Simple pallet armchair

Figure 7 – Armchair with support for books and support for feet, both made from pallets; The red color highlights the furniture in the middle of the decoration.

Armchair with book stand and footrest

Figure 8 – Lying pallet armchair to enjoy the sunny days.

Reclining pallet armchair to enjoy the sunny days

Figure 9 – Armchair with slats made from pallets and wooden boards; Contrast color complements the part.

Armchair made with slats of pallets and wooden boards

Image 10 – Don’t just use the palettes, use your jeans too!

Do not just reuse the pallets, reuse your jeans as well

Figure 11 – For those who want to relax and stretch their legs, the larger seat is ideal.

For those who want to relax and stretch their legs, the larger seat is ideal

Image 12 – These pallet armchairs were left in the raw color to highlight a vivid line of colors on the sides; Mark the niche under the seat that can hold books and other objects.

Pallet armchair in the raw color of wood

Image 13 – Yellow alive to illuminate the environment.

Living yellow to brighten the environment

Image 14 – In order to be able to place the pallet armchair more comfortably on a cushion, it can be as simple as the photo.

Cushion for pallet armchair

Figure 15 – Pallet armchair with backrest and wide arms.

Pallet armchair with backrest and wide arms

Image 16 – A version for children: sun beds with a pallet covered with a canopy to protect themselves from the sun.

Sun beds made with pallets

Picture 17 – Pallet armchair for the garden; Remember to pass a layer of varnish to protect the wood from the sun and rain. If you don’t want to change the color of the palette, use clear varnish.

Garden pallet armchair

Figure 18 – Pallet armchair in square format; A dark layer of paint was chosen for this project.

Pallet armchair in square format

Image 19 – A new version for the traditional rocking chairs.

Pallet rocker

Figure 20 – Pallet armchair with only one arm; The castors make it easier to move the chair and contribute to the design of the piece.

One-arm pallet armchair

Figure 21 – Another model of the pallet armchair.

A different model of pallet armchair

Figure 22 – Try painting the pallet armchair with a vivid color just like the picture.

Pallet armchair with vibrant color

Figure 23 – A row of armchairs with palettes in bright colors to brighten the garden.

Set of pallet armchair with bright colors for outdoor area

Figure 24 – Pallet armchair with futon cushion.

Pallet armchair with futon style cushions

Figure 25 – Metal chain allows the pallet armchair to be reclined; Ideal model for gardens and pool boundaries.

Reclining pallet armchair

Image 26 – Everything sustainable in this project: Pallet armchair with side on wooden roll.

Pallet armchair with side on wooden reel

Image 27 – If you want a very rustic armchair, keep the color and the natural look of the pallets.

Rustic pallet armchair

Picture 28 – Pallet armchair with backrest and red futon seat.

Pallet armchair with backrest and futon seat

Figure 29 – For a cleaner and gentler decoration: white lacquered pallet sofa with casters and blue pillows.

White painted pallet sofa

Image 30 – Pallet armchair made of raw wood stands out in the gray environment.

Raw wood pallet armchair

Figure 31 – A pallet armchair with a unique design and easy to copy.

Pallet armchair with distinctive design

Figure 32 – A good place to store newspapers and books after reading.

A good place to store newspapers and books after reading

Picture 33 – Forget everything and enjoy life: a palette of pallets hanging in the tree.

Pallet scale hanging from tree

Picture 34 – With foot or without hind foot? You start from the slope that you want to give the armchair.

Inclined pallet armchair

Figure 35 – Pallet set for outdoor use: armchair, coffee table and sofa.

Set of pallets for outdoor area: armchairs, coffee table and sofa

Figure 36 – This armchair (or sofa) has only the base with pallets, the seat and backrest are upholstered.

Upholstered backrest in pallet armchair

Figure 37 – A simple and easy-to-use model that can change the look of your room.

Simple, easy-to-make pallet armchair

Image 38 – A very colorful version for the pallet armchair; Note that a vase, also made of pallets, was built on the back of the armchair.

Colored pallet armchair

Figure 39 – Pallet armchair with one foot in the rustic and another in the sophisticated.

Pallet armchair with one foot in the rustic and another in the sophisticated

Picture 40 – Who says that you cannot create beautiful pieces with pallets?

Beautiful pieces created with pallets

Picture 41 – Since you will make the chair, make the pillows too!

Pillows for pallet armchair

Picture 42 – Pure art!

Armchair of pure art pallet

Picture 43 – Nothing better than a dual-function cell phone and beyond that, everything sustainable.

Double functional furniture

Picture 44 – Modern and cool rooms counted on the pallet armchairs to complement the decoration.

Pallet armchair in the modern living room

Picture 45 – Skate fan? Then enjoy the shapes and use them with the pallets.

Pallet armchair with skate shape

Figure 46 – A family armchair to play with!

Family size pallet armchair

Figure 47 – Pallet set with sofa and sofa bed.

Set of pallets with sofa and sofa bed

Figure 48 – A large comfortable chair made from pallets.

A large comfortable chair made of pallets

Picture 49 – Keep the rustic look of the pallets, but remember to pay attention to hygiene.

Rustic pallet armchair

Picture 50 – Painted wooden pallets and slats form this armchair.

Wooden slats painted in this armchair

Figure 51 – Armchair / cabinet / lamp: three parts in one.

Armchair pallet cupboard

Figure 52 – Futons are ideal to be placed on pallet chairs; they fit very well into the structure.

Futons in the pallet armchair

Figure 53 – White pallet armchair, simple and with a symbol of recycling to remember the high value of the piece.

White and simple pallet armchair

Figure 54 – Pallet armchair for swimming pools with a lying system.

Swimming pool pallet armchair

Figure 55 – The connection between pallet and metal forms this armchair full of class and style.

Full style armchair with metal pallet

Figure 56 – Do you want a simpler, more functional, and more comfortable piece than this?

Model of functional pallet armchair

Figure 57 – Armchairs that combine rustic and refined design and material.

Armchairs that mix the rustic and the sophisticated

Figure 58 – The backrest was made with a foam roller in this armchair.

Foam roller on the back of the pallet armchair

Image 59 – Disassembled, sanded and treated pallets form a wooden armchair for the carpenter, no defect.

Treated pallet armchair

Image 60 – And to close this selection of photos, a pallet armchair with an artistic streak.

Pallet armchair with artistic vein



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