Pallets are wooden pallets that are increasingly used in decoration, mainly as part of furniture such as sofas, tables, beds, shelves and others. Usually used for transporting loads, they can be a practical and inexpensive solution for recycling wood.

When using pallets, it is recommended that they be completely sanded through to ensure that they do not use lint and strong means of transport. To remove dirt, you can clean it with a damp cloth. For those who do not prefer the natural color of the wood, it is advisable to paint the material with compatible ink. White color is a popular choice and combines with environments with clean decor.

Pallet racks are usually carried on the floor, in direct contact with the floor, or on casters. There is also the option of hanging them on the wall together with a panel. In addition to the frame, the panel itself can be made with parts of the pallets.

Models and photos of racks pallets for you to get inspired

How about this economic option? We separate beautiful models from pallet racks to inspire you. Next to see all references:

Image 1 – One option is to transform the traditional panel into a mural of pallets and compose it with a frame made of the same shade of wood.

The idea here was to create a large slab over the wall. The detonated wood gave the room a rustic touch.

Image 2 – The palette can be a great support for DVDs and magazines.

To make the pallet narrower, cut the piece to the size you want so you can create a piece of furniture that is compatible with your space.

Figure 3 – Rack and shelves of the pallet.


In this suggestion, the piece of wood should be cut and positioned on the wall to act as a support for the sound of the TV.

Photo 4 – Pallet rack with partitions.

With the dividers it is possible to create a small corner with your personality to show books and personal items.

Image 5 – Pallet rack with home theater.

Referring to Fig.

Sound equipment can be supported in the rack itself and outside to complement the decor of the TV room.

Image 6 – Paint the palette to clean the decoration.

To match the white decor, the frame was painted in the same color and even gained decorative objects that complement the look.

Image 7 – High pallet rack.


This way, you can even load the books more relaxed.

Image 8 – Pallet rack with drawers.

Referring to Fig.
In addition to the panel made to support the television, the rack was ideal to support the electronic devices.

Image 9 – Pallet rack.

Referring to Fig.

The hanging option is ideal for keeping the TV at the desired height.

Image 10 – Small pallet rack.

The great thing is that the space between the wooden structures fits perfectly with DVD or Blu-ray players.

Photo 11 – Make the composition with the pallet and concrete block.


A practical way to turn factory replacement parts into functional furniture for your home.

Image 12 – Pallet rack with shelves.


Figure 13 – Black pallet rack and panel.


Image 14 – The castors give the furniture mobility.

Rollers are also an idea to make getting around the rack easier.

Picture 15 – Put a glass to protect your pallet.


To keep the surface level to support the TV, position a glass base over the wood.

Picture 16 – Flexible furniture is always welcome at home.

When making your wooden furniture, think of a versatile piece of furniture that has endless functions.

Picture 17 – TV rack with 2 pallets.


Photo 18 – Use a metal base to add charm to your furniture.


Image 19 – To highlight the dark palette, paint the wall a bright paint.


Picture 20 – A painting on the wall makes all the difference in decoration.


Picture 21 – Pallet rack with cupboard.


Image 22 – The cool thing is to support some objects behind the pallet panel.

To stay in harmony with the rest of the decor, wrap a matching painting and use the sides to store books, just like a bookcase.

Image 23 – Pallet rack with a rustic surface.


Photo 24 – The finish of the pallet is very important in the decoration.


Figure 25 – Make a piece of furniture that suits your needs.


Picture 26 – Long pallet rack.

For quick stacking, stack multiple pallets. One tip is to varnish the wood to make the furniture more elegant.

Figure 27 – To raise the rack, stack the pieces on top of each other.


Image 28 – Add a touch of color to your pallet rack.

Try painting or pasting a colored object on your mobile phone.

Picture 29 – This furniture can be used as a shelf, dresser, desk or dresser.


Picture 30 – Make a piece of furniture with the inserted pallets.

Leaving the wood unpainted is an alternative to give a rustic touch, but nothing prevents you from painting the wood to match the rest of the home decor.

Image 31 – Chest of drawers / pallet rack.


Picture 32 – Enjoy the low furniture to support some stools and chairs.


Picture 33 – Panel embedded in the rack.


Image 34 – For ease in your furniture, add a part with glass.

The glass can be used on the surface to make the design more elegant.

Fig. 35 – Panel for TV from pallet.

Another way is to leave the two pieces of furniture separate but harmonize with the same finish.

Picture 36 – Assemble the furniture with a height adjustment.

Do you want a versatile phone? Place a piece on the sides of the frame to give flexibility to that height.

Picture 37 – Stack the racks quickly and easily.

That way, you can build another rack over time.

Picture 38 – Leave the happy atmosphere with the pallet rack.


Image 39 – Combine the pallets with a brick wall.

The cool thing is that it acts as a support for the bottles, resulting in some space for a wine cellar or small bar.

Photo 40 – Pallet rack with demolition timber.


Picture 41 – Mix other pieces of furniture in your rack.


Picture 42 – Pallet rack with three levels.


Picture 43 – Modern living room with pallet shelf.


Picture 44 – Make a composition with wooden boxes to organize the objects.

The boxes help organize the environment and even decorate the area.

Photo 45 – Assemble your pallet rack.


Picture 46 – Combine the rack with the coffee table in the living room.


Picture 47 – Rack with yellow pallet.


Picture 48 – The composition of the decorative objects on the palette makes all the difference.


Image 49 – Rack with white pallet.


Picture 50 – If the pallet rack is low, make a frame composition on the wall.

The low-height shelving is also a trend and the fewer pallets stacked, the lower the furniture will stay.

Picture 51 – Pallet rack with colored detail.


Image 52 – Modern pallet rack.


Picture 53 – The panel can be painted a different color to contrast with the rack.


Figure 54 – Rack and panel with the same finish and tone.


Picture 55 – Enjoy the spaces that form in each stacked pallet.

The space between the woods can be used to put electronic devices in the room.

Figure 56 – The rack can also be used to mount a minibar.


Picture 57 – Paint the wooden boxes to give a happy and lively air in the living room.


Picture 58 – The wallpaper absorbs all the charm of the decoration.


Image 59 – Make a pallet assembly using wooden boxes.


Picture 60 – Pallet rack with TV built into the wall.




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