The organization of shoes is essential to keep the house nice and comfortable without taking up precious wardrobe space. However, setting up and decorating involves costs that are often not planned. And a creative and economical idea is to pack a pallet shoe rack that you can use to put all the pairs of shoes in order.

The use of pallets and boxes is a trend in decoration as it is a quick alternative for turning recyclable parts into beautiful, functional furniture. Hence the tip is to abuse creativity by putting all your taste and personality into this furniture to do the rest of decorating the area.

The interesting thing is that they offer endless compositions depending on how they’re put together. If the environment has rustic air, leave the wood with its natural color, if you prefer modern furniture, the ideal is to varnish it and paint it with a vivid color. Other options like placing wheels or joining other functions give the furniture flexibility.

60 pallet shoe ideas for you to get inspired

With its ease of use, anyone can build their own furniture by doing the job of a carpenter. Check out the details on how to make a pallet shelf with some inspiration and follow the step by step at the bottom of the post:

Photo 1 – Drawers help organize the socks, cards and inserts on the shoe rack.

Drawers that help save space
For this idea, stack the pallets on top of each other to the desired height and place drawers in the desired places.

Photo 2 – Pallets cut and hung on the wall.

Cut and hung pallets.
Painting the pieces makes the wall a lot nicer! Especially when there is a contrast to the shoe and the color in the background.

Image 3 – A single piece can be worn on the wall without nails.

Support the shoe rack without the need for nails

Pallet crabs are also great for the entrance hall of the home. You can leave it on the floor, leaning against the wall.

Image 4 – Flexibility of space and functionality.

Flexibility of space with pallet crab
Make a bigger bed to free up edge space and voids that form with stacked pallets.

Image 5 – The place of the stacked pallets offers space for a nice shoe rack.

Shoe rack under the bed with pallets

Figure 6 – The pallet can have shelves to facilitate the visualization of the shoes.

Shoe rack with shelf
This is a great idea for those who wear high heels so that they are well structured on the shelves.

Image 7 – Give your mobile phone an industrial style!

Industrial style in shoe rack with pallets

With the style trend, the option is to use the apparent pipes to add a personal touch to the piece.

Image 8 – The painting changes the natural aspect of the wood.

Paint the wood to change the face of the pallet
Nicer is composed with a color that matches the rest of the decor of the environment.

Picture 9 – The box with dividers is a great alternative for sneakers and sneakers.

Crate with shoe rack

Image 10 – Be inspired by this shoe dresser!

Comfortable with shoes
Make a series of shelves to add design and dynamism to the furniture.

Picture 11 – Plug-in palettes make the difference to the look.

Pallets with groove for the shoe rack

Image 12 – Simple module for the pallet crab.

Simple module for pallet racks

Picture 13 – Vertical pallet shoe rack.

Vertical pallet racks

Image 14 – The stand gives you the freedom to regulate the height of the shelves.

Adjust the height of the shelves with the stand
This pallet shelf suggestion is great for all types of shoes as the idea is to hang the piece of wood on the wall and hang the holes with the holes in the shoe rack.

Figure 15 – Custom boxes give the original a different look.

Custom bins

Image 16 – In a pallet system, the shoe rack was mounted with a concrete block.

Shoe rack with pallet system and concrete blocks

Picture 17 – Pallet rack for shoes.

Pallet shelf for shoes

Image 18 – They are practical and functional at the entrance!

Shoe trays are practical and functional at the front door

Photo 19 – Put a metal detail on the shoe rack.

Combine wood with metals

Picture 20 – Stacked boxes give the environment a bold and modern feel.

Stacked bins: a modern and bold option

Image 21 – Shoe cabinet with laces.

Pallet shoe rack with strings

The box with holes allows the ropes to pass through to support the shoes.

Image 22 – Shoe rack with a low pallet.

Low pallet shoe rack

Image 23 – Use upholstery to give the seat functionality.

Put a holstery to make the shoe rack more comfortable

Image 24 – The composition of the pallets is a creative way to decorate the house.

Composition of pallets to decorate the house.

Image 25 – The chest of drawers mounted on pallets gains vintage airs with foot details and color.

Pallet Shoe: 50 ideas, photos and step by step

Image 26 – Shoe cabinet with shelves.

Shoe rack with shelves

Image 27 – The pallet panel supports the creation of a beautiful shoe rack on the wall.

Pallet panel as shoe rack

Image 28 – In addition to the shoe rack, the furniture functions as a clothes rack.

Shoe rack and clothes rack

Picture 29 – Shoe rack under the bed.

Shoe rack under the bed

Picture 30 – Pallet shoe for high heels.

High heel shoe rack

Image 31 – Shoe rack with a simple pallet.

Shoe rack

Image 32 – Hang the shoe rack to gain space on the floor.

Shoe rack suspended to gain floor space

Picture 33 – Assemble a pallet shoe in plate form!

Pallet shoe in panel form

Image 34 – The castors promote the flexibility of the furniture.

Flexibility with castors
It’s a great idea for those who are short on space and want to move the furniture to other corners of the house.

Illus. 35 – Shut down your mobile phone!

Finishing for your mobile

Picture 36 – Shoe rack for large pallets.

Large pallet clamshell
For those who own a lot of shoes, you can put this model of shoes in the hallway.

Picture 37 – The drawers at the ends give the shoe rack additional functions.

Shoe rack with drawers at the ends

Picture 38 – Composition of shoe rack and mirror.

Shoe rack and mirror.

Image 39 – Shoe rack for men.

Shoe rack for men

Photo 40 – Shoe rack and pallet bench.

Shoe rack and pallet bench

Picture 41 – Modern cupboard made of boxes.

Modern closet with crates

Picture 42 – Arrange your shoes under the bed with a pallet deck.

Pallet board to organize your shoes
Few areas require optimization, so a castor floor can help keep your shoes organized without taking up space.

Picture 43 – Place this furniture next to the bed that will serve as a support or bedside table.

Mobile as support or bedside table

Image 44 – Shoe rack with colored palette.

Colored pallet shoe rack

Picture 45 – Pallet shoe for the wall.

Pallet clutch for wall

Figure 46 – Shoe pallet display.

Display pallet for shoes

Figure 47 – Assemble a shoe rack depending on the type of shoe.

Shoes according to the type of footwear.
Plan a composition with furniture pallets to match the shoes available: shelves, small chests of drawers and wall brackets.

Figure 48 – Create a rotating system for practical uses for the day.

Swivel system
The slewing crane allows all shoes to be viewed without increasing the size of the furniture.

Picture 49 – Pallet cushions in the form of shelves.

Shelf-shaped pallet racks

Image 50 – Optimize the entire room.

Optimize space with pallets

How to make a pallet crab

How to create a pallet shoe step by step:


  • Palette;
  • Nails;
  • Medium sandpaper or electric grinder;
  • Paint;
  • Painting for wood;

Step by step shoe rack

  1. Sand the rough or chipped parts of the pallet;
  2. Coat the entire piece until the end;
  3. Leave to dry in the open for 8 hours;
  4. Then you can paint it to give that personal touch.

Pallet Shoe: 50 ideas, photos and step by step



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