As we mentioned earlier, the pallet is a widely used part to make various furniture such as sofas, armchairs, panels, beds, tables and much more. In addition, it can be found at open fairs, supermarkets, and stores, or can be purchased at a very affordable price – from R to R per piece – to be broken down and treated as appropriate for the project. It’s no different with the pallet table and there are several uses for the part beyond the traditional format, as we’ll try next:

Advantages of a pallet table

There are basically 4 models that can be assembled with the pallet: the low or high coffee table, the dining table, the desk and even a sideboard. The great advantage of the pallet table is the cost, because if you have a price that is much higher in relation to other types of wood, buying a pallet table can be cheap. Now, if you’re a fan of a DIY (do it yourself) and want to do it at home, your cost will be even lower! It depends on the model, your skills and tools.

Also see more inspirations from pallet sofa, pallet bed and pallet plate.

45 inspirations to integrate a pallet table into the decor of any environment

Now that you already know the main advantages of a pallet table and want to buy or make one, follow this guide with inspiration from models to use and have them for reference, after all, there are many ways this mobile device can make and incorporate the decoration of your home. Don’t forget to check step by step at the end of the post

Palette coffee table

The coffee table is one of the most practical models: you can assemble it with one, two or three pallets and a few castors.

Image 1 – The option with casters makes the piece versatile and easy to move.

Pallet center table with casters

The installation of rollers on the pallet part is easy and the result can be excellent. That way, anyone can move the coffee table to a different corner of the house as needed.

Image 2 – Low pallet coffee table with colored inner surface.

Pallet center table with internal green area

To add color to the table model, the green color was the first choice for the interior of the pallet piece, where there is room for books, magazines and small decorative objects.

Image 3 – Middle pallet table with a simple design for the living room

Center pallet table with simple finish

Image 4 – Pallet table with paint application and roller assembly.

Pallet center table with varnish application

Here the choice fell on the red rollers, which highlighted the piece in a wood / laminate floor.

Image 5 – Two pieces of pallets to have a higher coffee table.

Higher coffee table using two pieces of pallet

In this proposal, the pallet center table was mounted on two pieces of material that were mounted on common rollers. This way the table is higher – another tip of this model is the use of glass on the top, which preserves the wood and makes cleaning even easier.

Image 6 – Painting is a practical and inexpensive way to give the material a different face.

White pallet table

In addition to the traditional finish in the natural color of the wood and varnish, you can choose a color color of your preference to apply to the wood: a way to escape the pattern and match the color of the environment in which it is to be inserted.

Palette dining table

Although the centerpiece is the easiest way to make at home, it is possible to use the range to create complete dining tables. One of the options is to use the part as a base or disassemble it to nail and adjust the slats on a mounted top. It is common to use other materials and types of wood to make the feet or base of the table.

Image 7 – Dining table with wooden pallets.

Dining table with wood pallet

Figure 8 – A dining table is based on a large piece of pallet.

Pallet dining table

Side table of the pallet

In addition to these models, there is also the option of assembling small tables with pallet wood. In this example the item is used to assemble a side table positioned in a TV room:

Figure 9 – For your TV room or your living room: Side pallet table to support objects.

Side table of pallet

Office pallet table

Photo 10 – Pallet wood can be used to create a simple and functional table for a modern office.

Table in a modern office

Image 11 – A table with a large extension that connects two pieces of pallet.

Office pallet table

Here the joining of the two pallet pieces is supported by a small piece with shelves in the middle of the table design.

Figure 12 – Extensive desk for office or coworking .

Pallet table: 45 model inspirations and how to make your

Pallet table for outdoors

Picture 13 – Behind the table, a double set of benches in the pallet.

Pallet table for outdoor area

In the outdoor area, make sure that the wood is well protected with a suitable sealant and varnish so that the wood lasts much longer.

Image 14 – A great material for outdoors.

Pallet table outside, at night

Photo 15 – Wood worked for the outdoor coffee table.

Coffee table for living area

Here the table is accompanied by pallet sofas,

Picture 16 – Pallet table for the balcony.

Balcony pallet center table

Pallet table for party

Picture 17 – Nothing to save at parties. Rely on pallet furniture so that you don’t break your budget.

Pallet table: 45 model inspirations and how to make your

Image 18 – Centerpiece for children’s party with 3 pallets.

Center pallet table for female children's party

Here each piece is given a pink color.

More pallet table photos to inspire you

Scour this gallery with selected pallet table models. Also see the step-by-step video tutorial at the end of the article:

Picture 19 – Bet on the picture to leave the table with a different face.

Low pallet center table in white color and casters

Picture 20 – Details of a small pallet table.

Details of a small table made with pallets

Figure 21 – An option to accompany the sofa with chaise longue.

Coffee table for living room

In the limited space of this chaise longue sofa, the palette was the perfect option to adapt and make everything comfortable for those using this room.

Picture 22 – Table and benches made of pallet wood.

Pallet table: 45 model inspirations and how to make your

Picture 23 – Pallet table with painted surface and castors.

Pallet table: 45 model inspirations and how to make your 1

Picture 24 – With two pieces of pallet and glass plate.

Pallet table: 45 model inspirations and how to make your 2

Image 25 – Red pallet table in the living room with a burnt cement floor and gray color.

Pallet table: 45 model inspirations and how to make your 3

Image 26 – This small table has a metal structure and pallet wood.

Pallet table: 45 model inspirations and how to make your 4

Picture 27 – Small pallet table with castors.

Pallet table: 45 inspirations of models and how to make your 5th

Picture 28 – Another similar model for a living room.

Small pallet table with casters

Image 29 – Table with glass top.

White table with glass top

Picture 30 – The metallic feet create the charm of this pallet table.

Coffee table with metal feet

Image 31 – White pallet table with castors.

Pallet table: 45 model inspirations and how to make your

Figure 32 – An elegant piece of furniture for the dining room.

Pallet table: 45 model inspirations and how to make your 6

Picture 33 – Model with white paint in the middle of the TV room.

Pallet table with white paint

Figure 34 – Coffee table with glass top

Pallet table: 45 model inspirations and how to make your

Picture 35 – Small table with castors and white paint.

Small table with castors and white paint

Figure 36 – A small coffee table for the living room.

Small table with pallet wood

Image 37 – You can also make a sideboard table or desk.

Sideboard table / writing desk

Figure 38 – Coffee table for living room with wooden pallet.

Pallet table: 45 model inspirations and how to make your

Image 39 – Large coffee table with pallet wood.

Large coffee table with pallet wood

Photo 40 – Pallet table with glass top.

Pallet table: 45 model inspirations and how to make your

The glass top is a great option for preserving the wood and making it easier to clean on the table.

Picture 41 – Bet on a highlight color when painting the table.

Red pallet table

Figure 42 – Made complete with pallet from bottom to top.

Table completely made with pallet wood

This table model also has a glass top to protect the wood. The base was also designed with the wood of other pallet parts.

Image 43 – Metal feet are the basis of this pallet dining table.

Table with metal feet as base

Figure 44 – As a coffee table for the living room.

As a coffee table for living room

Image 45 – Low and comfortable height with only one pallet.

Low comfortable height with only 1 pallet

How to make a step-by-step pallet table (DIY)

Learn how to make a pallet table with simple, didactic steps in this super cool tutorial from the Joyce Jeffries channel.

Can’t view the video now? We have created a small log with an overview of all the steps required to set up a pallet table – see below:

Step 1: choose your table size

As the video shows, the first step is to choose the dimensions of the pallet table to be assembled (in the example it is used as the base 52cm by 1.19m).

Step 2: find the parts of the pallet

pallet table ready

It takes 2 to 3 pieces of pallets: although they can be found with ease in fairs and shops, their state of preservation must be taken into account as the wood must be in good condition.

Step 3: remove the pallet

Step 3 - Disassembly of pallets

Use a hammer to disassemble every piece of pallet you have collected.

Step 4: cut the slats to the size you want

Step 4: Cut slats of the required size

Use a hacksaw or hacksaw to cut the wood slats according to the size you have chosen for your desk.

Step 5: screw and secure the slats

Step 5: Materials Needed

In this step, you will need the following materials: bar clamp, base to attach the slats (part of the pallet itself was used in the tutorial), dough for filling wood, tape measure, screws for wood, drilling and sanding, or standard sandpaper. The first step is to make the holes and start attaching the screws, attaching the slats to the chosen base. Use the clamp to secure and close all the slats before screwing them together.

Step 6: apply the batter

Application of wood dough

The wood mass is used to cover natural imperfections in the material as well as the perforations and screw heads. Apply it and wait 24 hours for the material to dry completely. Use the sander or sandpaper on the end before applying the varnish and varnish.

Step 7: apply the sealing ink

Sealing ink application

Some brands already offer the paint with a sealer, in which case skip this step. Otherwise, coat the wood with sealing paint and let it dry for at least 2 hours.

Step 8: applying varnish

Step 8: Application of varnish

Apply the varnish to get the desired shine. Remember that if you like it, you can use a different and colored image in place of this type of finish.

Step 9: foot attachment

Attaching the feet to the table

After drying, the feet can be attached to the wood. There are a wide range of options with metal materials, wood, plastic, and others. In this case, choose the best model that suits your environment, including the desired height for the table.



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