The walls could not be outdated on the pallets. They are everywhere in interior decoration, exterior decoration and even party. And the moment is to cover the walls with them.

For those who want to create a more rustic and streamlined style, this could be the idea that was missing. Not to mention, pallets are very cheap materials and can often be found by adding soup out there, as they are usually thrown away after use. And thanks to this reuse, the pallets have received the concept of sustainability with which they are known.

Pallet walls can act as a TV panel, accommodate plants and flowers, create a party panel, or simply add a personal touch to the décor. There are two ways to make a pallet wall: by coating an existing, usually masonry, or by literally making a wall of pallets.

60 palette wall models to inspire

If you liked this idea, follow the post. Let us give you all the tips to make the two wall pallets simple and uncomplicated, and of course, inspire you with a series of beautiful murals with pallets.

Step by step to equip a wall with pallets

You will be amazed how easily a wall can be coated with pallets. Basically, you need pallets in the amount needed to cover the desired wall, a drill and screws. In the end, some paint to give the finish, which may be lacquer or latex. Watch the video and take a closer look at the process.

Step by step to a pallet wall

Watch this video to learn how to make a wall of pallets that can be used as a room divider. The process is also very easy and step by step can be availed to make pallet party panels. It pays to test the idea at your home.

Now look at 60 awesome wall inspirations to decorate your little plants, decorate your room, celebrate this special birthday party and whatever you want. check-out:

Figure 1 – The walls of this commercial façade were all built with pallets; Note the slimmed-down and creative look that the equipment provided.

Pallet wall for facade

Picture 2 – The room became more comfortable with the wall covered with pallets, the natural tone helped to make the surroundings more rustic.

Room with pallet wall

Picture 3 – Wall and ceiling coated with a pallet: Do you want to be in this room, too?

Wall and ceiling with pallet

Picture 4 – Wall of the room lined with pallets recovered in patina finished.

Wall of the room coated with pallet

Picture 5 – In this project, the pallets create a leak between the environments; Note that despite the rustic nature of the material, the environment has not stopped being classic and sober.

Pallet wall as room divider

Figure 6 – In this room, the coating of pallets works like a panel for TV that highlights the device in the environment.

Panel as pallet wall

Figure 7 – O modern style bedroom and jovial became inviting with the wall of rustic pallets.

Modern room with a pallet wall

Figure 8 – In this project, the pallets that line one part of the wall and still accommodate the plant vases complete the box of the fair as a support table to the decor.

Wall of pallet with plants

Figure 9 – Deconstructed pallets and later assembled as boxes over the entire length of the wall reaching to the ceiling; Pallets are also available on the table and benches.

Wall of pallets with crates

Figure 10 – Clean and romantic decoration won a palette-lined wall; The material received a slight coat of paint.

Clean decoration with pallet

Picture 11 – Instead of one, two walls covered with palette in this room.

Two pallet-lined walls in this room

Fig. 12 – Walls made of pallets are usually leaking; In this picture the ivy leaves complete the rustic and natural decoration.

Leaked pallet wall

Picture 13 – Peeled, discolored and aged: Regardless of the condition of the pallets, they always decorate with style and personality.

Wall of peeled and aged pallets in bedroom

Picture 14 – In this kitchen, the pallets enter the decoration and form a support in the wall for the dishes

Kitchen with wall of pallets

Picture 15 – In this project, the pallets are disguised without dismantling the walls.

Design with wall of pallets shelves and supports for magazines

Fig. 16 – Wall of the entrance hall coated with pallets; Note the distance between the parts, which shows the white wall in the background.

Entrance hall with pallet

Figure 17 – A wall of pallets to organize tools; Ideal for garages.

Pallet wall to organize tools

Picture 18 – The high ceiling of this house was no obstacle to the construction of a pallet wall.

High heels with pallet wall

Picture 19 – The clear climate of this restaurant is due to a large extent to this extensive pallet wall.

Restaurant with pallet wall

Picture 20 – A sweet idea for the nursery: cover half a wall with pallets and at the end of each make a design for houses and castles.

Wall of pallet for children's room

Image 21 – Pallets do not always have to be associated with rustic environments; See this room as an example.

Pallet wall in a modern environment with a touch of rusticity

Picture 22 – To warm the environment, in addition to the fireplace, a wall covered with pallets.

Pallet wall to warm the environment

Picture 23 – And in the bathroom is also the idea; look at the result.

Bathroom with pallet wall

Picture 24 – When you get home, you can hang your belongings and personal belongings on the pallet wall.

Wall of pallet to hang your belongings

Picture 25 – In this room, the pallets are the inspiration, they are everywhere: in the wall, on the ceiling and in bed.

Pallet wall on the ceiling and behind the bed

Figure 26 – To have a different effect on the pallet wall, install the slats in different positions.

Shims in varied positions on a pallet wall

Figure 27 – What if the windows are also made of pallets?

Windows on the pallet wall

Picture 28 – An uncomplicated decoration: The pallets on the wall do not follow any particular color and the roof with reliefs and markings of the construction contributes to the style of the house.

Decoration with colored pallet wall

Picture 29 – Even for a more elegant and sophisticated decoration, the pallets fit very well, like real chameleons.

Elegant decoration with pallet wall

Picture 30 – Do not you know what to do with the dull wall in your house? Let yourself be inspired by this project.

Renew your living room with a pallet wall

Figure 31 – This house, which mixes elements of a modern decoration, young and classic, also puts on the pallets to cover the wall.

Modern decor with pallet wall

Figure 32 – To make the pallets more uniform, clean and grind all parts.

Clean all pallet parts

Picture 33 – Wall of the bed appreciated with colorful pallets and punished by the time.

Colored pallet wall

Picture 34 – Two in one: Vertical garden in the pallet wall.

Vertical garden with pallet wall

Picture 35 – The decoration of this outdoor party was even more beautiful with the pallet wall.

Outdoor party with pallet wall

Picture 36 – Tones of the pallets in harmony with the other colors of the environment.

Pallet wall in harmony with the environment

Picture 37 – Patina and pallets fit together perfectly.

Patina and pallets form a perfect match

Image 38 – Do you want to add bright colors to the decoration? What do you think about starting with a yellow and gold TV panel made of pallets?

Yellow pallet tv panel

Image 39 – A light coat of paint does not change much the natural color of the pallets and still protects the part.

Light coat of varnish on pallet wall

Picture 40 – In this room the pallet floor bypasses the entire bed area.

Wall-to-ceiling pallet flooring

Picture 41 – Arrange the parts of the pallets in an arrow format, like in the picture.

Wall of pallet with pieces directed in the form of arrows

Picture 42 – A simple and very functional idea: two wall-mounted pallets that serve as clothes racks and stands.

Pallets attached to the wall

Picture 43 – Pallet wall with special effect of colors and light.

Wall of pallets with special effect of colors and light

Figure 44 – Recreate an entire environment by mounting a pallet wall.

Rebuilding an entire environment by mounting a wall of pallets

Picture 45 – Simple shelf made of pallets to organize the objects in the room.

Simple shelf made of pallets to organize objects in the room

Figure 46 – Instead of using the wood panel, try lining the ceiling with pallets; Except very nice, you save a lot.

Ceiling with pallet

Picture 47 – The frame of the branches forms an interesting intervention next to the pallet wall.

Frame of branches on the pallet wall

Picture 48 – Painted and worn pallets cover all the walls of this kitchen.

Wall decoration with worn and painted white pallets

Picture 49 – Pallet walls are easy to manufacture and easy to disassemble if necessary.

Simple pallet wall to make

Figure 50 – Try to coat the wall with pallets and then insert some shelves.

Check the walls with pallets

Picture 51 – Brick wall on one side, vertical garden on the other pallets and a set of table and chairs of modern design to balance the styles of the environment.

Brick wall and vertical garden of pallet

Picture 52 – Pallet wall to the garden, up to a mini cascade.

Wall of pallet for the garden

Picture 53 – Floor, ceiling and walls of the pallet: The difference lies in the color tones of the material.

Floor, ceiling and walls of pallet

Picture 54 – The freestanding pallet wall of the original wall brought the TV closer to the sofa and created a sort of shelf for the objects.

Pallet wall detached from the original wall

Figure 55 – Pallet walls escaped outside the house.

Pallet walls leaked to the outside area of ​​the house

Picture 56 – Colored pallets in the wall support the potted plants.

Colorful pallets recumbent in the wall supporting the pots of plants

Image 57 – An idea to create highlights in the decoration with pallets.

Highlights in pallet wall decoration

Picture 58 – Pallet wall for the room decorated with picture and lamps.

Wall of pallets for the bedroom

Image 59 – Give your face and style to your decor and face.

Decoration with your face

Picture 60 – A Passionate Wall: Each palette received a superficial coat of paint, which was later sanded and frayed to achieve this aged effect.

Pallet with surface layer



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