Do you want a wardrobe of sustainable origin, cheap and you can do it yourself? The tip is then to bet on the pallet cabinets. It is possible to create models of open pallet cabinets with doors and even more complicated types, for example with sliding doors. It is also possible to build a cabinet with pallets and boxes, not to mention that you can also build a cabinet with the pallets.

You’ve probably heard of countless other furniture made with pallets like sofas and beds, and this popularity is not in vain. The pallets are increasingly higher in interior design, bringing together several advantages in a single material.

These wooden slats are very robust and durable, as they carry mainly heavy loads. Pallets are also very cheap and sometimes it is even possible to find material donations after being thrown away by a company. This reuse feature puts palettes at the top of the list of sustainable decoration.

In addition, the pallets are easy to handle and take on different finishes very well, from lacquer to latex paint, over the patina and decoupage. That means you can customize the pallet furniture as you like it.

50 great ideas and wardrobe models and palette macaws

Convinced of the advantages of pallets? Now take a look at a selection of pallet cabinet images on a variety of models to get inspired and create your own:

Figure 1 – Open wardrobe model of pallets with shelves and macaws.

Open pallet wardrobe with shelves and macaws.
Without doors, this type of cabinet is ideal for use in a cabinet. Note that the assembly process is very simple and the machining can be done to your liking. Here only a coat of paint was enough to protect and seal the part.

Figure 2 – Multi-purpose cabinet with doors made of Eucatex panels.

Multipurpose pallet cupboard with doors made of eucatex plates
With a little more experience in carpentry, it is possible to make a wardrobe of pallets with drawers, just like the ones of the picture

Figure 3 – With a little more experience in carpentry, it is possible to make a pallet of drawers, just like the ones in the picture.

pallet wardrobe with drawers

Figure 4 – Traditional model of the wardrobe, with doors to open and shelves, only this time in the version with pallets.

Traditional pallet wardrobe

Figure 5 – Aged pallet laths are the charm of this wardrobe.

Aged pallet slats are the charm of this wardrobe

All built with smaller slats of pallets, this wardrobe bet on an aged style. The door has been scaled down to make room for the drawers.

Figure 6 – Painted in white, this pallet cabinet with doors is the perfect model for a clean and delicate decoration.

Pallet wardrobe with doors is the perfect model for a clean and delicate decoration

Image 7 – Mix between pallets and MDF panels forms this open wardrobe; Mark the pendant light on the side of the housing.

Open Pallet Wardrobe

Figure 8 – When making your wardrobe pallets, look for handles that represent the style you want to give to the furniture; those of the picture have a retro look.

Pallet wardrobe with handles

Figure 9 – Pallet with Aras wardrobe is the ideal model for this room with brick wall.

Pallet wardrobe with macaws

Picture 10 – In nature the pallets are more intense.

Natural Pallet Wardrobe
This open wardrobe uses the pallets in natural color to show the properties of the wood more intense and vibrant in the environment. If you want to invest in a blunter decor, you should consider a similar model.

Picture 11 – Already with this wardrobe the side and closure structures of the cabinet have been omitted, the result is a cleaner furniture.

Wardrobe with side frames

Figure 12 – Wardrobe of children’s pallets.

Children's pallet wardrobe
Children can and should have a wardrobe with pallets. But for them, invest in a low model and leave everything nearby, ensuring the autonomy of the little ones at the time of dressing. The highlight of this cabinet are the drawers resembling niches, a good outlet for those who do not have the skills as a carpenter. Another noteworthy detail is the space for organizing brochures and toys. Great functionality on a mobile phone.

Figure 13 – Male cabinet with pallets and boxes of the fair; Spy the look

Male Closet with Clothes Storage Pallet

Picture 14 – Many shelves to store and organize everything you need; You can leave the cabinet without doors or close it with a light fabric curtain.

Open pallet wardrobe

Picture 15 – The rustic wardrobe fits perfectly with the style of the owner.

The rustic style matches perfectly with the lady's dressing style.

Picture 16 – The patina is always welcome in the furniture coating, especially with naturally rustic pallets.

Patina in the finish of the pallet wardrobe

Picture 17 – In this model, the pallets serve only as a basis for the wardrobe; The macaws are made of metal pipes.

Pallets as a base for the wardrobe

Picture 18 – Higher pallet structure preserves the ara of clothing as the boxes go off the shelves.

Higher pallet structure in the wardrobe

Picture 19 – Do you think that the palette can not be elegant and refined?

Do you think that just because it is pallet can not be elegant and sophisticated?

Image 20 – A simple idea of ​​the pallet wardrobe so you can copy and do the same.

A simple pallet wardrobe idea for you to copy and do the same
This simple cabinet, just for a few pieces, was made just by dividing the main structure of the pallet into three. Each part became a shelf, which was attached to the wall and optically connected to a series of fibers. The middle part receives the macaws. Simple and a nice look.

Picture 21 – Pallet wardrobe in graduated format: Two trends of decoration united in one piece.

Pallet wardrobe in easel format

Picture 22 – For those who prefer a more elaborate wardrobe model, you will like this picture.

More elaborate pallet wardrobe

Picture 23 – The open wardrobe with casters facilitates the movement of the furniture in the room and keeps it away from the floor to avoid dust accumulation.

Open pallet wardrobe with caster

Figure 24 – In this cabinet, the pallet-covered wall supports the shelves and macaw of the same material.

Wardrobe with wall covered with pallets

Figure 25 – Male wardrobe of pallets with open doors.

Male Pallet Wardrobe
Before starting to assemble, clean the pallets with a mixture of water, bleach, and mild detergent. Then sand all parts of the wood well to ensure the uniformity and beauty of the pallets. Then just go to the assembly and finish the desired one.

Figure 26 – A small pallet rack model, but still functional; The black details gave the furniture a touch of modernity.

Closed small pallet wardrobe

Picture 27 – Pallet dividing wall serves as a clothes rack for shoes and clothes.

Pallet wardrobe with partition

Figure 28 – Pallet wardrobe for a couple; well divided and structured for both.

Pallet wardrobe for couple

Picture 29 – Pallet cabinet with sliding door.

Pallet wardrobe with sliding door

Picture 30 – The necessary, only the necessary.

Wardrobe of simple pallets
This minimalist model of the pallet rack is designed for people who have a small number of parts and want a functional and aesthetic mobile in the environment.

Picture 31 – Suspended from the ceiling this pallet was exploited by the way it was found, without any kind of finishing or disturbance.

Pallet wardrobe suspended by the ceiling

Figure 32 – This wardrobe, previously shown from a different angle, has well-defined separations and practices for its users.

Pallet wardrobe with well-defined separations

Picture 33 – Another type of pallet cabinet; Take advantage of the various ideas presented here and create a unique and original template for you.

Different type of pallet wardrobe

Picture 34 – Third and last part of the double pallet wardrobe, so that you do not miss any detail of the installation.

Double pallet wardrobe

Picture 35 – Economy, personality and style are the hallmark of the pallet furniture.

Economy, personality and style: a brand of pallet furniture
To assemble such a wardrobe, you will spend infinitely less than if you would rent a planned furniture company or if you had bought a finished furniture company. Basically, you only need pallets (which cost about $ 20 apiece), sawdust, nails and some paint for the finish. An economy is so much.

Picture 36 – And how about when the pallet furniture is finished with a lamp? In addition to beauty, the wardrobe becomes more practical.

Pallet wardrobe with lamp inside

Figure 37 – In this wardrobe, the pallets were used only in the front part of the doors; The rest of the furniture is solid wood.

Pallet wardrobe in front

Picture 38 – In the lower part of this palette of palettes the round mirror helps to arrange.

Round mirror in the background of this pallet

Figure 39 – Before you start assembling, draw the design and adapt it to your needs; Carefully check the height between the macaws and the amount of shelves needed to store all of your pieces.

Open pallet wardrobe

Figure 40 – For a cabinet model with pallets with doors, you only need a few sturdy hinges and handles that match the decor of your room.

Pallet wardrobe with door

Picture 41 – Modern and bold wardrobe to decorate your room and organize your clothes.

Modern wardrobe of pallets

Figure 42 – Boxes with fair help in organizing the wardrobe of pallets.

Pallet wardrobe with showcase

Picture 43 – The wall and the wooden panel form the background of this pallet wardrobe.

Wooden lining and pallet wardrobe

Figure 44 – A higher and lower macaw to accommodate clothes of different sizes.

Pallet wardrobe with macaw

Figure 45 – When the wardrobe is open, use it to integrate it into the decoration.

Open Pallet Wardrobe
This white and open pallet rack belongs to the room facilities. Note the decorative objects pictured on it and the concern of keeping the pieces well organized on the furniture with hangers of the same size and the same size.

Figure 46 – Open pallet cabinet with room only for clothes macaw.

Open Pallet Wardrobe 1

Picture 47 – High, this pallet rack reaches the ceiling and offers enough space for clothes, bed and bath set and even for the storage of suitcases.

High pallet wardrobe

Picture 48 – Open models of wardrobes require more attention in the organization so that the furniture does not become messy.

Open pallet wardrobe model

Picture 49 – Pallet cabinet with door to the room.

Pallet wardrobe with door to living room

Picture 50 – The outsourced parts of the pallet have turned the shelves into this cupboard; The clothes were hung on Metallaras.

Pallet wardrobe: 50 ideas to include in the decoration



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