Party in the Box: Knowing what it is, how to do it and creative ideas to inspire

Ever heard of “Party in the Box”? This is a trend that has come to a standstill, by the way. The “party at the box” is a good option for times when money for a conventional party is running out. So if you want to celebrate an important date without spending a fortune, keep reading this post. Let us show you how to set up a party in the box and give tips on how to turn this idea into a small business so you can make money at the end of the month.

But what is a “party in the box”?

The basic idea of ​​a box party is to hold a small celebration between a maximum of two to four people. Much like the breakfast baskets, the party in the box collects all the elements of a traditional party, i.e. cakes, sweets, snacks, drinks and even decoration. You ride according to the taste of the person who will receive the box.

The “Party in the Box” can be used to celebrate birthdays – children, adults, marriage, appointments – Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, mothers, job offers, promotions or other special moments to celebrate.

There is still the option to simply give the gift box without necessarily attending the party.

Article for “Party in the Box”

Concept of party in the box

  • Cashier – The obvious article that cannot be overlooked. You choose the size and shape of the box. The cool thing is that it has cover to surprise the person even more. The box can be made of cardboard, plastic, wicker, wood, or some other material. It is also possible to reuse part of the box you have at home and cover it with fabric, glue or paper. Simply use creativity and decorate it depending on the occasion.
  • Cake – party without cake, not party. This applies to the party in the box. In this case, the cake does not have to be very large, after all, there are only a few people, but it is imperative that it is there to accommodate the candles. You can replace it for decorated cupcakes if you prefer.
  • Chips – It’s worth it here, coxinhas, meatballs, esfiras, pies, cheese biscuits or whatever the person likes more, including natural snacks. Not an exaggeration either, about a dozen or two are enough. Remember to pack them so that you do not smear the other items in the box and therefore do not absorb any smell.
  • Sweets – what comes after the cake? The sweet. Brigadiers, little kisses, little cactus. Whatever you want. A tip is to use shapes and decorate them according to the box suggestion. For example, a Valentine’s Day party can come with red candy, and a Father’s Day celebration can bring blue candy and details that date back to today.
  • Drinks “Will your mini party be alcoholic or non-alcoholic?” If you prefer something more adult, you can opt for mini bottles of wine, craft beer or a mini sparkling wine. If this is not your option, you will have cans of soda or juice in the box for people who will attend the party.
  • Utensils – To try the treats of the box, you need the help of utensils such as forks, spoons, plates, cups or bowls and serviettes. Make sure you have a place for these items. Usually they are placed on the lid.
  • Decoration – party decor is important. In the case of the “Party in the Box”, the decoration begins in the box itself. But it is also possible to increase the size of the party with small vases made of flowers, confetti and scraps of paper, hearts and other details.

Suggestions for items for “Party in the Box” by date

Party items

  • “Party in the Box” for Valentine’s Day : Box decorated with hearts and photos of the couple, cake or cake, wine or sparkling wine, mini fondue, strawberries or cherries and bowls.
  • “Party in the Box” for your birthday : Box with “Congratulations” or “Happy Birthday”, cake with candle, 20 snacks, 15 sweets, soda or juice, cutlery, cutlery, birthday hat and mini bubbles.
  • “Party in the Box” for Father’s Day : Box with sayings about Father’s Day, mustaches and hearts, cake or salt cake, 20 snacks, beer or juice (depending on the father’s preference)
  • “Party in the Box” for Mother’s Day : Box with sayings about Mother’s Day, flowers, hearts, mini daisies, mini orchids or mini roses, cake or cake, 20 snacks, red wine or juice (depending on the mother’s preference)) ,
  • “Party in the Box” for the wedding day : box decorated with phrases like “I love you” or “Happy Forever”, photos of the couple’s trip, cakes, sparkling wine, chocolates, snacks and sweets.

How do you sell “Party in the Box” and how much does it cost?

Cash parties can be a good option for additional income. However, before turning to this idea, you should think about a few details to get a fair and attractive price for your work.

The cost of the “party in the box” varies depending on what is placed in the box. The best way to calculate costs and actually set up a “party in the box”. Write down everything you bought and how much you spent. Business experts recommend that handmade products be sold three times more than the cost. That means if you spend $ 25 at a party in the box, you sell it for $ 75.

That way you get a good profit margin. It is also important that you know not only how you rate your product, but also how you define your target group and how much they are willing to pay. Do a short market study before starting the business and practice pricing in your target audience’s reality, even if you need to look for new suppliers.

Meet 60 creative party ideas in the box to inspire your production

After so many tips, you should be excited to see some “Party in the Box” models, right? Check out the following suggestions:

Image 1 – Party in a simple box: cake, a few balloons and everything is fine.

Party template in the simple box

Image 2 – Party in box for an outdoor celebration; it’s worth betting on fruits and jellies.

Party in box for outdoor celebration

Figure 3 – In this party in the box, the cake comes in the format of letters distributed in cups.

Party in the box with letter cake

Image 4 – Party in a small box, but full of charm.

Party in the small box

Figure 5 – Sign the outside of the box.

Concept of party in the box

Image 6 – Party in the box, which then turns into a grill.

Party at the barbecue box

Figure 7 – Everything should be used in the reduced space of the box, including the lid; Use it to bring a message or greeting.

Creative idea of ​​party in the box

Image 8 – Balloons make every birthday even funnier, even the box.

Balloons complement the party in the box

Image 9 – Donuts are the theme of this “Party in the Box”.

Donuts: the theme of this party in the box

Image 10 – Party in the box and, to top it all, totally surprised! How the idea?

Surprise box party

Image 11 – Mini party in the box, but with everything that is authorized in the same way.

Mini party in the box

Image 12 – box, box … doesn’t matter! What matters is to celebrate this special date.

Box crate

Picture 13 – Sweets, sweets and other goodies.

Sweets and treats for party in the box

Picture 14 – Instead of one, three boxes. Everyone brings a surprise.

Each box, a surprise

Image 15 – Characterize your “party in the box” according to the taste of the person who will receive it.

Party in the personalized box

Image 16 – Delicate field on the table is waiting for the moment of opening.

Delicate box on table

Picture 17 – To make the “party” more beautiful, line the box with paper.

Box lined with shredded paper

Picture 18 – “Party in the Box” for grandma.

Party at the box for Grandma

Picture 19 – “Party in the Box” with a mermaid theme ready to sell; an idea for those who want to market.

Mermaid theme box party

Picture 20 – You can put some jokes in the box to make the party more lively.

Party in the box with a joke

Picture 21 – Imagine the surprise when someone opens the box and sees gas balloons flying?

Surprise balloons of this party in the box

Picture 22 – “Fiesta in the box” pink.

Party in the pink box

Picture 23 – Idea of ​​”Party in the Box” for a night for two.

Party in the box for two a night

Image 24 – Succulent bowl adorns the mini party.

Succulent bowl for mini party

Image 25 – Miniatures and personalized objects give the “Party in the Box” more attention.

Miniatures for party in the box

Picture 26 – A “Party in the Box” for ice cream lovers.

Dedicated to those who love ice cream

Picture 27 – Box in cake format; inside the other items to complete the party.

Box in cake format, is there anything better?

Picture 28 – “Party in the Box” Utensils can be glass, ceramic or disposable.

Partyware in the box: not to be missed!

Picture 29 – Birthday hats cannot be missed in the “Party in the Box”.

Birthday party hats on the box

Image 30 – Surprise balloon with confetti as soon as the box is opened.

Balloon with confetti for party in the box

Picture 31 – “Party in the Box” with up to the Pichorra.

Image 32 – Sparkling wine and confetti to celebrate a special date.

Sparkling candies and confetti to celebrate a special date

Picture 33 – “Party in the Box” can be made with the person’s favorite candy.

Picture 34 – Since the unicorns are also fashionable and the “parties in the box”, how about unifying the two?

Unicorns for party in the box

Image 35 – Cake brings the message of “Happy Birthday”.

Happy birthday in the box party cake

Picture 36 – What if the “Party in the box” turns a “Dinner in the box”?

Dinner party in the box

Image 37 – A “party in the box” full of chocolates.

Party in box full of chocolates

Picture 38 – Prioritize the organization in the box, but don’t forget to keep the look flawless too.

Organization of the party in the box

Picture 39 – A little “Party in the Box”, but what matters is the meaning.

Mini party in the box!

Picture 40 – Party has to be present and it can also come in the box.

Party in the box with gift!

Picture 41 – For the ants on duty, a mini party full of sweets.

Mini party full of candy

Picture 42 – Don’t forget the candle to get into the party mood.

Candles to enter the party mood

Image 43 – Metallic tones make the “Party in the Box” more elegant and refined.

Metal tones for elegant box party

Image 44 – “Party in the Box” especially for Halloween.

Party in the special box for Halloween

Picture 45 – “Party in your pocket” … can also! Use creativity.

Party in the bag

Image 46 – Think of the colors of your “Party in the Box” like a conventional party.

Think about the colors of the party in the box

Picture 47 – Children also love the idea of ​​”Party in the Box”.

Party in the children's box

Image 48 – Valentine’s Day celebrated in a special way.

Party in the box for Valentine's Day

Picture 49 – Box with drawer helps to organize the mini party better.

Organization: party in the box with drawer

Picture 50 – A special menu for the “Party in the Box”.

Special menu for party in the box

Picture 51 – Most demanding articles for a stylish “box party”.

Party in class full box

Picture 52 – Did someone say a party? You don’t even have to answer.

Did someone say party?

Picture 53 – Too much color to make the “Party in the Box” happier and more fun.

Lots of color to make the

Picture 54 – Up to a lamp post in the box; Whatever you can wear!

Lamp rail in the carton

Picture 55 – For the children the suggestion is to send with the boxes and the painting paper.

Pencils and coloring paper in the box

Picture 56 – Marshmallows make the mini party sweeter.

Marshmallows to let the sweetest mini party

Picture 57 – It has glitter and also has confetti!

It has glitter and has confetti too.

Image 58 – A different delicacy (and a surprise) in each box.

In each box a delicacy

Picture 59 – “Party in the Box” simple and small; The most important thing is to celebrate.

Image 60 – Carts is the theme of this other “Party in the Box”.

Carts is the theme of this other



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