The sword of St. George is a plant of African origin and one of the species that is easy to grow and find in Brazil, whether inside or outside the home.

It has a religious meaning in Candomblé, associated with the Onishá Ogum, and also in Catholicism, associated with St. George of Cappadocia.

In this post we are going to bring all about this plant, how to cultivate it, its importance and how to use it in interior decoration.

How to care and cultivate in the pot

The Sword of St. George is a plant that is easy to grow. With a little care, even for those with little experience, it is possible to cultivate them and always keep their sword beautiful and majestic. Here are some tips:

1. Soil fertilized and well drained:

The perfect soil for most types of plants is soil and organic compost (usually with earthworm humus or the compost product).

For the Sword of St. George, make a drainage layer with expanded clay and fill the pot with ⅓ sand before placing the soil and seedling of the plant.

2. The perfect vase

The Sword of St. George is a plant that can grow up to 90cm high and therefore needs a vessel that can withstand its roots and weight. If your moult is small, change the pot as it grows.

The most cited pots are made of ceramic because they retain moisture and help keep the soil fresher longer. In addition, they are mostly used for interior decoration because of their rustic hillside location. Just make sure it has drainage holes in the bottom.

3.Ideal temperature and lighting:

Although the plant can grow easily, the ideal temperature for the plant is between 13 ° C and 24 ° C so that it supports both the internal and external environment. Make sure it gets light for a few hours, in direct sun or partial shade.

4. Proper watering

In this plant, it is important to remember that over-watering can cause the roots to rot and kill the plant. The ideal is to feel the earth, and when it is dry, water in moderation.

In winter, decrease the frequency and you can have 20 days between waterings.

Soil fertilizer to keep the plant always healthy:

Even with little care, every plant needs well-fertilized soil to be more beautiful and healthy. Use organic fertilizer once a month and water well.

Once well developed, remove new seedlings from the plant by separating the clumps and replanting them in other pots. So you will have multiple swords to decorate your home!

Types of sword of St. George

Though with many other popular names such as mother-in-law, Cape Lizard, Sansevéria, the St. George sword is part of a family (Sansevieria trifasciata) with several species that have different leaves and meanings.

The most popular in the landscape and in religious use are the three that we will distinguish below:

1. Sword-of-St.-George or Sword of Ogum

The most popular of the family is usually associated with all varieties, but the Sword-of-St.-George or Sword-of-Ogum is characterized by its completely green coloration with a few lighter spots.

2. Santa Barbara’s sword or sword of Iansã

This variety has a yellowish outline on the edges of the leaves. In the center it has the same characteristics as Espada-de-São-Jorge.

Spear of São Jorge oder Spear of Ogum

In contrast to the three varieties, the Lança-de-São-Jorge has a cylindrical shape and its lump is fan-shaped.

Plants meanings

The plant is mainly associated with its power to protect the evil eye.
This is mainly due to its spear and sword format. They are responsible for the achievements and for warding off the evils that plague homes with the edge of the sword. Both have to do with St. George and Ogum, who are known for their courage and their fight against evil.

60 rooms decorated with the Espada de São Jorge

It is usually at the entrance of the houses not only for protection, but to bring prosperity, abundance and courage to the residents. But today we also see its use in several rooms of the house, which are widely used in decoration and landscaping. Discover inspirations to decorate your home with this plant:

Figure 1 – Sword of Santa Bárbara at the foot of the bed to provide protection and decorate the area

Sword of Santa Barbara at the foot of the bed
To the interior of the house, plants bring not only the meaning of this species, but the green, which is strong and natural and changes the whole environment.

Photo 2 – Use larger pots and let the plant grow and multiply in one room.

Also use larger pots and let the plant grow
Also think of the decoration of the vase, which can be smooth or with patterns and patterns to be combined with the other decorative elements.

Picture 3 – Jardineira Semi-Divisoria of Environments.

Half-partitioned garden shed

Swords of St. George are widely used in bibs to divide surroundings

Photo 4 – From the beginning, create your seedlings in smaller vases to place on corner or center tables.

Create your seedlings from the beginning in smaller vases to place on corner or center tables
For those looking to start planting their seedlings, it is worth thinking about younger seedlings to keep up with their growth.

Figure 5 – Partition a room near the entrance of your home for protection and courage.

External area / entrance with Espada de São Jorge

The entrances are the most common places to place the swords of São Jorge. If you plan to use this plant in your home, it is a good idea to incorporate it into your decoration project already.

Image 6 – The green of the plant brings a different climate into the room

Another climate for the room with the green of the plant
Plants in landscaping and interior design are responsible for giving the environment more life and freshness.

Image 7 – Play with the different types of pots: from the most rustic to the most modern.

Play with the different types of pots

Nowadays the vessels are made of different types of materials, formats and colors. From simple black plastic or more rustic ceramics to concrete and enameled ceramics, today’s trends.

Picture 8 – Create protection for your balcony by placing containers near the bars.

Form a protection for your balcony
In addition to the possibility of creating a kind of partition with the shapes of Sword or Lance of São Jorge, they can also create a kind of protection for balconies, mainly in buildings.

Figure 9 – For those with a larger space, it is worth investing in sturdier pots and making room for the plant’s roots to develop.

Room with Sword of St. George in sturdier pots

It is worth using pots made of ceramic or concrete, especially if they have a different surface and color.

Image 10 – But every corner where you have to put a blue whale is worth it!

Every corner to put a blue whiting

Picture 11 – Another example for the river: This time I decorate a room mostly cold and straight.

Another example of flow: this time decorating a room predominantly cold and straight

For those who have a cooler decoration and with a predominance of straight lines, the plants break this pattern and bring more life to the environment. Especially the sword of St. George allows this break to accompany the straightest lines of the surroundings.

Image 12 – For those who have low windows and want to hide in the surroundings.

For those who have low windows and want to hide in the environment
It’s a different way of creating a division of the environments, as we showed earlier.

Figure 13 – The sword of São Jorge blends very well with a more modern setting and with a more handmade footprint.

The Sword of St. George blends well with a more modern environment
The combination of industrial and artisanal elements leaves less of any kind of environment and the leaves of the plants do a lot to add liveliness and fun to the house.

Image 14 – Explore all types of vases in your decoration!

Explore all types of vases in your décor
The concrete vases in geometric shapes are super tall and can be made at home!

Image 15 – A perfect plant to decorate wall corners and use in the relaxation area.

A perfect plant to decorate wall corners and use in a relaxation area

In the vicinity of loveseats or sofas, the plants create the perfect setting for a reading or relaxation corner.

Picture 16 – Add the green of the plant to your color palette as you start decorating your room.

Include the green of the plant in your color palette when you start to decorate your room.
In this corner, the green tones of the sword blade of St. George and the other little plant match the blue on the wall.

Figure 17 – Was there space near a window? Enjoy the light and rays of the sun to cultivate your sword.

Enjoy the lighting and the rays of the sun to cultivate your sword.
Although the Sword of St. George works very well in the internal environment, it’s always good to enjoy the corners near the window. In this bathroom with sloping windows, the bibs are placed in a concrete structure that can be used as a bench.

Image 18 – A floor plan to have even at the head of the bed.

A plan to have even at the head of the bed

Figure 19 – Protection multiplied.

Multiplied protection

Image 20 – Since this is a somewhat demanding plant with water, use wooden planters or supports without the risk of spoilage

As it is a little demanding plant with water, use cachepots or supports of wood without risk of spoiling
Ideally, when it’s time to water, just remove the pot and let it drain well before putting it back. The wooden planters are a beauty!

Figure 21 – You can also enjoy outdoor areas that receive little direct lighting.

Also take advantage of outdoor areas that receive little direct lighting

This plant is also amazing outdoors, in a corner for relaxation, or even near swimming pools.

Picture 22 – Have several species in different pots.

Have several species in different pots
The different types of St. George’s sword family can be combined in the same setting, even in the same vase! More protection for your home!

Image 23 – Exploring different pots to find the perfect one for your decoration.

Exploring various types of pots to find the perfect one for your decorating

Picture 24 – Plants in the kitchen work very well.

Plants in the kitchen work very well
In this case, the smaller swords for the benches are still growing.

Image 25 – Root your swords in pots of water and enjoy using it in your decoration.

Rotate your swords in pots with water

Image 26 – The leaves of the sword connect the straight lines and the curves in the same plant.

Straight lines and curves on same plant
They combine a lot in more geometric environments, like in the picture above.

Picture 27 – A blue whiting in the bathroom too.

A blue whiting in the bathroom too.
The bathroom can be designed with different styles of decor, but the plants have greater power to enliven the surroundings and make them look more comfortable. Use every space, test and add some blue whiting.

Picture 28 – Between the window and the street.

Between the window and the street
For low windows that reach the floor, Saint George’s swordsmen help divide the internal and external environment

Image 29 – Get inspiration from Urban Jungle.

Get Inspired by Urban Jungle
Combine them with other types of plants like cacti to create a relaxed and laid back atmosphere .

Figure 30 – Even for those who do not have space to plant the sword of St. George on the ground, it is worth using vases on the outside as well.

Vases outside

Picture 31 – Plants as decoration of empty corridors.

Plantinha as decoration of empty corridors
In hallways, where there is usually little room for ornaments, the decorations focus on the pictures. But if you have an open space, it is worth investing in a pot to evaluate the hallway. Another idea is to use a hanging vase on the wall!

Picture 32 – Plant corner at the desk.

Corner of the plants at the desk
Leaving some plants in a corner makes the environment lighter and can even change the tone of the workspace, like desks do.

Picture 33 – Combine your plants with other objects made of natural materials.

Combine your plants with other items

Picture 34 – Sub-areas of the commercial premises!

For partitions in commercial environments

Picture 35 – A different tone in the kitchen.

A different tone in the kitchen
In any type of kitchen, adding the green of a plant brings freshness and a new touch of color, especially the darker one of Saint George’s sword or the combination with yellow of the Santa Barbara sword.

Picture 36 – Sinks behind the sofa.

Bibs behind the couch
The greatest fun with decorating is testing the places where your items can be positioned and creating a clean and harmonious decor.

Figure 37 – For sturdier furniture, use larger leaves like the sword of Saint George and the fern.

Use higher sheets

Picture 38 – A protected path.

A protected path
For entrances or winter gardens, the Sword of St. George creates a special green layer.

Picture 39 – Green area with freshness for a reading corner.

Sword of St. George in the corner of reading
The sword of St. George is a symbol of protection, but adding each type of plant in a special corner will help calm and relax.

Photo 40 – If you are crazy about plants, it pays to use several pots and combine them with other species and families.

Combine with other species and families: room with Espada de São Jorge

Picture 41 – Place pots in strategic corners that are usually empty.

Put pots in strategic corners
If it’s open and lit under your stairs, it’s a good place for a plant.

Picture 42 – Enjoy the light of the sun on balconies.

Enjoy the sunshine on the balconies

Image 43 – Nothing in a dreary and lifeless bathroom!

No toilet, no toilet and no life
Don’t leave your bathroom unsightly and invest in more fun and daring decor with colors, pictures and even large-leaved plants!

Image 44 – For a lower decoration, use St. George’s sword as a vertical element.

use the Sword of St. George as a vertical element

Image 45 – Gardeners in every corner.

Dressers in all corners

Picture 46 – Combine the bright colors of the leaf with other brightly colored elements of your decor.

Match the vibrant colors of the leaf with other elements of the decor

Picture 47 – Cachepots with tall plants also on worktops.

Espada de São Jorge: how to take care of 60 ambient photos with the plant
These plants are suitable not only for decorating empty spaces, but also for decorating places in the house that you do not use, such as stone slabs and half-walls of partitions.

Picture 48 – A kind of decoration for all places.

Espada de São Jorge: how to take care of 60 ambient photos with the plant 1
We’ve already shown that a Saint George sword looks great on any type of decoration, right?

Image 49 – Break the pattern of light colors.

Espada de São Jorge: how to take care of 60 ambient photos with the plant 2
A good idea for the decor is to put a bright color at the end of a series of bright items and more pastel colors. Here the vase with the sword of Saint George pauses between the wall and the curtain and the elements of the frame, all in light tones.

Picture 50 – Green leaves in a green vase, yes!

Espada de São Jorge: how to take care of 60 ambient photos with the plant 3

Picture 51 – Connect different types of textures and lines in your decoration.

Use different textures in your decor
In this picture, the lines of the pictures relate very well to the natural lines of the blade of the sword of Saint George positioned next to them.

Image 52 – A bright color for a neutral environment.

A vibrant color for a neutral environment

Image 53 – Gardener also in the hallway to enjoy the horizontal lines.

Gardener also in the hallway to enjoy the horizontal lines

Picture 54 – In the corners the plants combine very much with pictures.

These plants combine with
As we’ve already shown in the case of the corridor and the bathroom, these two items are an incredible pair for any decoration and also for a very limited space!

Picture 55 – The corner of the swords.

The Singing of Swords
Protection is never too much, is it? How about a special corner just with your sword collection? Everything polished, of course!

Picture 56 – Think about how to position your pots with different heights.

Use different heights to position your vessels
To use multiple pots together you can use different heights as a strategy so that they are all visible and the decoration becomes more organic.

Picture 57 – In the decoration of the balcony.

In the balcony decoration

Picture 58 – The small plants on tables and chests of drawers make the composition more interesting.

At tables and sideboards

Picture 59 – Composition with sculptures and books.

Composition with sculptures and books
Along with books and decorative objects, the plants leave the environment with more personality and more the face of the house.

Picture 60 – Large plants look small on such a right foot!

Large plants that look small
Let your composition think of everything, even at the height of the environment!



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