The presence of a photo panel in the decoration makes any setting appear more personal. It is the moments we live in, whether with important people or places, that give our walls a special touch, add the best memories and give the house or the environment a more affective atmosphere.

The photos can give an empty wall a special color or even a highlight, which makes the function of images or compositions freer and cooler.

O- picture frames can be made in different sizes, colors and materials to achieve a wide variety of effects, whether in the living room, bedroom, office or in any other room and space you imagine. You can even turn your photos into fridge magnets!

The coolest photo panel is that you can update your selected photos whenever you want. In addition, you can create a composition by grouping photos by color (whether natural colors or added by filters and image processing programs), themes, and / or landscapes.

The possibilities of the photo panel are very diverse and range from cheap materials and home improvement techniques to wire displays and more sophisticated frames. To help you choose the best type of frame for your decor, we’ve separated 60 images to inspire and put into practice:

Gallery: 60 photo panel projects to inspire you

Continue below to see beautiful inspiration of photo frames to enhance the decor of any room:

Figure 1 – Panel with photos in a standard size framed and arranged in rainbows.

Framed panel with photos in a standard size and arranged in a rainbow

Image 2 – A souvenir per month: adding a photo with an annual calendar.

One reminder per month: putting together a panel of photos with annual calendar

Image 3 – Photos organized in a marbled plate and paper clips.

Photo Panel: 60 Creative Ideas and How to Make Your Own

Figure 4 – A personalized corner: The background of a study or study alcove may be the perfect place for you to place your photos.

Customized corner with photo panel

Figure 5 – A frame full of pictures in squares in a number of different moments.

A picture full of squares in a set of different moments

Figure 6 – Cork finishes in various formats so you can take photos and messages and keep changing!

Surfaces of cork with different formats

Picture 7 – On your bed: personal photos and other types of pictures can be placed on the wall as a headboard.

Personal photos and other types of images

Pic 8 – Test different surfaces that can be covered with photos, like a simple screen that gets a different and personalized decoration.

Simple screen as photo panel

Image 9 – Mesh or wire wall for hanging photos and messages, as well as special lights.

Wired wall hanging for photos

Image 10 – Another model of the blackboard in a grid: this time with only Polaroid-style photos.

Grid Photo Panel

Picture 11 – Classic frames with different colors.

Classic frames to surround your photos

Image 12 – Mdf sheet with various images stuck on with adhesive tape.

MDF sheet with various images

Image 13 – Another type of panel with images: they can be hung on the wall or left on the floor.

Plate with images

Picture 14 – Rectangular photo plate with a wooden board and a colored cord.

In the curtain model of memories

Image 15 – Narrow down a space in the wall to make a mural with just photos organized and pasted.

Mural with photos organized and pasted

Picture 16 – This also works very well in wall corners! And with different designs.

Photo corner wall panel

Image 17 – For the Christmas atmosphere: only alternative tree with photos and unbelievable moments of the year.

alternative tree only with photos and incredible moments of the year

Picture 18 – Frame framed with several photos.

Set of frames framed with various photographs

Figure 19 – The plate between the table bench and the shelves is ideal for inserting posters or photos.

Panel between the table and shelves

Image 20 – Pegboard: an incredible panel for your tools, objects and photos.

Pegboard: an incredible panel to decorate

Figure 21 – Panel with only Polaroid photos on the wall in a mix of photos in hot and cold colors.

Hot and cold colors on photos with Polaroid style

Image 22 – For those on a larger budget: a photo wall framed in various comics.

Panel with frames

Image 23 – A great frame to organize your photos and leave messages.

A great frame to organize your photos

Picture 24 – Panel with several comics framed by roses.

Panel with multiple framed comics

Picture 25 – Organize your photos in different ways, even with letters and words.

Organize your photos by forming letters and words

Image 26 – Do you have unused space at home? It can be perfect to place your photos in.

Panel on different surface

Picture 27 – You can also mix organizational patterns!

Patterns of organization of photos

Image 28 – Another redefined surface: one side of the wooden window has the perfect spots to attach a catch and customize your photos.

Photo panel in wooden window

Image 29 – Another photo panel in a super creative window: the glasses have been replaced by mirrors for a double function.

Glasses replaced by mirrors

Figure 30 – Your own calendar: Have you thought about printing your favorite photos with monthly information and creating your own personal calendar?

Your own calendar with your favorite photos

Picture 31 – Screen frame: This type of screen can already be found with niches so that you can dock your favorite photos!

Screen frame

Picture 32 – Preserving the memory of the past: The old wedding photos make the album remind of the decoration of the house with a striking background.

Preserving the memories of the past

Image 33 – Photos in colorful comics for more fun decoration.

Photos tagged with colorful comics

Image 34 – Metal and cork plate in the form of a world map, in which you can save your travel memories in the right places.

Photo map world map for storing travel memories

Picture 35 – A special picture of the bride and groom: reveal the favorite photos of your wedding rehearsal to make a souvenir picture.

Unveil your favorite photos of your wedding rehearsal to put on the panel

Image 36 – Another curtain with photos: easy, super easy and cheap to make.

Simple, cheap and easy to do photo panel

Picture 37 – Panel with grid for hanging photos, lists and other objects.

Panel with grid for hanging photos

Picture 38 – In the fridge: turn your photos into magnets to create a chalkboard in the fridge.

Turn your photos into magnets

Picture 39 – Tumblr style: Polaroid photo frame with few materials.

Polaroid photo sling in tumblr style

Picture 40 – Family photos: Frameless frames to be distributed over a very special wall.

Frames without frames to be mirrored under the stairs

Picture 41 – Aramado plate above the bed: super simple decoration and industrial style for your room.

Industrial style panel for bedroom

Picture 42 – Cork boards with posters printed on a wall full of creativity.

Cork board with posters on the wall

Picture 43 – Pieces of wood become a super creative and sustainable frame with just a little hook.

Super creative picture frame

Picture 44 – Direct Pinterest inspiration: The desk wall gets a creative atmosphere with different types of decorations, posters and photo panels.

Home office corner with photo panel

Picture 45 – Create letters and complete words by rearranging your photos.

Full letters and words using the photos

Picture 46 – Pictures to remember the incredible moments lived on your travels.

Pictures to remember the incredible moments lived in trips

Picture 47 – The photographic essay with your love becomes much more special in a different arrangement.

To show the essay with your love

Picture 48 – A pair of curtain panels with lots of memorabilia and colors for the entrance of your home.

Double panel with many recommendations

Image 49 – Photo panel coated with fabric in a neutral color and fasteners for your favorite photos.

Fabric coated photo panel

Picture 50 – Cloud pictures: To decorate a large area, transparent nylon strands from ceiling to floor and various pictures are attached.

Image cloud in the photo panel

Image 51 – Remember the first year: choose a photo to celebrate each month of your life.

Photo Panel: Remembering the first year

Picture 52 – Panel with colored thread examination in police style.

Panel with colored string

Figure 53 – Pictures on the bed wall for a personalized and affective decorative touch.

Pictures arranged on the wall of the bed

Picture 54 – The tip is worth it for a large picture: Divide yourself into a triptych field to extend the range in your decoration.

divide into a triptych panel to stretch the reach in your d├ęcor

Picture 55 – Selection of photos in an acrylic triptych.

Selection of photos in a triptych made of acrylic

Figure 56 – Another idea for you to put up your office wall: photos, notes and messages at eye level.

Photos, notes and messages at the level of your eyes.

Picture 57 – Framed cork photo panel for various types of pictures.

Framed Cork Framed Photo Panel

Image 58 – Another sustainable tip: Use any type of unused surface and give it a different finish.

take advantage of any type of unused surface and give it a different finish.

Image 59 – Curtain made of photos connected by a metal chain to form a curtain.

Curtain of photos linked by metal chain

Image 60 – Buy a self-adhesive magnetic blanket to make your magnets at home easy and economical!

Buy an adhesive magnetic blanket to make your own magnets at home

Step by step: how do you make a simple photo panel at home?

Now, to get you more excited about building a photo panel with your face, take a look at these super easy video tutorials! They all have everyday materials and can easily be found in small stores for very low value. Print your photos and have fun decorating with them!

Pinterest style wire wall

Here are tips on where to find the wire display and you will see how to paint it with spray paint. The cool thing is that the items we use are the ones we usually have at home. Flasher, small closures for photos and stuffed animals were used.

Wall of cord

If you have no problem nailing nails directly to the wall, one panel that gives a very interesting effect is the mural. To do that you will need string (light), nails, hammer, paper clips and paper fasteners. Follow the video step by step to see the location of the nails and how to run the string through them:

Polaroid wall

For those who are a fan of Polaroid camera bars, there are several ways to get your photos in this format. One of them gets the camera, but for those who want something cheaper and simpler, there are apps that turn your photos from the phone into Polaroid photos, then print and capichar in the composition of the mural. In addition to the photos, you will need colored and personalized fasteners, some kind of string and that’s it! Just hang everything on the wall and enjoy the new decor.



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