The shades of pink can be loved or hated, but there is no denying that it changes the mood of an environment. From the darker tones and conspicuous to the clearer and more delicate, they are often viewed as the colors of romance, youth and according to the psychology of colors, affection, protection and sensitivity. Of course, this all has to do with the main element of nature where we find this color: the flowers!

That’s why in this post we’re going to show you a little bit of the new tones and super stylish and creative uses of this color in the environments to inspire you and apply it at home!

Pink colors for everyone!

Although traditionally associated with girls, the uses of colors and shades of pink are changing and introduced in a way that becomes gender neutral. In this way, the rose becomes part of the overall decoration of the house, from the bedroom to the living room, kitchen and bathroom, in a decoration that can be both more classic and more contemporary; serious or relaxed.

50 shades of pink: trends of the moment in decoration

With Pantone, the leading reference in standardization and color cataloging for the industry, choosing rose quartz as the color of the year 2016, pink has once again become a major trend in fashion and interior design.

Pantone Rose Quartz

Since then, the lighter shades of pink, close to Baby Pink and Antique Rose, have returned to the market with new tones, blends and styles.

In addition to Rose Quartz, Rose Millennial, also called Tumblr Pink or Scandinavian Pink, is a tone that has garnered a lot of attention in contemporary public and private settings. This is definitely a color that won’t go out of style anytime soon! In a super light shade, the new approach is to use (or replace) it as the base color along with white for combinations with black, gray and brown.

Gallery: 60 photos of surroundings in shades of pink

Picture 1 – Pink minimalist room: pastel pink tone as the main color of the wall covering decoration, bedding and even the chair-created.

Pink Minimalist Room

Image 2 – Mix rose tones and other tropical colors for a cooler and more relaxed room: pink chewing gum, coral, pastel pink and the beige tones give the decor more dynamism and depth.

Pink and tropical shades

Image 3 – A mixture of rose and wine: a deep and clear tone as the main color of the demanding and serious surroundings.

Rose and wine

Picture 4 – Pink in the kitchen Yes: The most vivid and unusual tones for the kitchen give the surroundings an even funnier tone and even the face of Barbie’s house.

Pink in the kitchen

Image 5 – The lightest rose for the office: A great alternative for those who want to add more color to the environment without leaving the white base.

Light pink for office

Image 6 – BaƱo rosa: Inspired by the old bathrooms of the 1940s, which could be designed with colorful dishes, this new version brings a modern twist and is super stylish.

Pink bathroom

Image 7 – Room based on pink, its different shades and a contrast with the blue: Although not the opposite color complementary, the mixture of pink and blue creates an incredible composition between hot and cold!

Room based on pink

Image 8 – Room in shades of pink: To decorate with this color, think of the different shades that you can use in the same environment and in the patterns so that your composition is not so difficult.

Room in shades of pink

Image 9 – A different environment with a minimal face: half a living room in millennial pink and white.

Minimalist environment

Image 10 – White furniture against the conspicuous wall: wallpaper with maxi flowers in the colors pink, red, green and yellow.

White furniture to counter the flashy wall

Image 11 – Rosy, almost brownish: A “raw” color is ideal for more neutral and quieter environments such as the baby room.

For neutral and calm environments

Image 12 – Another alternative for a pink bathroom: In a more retro atmosphere, you can also just use the wall cladding in an antique rose tone.

Retro pink bathroom

Image 13 – Perfect for giving more personality and bringing light into the environment: Use a lighter shade of pink to ensure that the lighting is well distributed in the room.

Lighter pink tone

Image 14 – Industrial kitchen in shades of pink: for those who have the walls without tiles, it is worth choosing a very bold color to give the kitchen personality!

Industrial kitchen in shades of shock pink

Image 15 – Rose gradient in a white and gray environment: In order to give the environment elegance and femininity at the same time, the combination of subtle pink tones with gray or silver is perfect.

Pink gradient

Image 16 – Another option for a more brownish shade of rose: perfect combination with wooden furniture for a color unity in the decoration.

Maroon Rose Tone

Picture 17 – Single wall in pink for the bedroom: a very strong and attractive color to increase the mood of the surroundings.

Single wall in pink color

Image 18 – Pink from the wall to the piano in a music area: the pink tone frosted purple on the wall creates a great setting for writing with chalk and maintaining the delicacy of the room.

Pink from the wall to the piano

Image 19 – Another example of a combination of pink and gray: light and dark wallpapers in both colors bring a contemporary style and a touch of calm to the children’s room.

Pink and gray combination

Image 20 – Mosaic floors for the bathroom: Pink tones and a mother-of-pearl effect give this environment more sophistication.

Mosaic flooring

Picture 21 – Pink Millennial or Pink Tumblr also for work environments: the creative appeal of this color is the trend.

Pink tumblr for work environments

Image 22 – Kitchen with a pink touch: predominantly white surroundings with a bench made of natural stone and colored resin.

Pink shades in decor: 60 perfect ideas and tips

Image 23 – Trend combination: Millennium rose and copper tone that transforms any environment into a Pinterest style

Pink shades in decor: 60 perfect ideas and tips 1

Image 24 – Living room in pink and ice: white tones for a calm and relaxing environment.

Pink shades in decor: 60 perfect ideas and tips 2

Picture 25 – Rose-almost-red, to give your surroundings more personality: Stronger and darker tones appreciate surroundings with a high right foot.

Tone of almost red rose

Picture 26 – Gradient in shades of pink: set of shelves that form a circle in the wall and a gradient in the painting in pink.

Gradient in shades of pink

Picture 27 – Pink also in the background of the wallpaper: whether it is a smooth environment, with pattern or pattern, pink can be used to add a touch to your decoration.

Pink on wallpaper background

Image 28 – Bathroom with glass tray in shades of pink on all walls: another way to decorate your bathroom with this color.

Bathroom with glass insert

Image 29 – Light pink tone more closely related to the peach for a classic princess room: This tone works very well as a neutral color because it is not very pigmented.

Light pink tone more pulled to the peach

Image 30 – Pink also for the wall of the service area: tiles, wallpaper and even wall stickers are now available in different colors.

Pink for service area

Image 31 – Coating of the kitchen walls in a raw pink tone: perfect combination with white, black and rustproof appliances and kitchen furniture.

Tone of raw rose for kitchen

Figure 32 – Wallpaper with a classic ornate pattern: shades of pink give the background of the wall in the prominence more charm.

Classic Ornate Wallpaper

Image 33 – Pink background for a green decoration: a mixture of two colors that are always successful.

Pink background for green decoration

Image 34 – Pink Tones from Most Oranges to Most Purples: There is an extensive box to try and use in your decoration.

Rose shades from the most orange to the most purplish

Picture 35 – Pink room: Mix the shades of your favorite color and the colors that are closest to it to form a unit.

Pink room

Image 36 – Off-white and green rose for flowery baby bedroom wallpaper.

Pink off-white

Picture 37 – Pop style corner for girls: a mixture of patterns and pop culture icons in shades of pink.

Pop style for girls

Picture 38 – Square tiles in shades of pink in another example of the full style bathroom.

Square tiles with gray grout

Figure 39 – Old rose for the walls and even the door: environment with unity of color and style.

Old rose for the walls

Image 40 – Different shades of pink for the nursery: Delicacy in sweet details.

Pink tones for the children's room

Picture 41 – Pink kitchen: planned cabinets with enamelled coating

Kitchen pink

Image 42 – Shades of light pink combined with ivory and gold: a super refined style for your surroundings.

Rose with ivory and gold

Figure 43 – Room redefined with more classic furniture in trendy colors: pink, red and blue in all elements.

Room with classic furnishings

Image 44 – Pink, Yellow, Blue and Green: Explore the different shades of these colors to create a fun and creative environment (even for work!).

Pink, yellow, blue and green

Photo 45 – Pink even for more serious and demanding contemporary environments.

Pink tint for a more serious environment

Picture 46 – Pink bathroom that is reflected in all corners: the choice of a single item or the whole bathroom, the pink works very well even in the most modern styles.

Pink bathroom

Picture 47 – Combination of the wallpaper with the bed: room in pink consistent with the room.

Wallpaper to bed

Picture 48 – Decorate every corner with a touch of rose: a contemporary decoration with personality goes from the wall painting to the choice of furniture and decorative objects.

A touch of pink to every corner

Image 49 – Contemporary kitchen planning: You can already choose different colors and patterns for your MDF cabinets.

Contemporary Planned Kitchen

Image 50 – Wallpaper with different patterns and in antique pink: a light shade and super easy to combine.

Wallpaper with different pattern

Image 51 – For a super young and delicate room, light and dark pink tones in contrast to white or another neutral and light tone.

Light and dark shades of pink

Image 52 – Mark your bathroom with a glass tray in pink, red and black.

Glass tablets in shades of pink

Picture 53 – Pink wallpaper in a mixture of modern and classic decor.

Wallpaper pink

Photo 54 – In addition to the walls, cupboards can also be renovated with these modern shades of pink and given a new personality.

Wardrobe and wall pink

Picture 55 – Pink neon as a color on the wall of a super pop and contemporary room.

Neon pink as a highlight color

Image 56 – Pink Tumblr also as the perfect color to keep the mood calm, tender and super cute for a kid’s room

Pink tumblr

Image 57 – Planned cabinets fully equipped with design and trend: pink color gradient in the enamelled door of the kitchen cabinets.

Pink gradient in the cabinets

Image 58 – Rosinha combined with other candy colors: perfect palette for a room or a children’s corner of studies or games.

Pink + candy colors

Image 59 – Rose Millennial for bathroom tiles with black and white details.

Tile with millenial rose

Image 60 – Dark pink on the bedroom wall: a background full of personality for a more minimalist space.

Dark pink shades for bedroom wall



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