A nice and clear table makes every meal even more enjoyable and tasty. The so-called “placemat” enriches special moments such as festive dinners and birthday meals, but can also be used in daily life and daily meals so inviting and special.

And do not even think the table is fresh. On the contrary, the arrangement and organization of cutlery and crockery facilitates the time of serving, tasting and retreating, which has already been used. In this post, we will clarify how it all works and teach you how to set up a desk for formal and informal events. Follow it.

What is a table?

The placemat is nothing more than arranging crockery, cutlery and glasses on the table for a particular meal, which may be breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon coffee or dinner.

There is another type of table for each of these meals. The occasion also makes the difference when you set the table, for, for example, when grilling, you can enjoy the table better, while at an engagement dinner, the elements that make up the table are a little more refined and refined sophistication.

A table for the day to day is also very different than a table for a special occasion such as a birthday or Valentine’s Day. Therefore, one must first of all know why the table is being assembled.

What items and objects should not be missing on a desk?
The opportunity to bet makes it much easier to know what to put on the table. You must first set the menu. For every kind of meal there are cutlery, glasses and special dishes.

But in general some objects are wild and are always used. So always hold them in your hands. In the following list you will find the indispensable items for a well-laid table:

Tablecloth, American game or sousplat

You can choose to have only one or all three, but the more options you have, the better, so you can guarantee the table for different occasions, from a more elegant dinner to a Sunday barbecue. The tablecloths are a joker. Invest in a fine fabric like cotton and linen. The bright colors are more visible, but nothing prevents a thicker tone or a printed towel, as long as you take care of the rest of the decoration so as not to overload the table visually.

The American games serve as support for glasses, cutlery and glasses. They can be the same or different prints if you want a more modern and relaxed table. Already the sousplat, read suppá, only support the dish and can be used alone or in conjunction with the tablecloth. Like the American games, there are several different models and materials from Sousplat, as well as it is possible to make them at home.


Every meal needs dishes, whether they are deep, flat, soup or dessert. Invest in these items, especially in porcelain and ceramics. If you often receive many people in your home, you must have at least twelve of each type, otherwise six will suffice.


Like crockery, cutlery is indispensable for a set table, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. First, make a basic set with knives – main and dessert, forks – main and dessert – and spoons – main, dessert, coffee and tea. Then add other cutlery in a few minutes, eg. For fish and red meat.

Cups and glasses

Eating is synonymous with drinking. That’s why the glasses come in the list. The rules of etiquette define three types of cups for the placemat: cup for red wine, glass for white wine and cup for water. Do you need all of them? This will depend on the menu, but to make sure you have at least glasses for water and glasses for a wine.

Cups and saucers

Cups with saucers are also important for a set table, especially for breakfast, brunch or afternoon coffee. In such cases, the coffee and tea cups are used with the respective saucers. After the main meals, many people like to take a sip of coffee, so it’s good to stock up for lunch and dinner as well.


Paper towel does not even think eh? Always have a set of cloth napkins to leave the table immaculate. The tip for the towels is also for the napkins, so you prefer the fabrics like cotton and thread. If you want to make the table even more beautiful, use rings to wrap the napkins. You can buy or do, the internet is full of ideas.

How to set a table

table top

Now that you know everything you need to set up a spreadsheet, let’s take a step-by-step look at how to create the spreadsheet. check-out:

  1. First the towel should come, the American game or the sousplat. When using American or Sousplat games, remember that you need one for each guest and that the item should be positioned facing the chair. If you are using a tablecloth, check the length so people will not stumble on the towel;
  2. Then it’s time to arrange the dishes according to the menu. The smaller dishes are on the bigger ones. For example, first the salad plate, then the main course. The dessert plate is placed after the main meal. If the food contains snacks before dinner, add a smaller dish in the upper left corner with a bread knife.
  3. Arrange the cutlery now. The rule is placed on the table, whichever is first served in the menu. Therefore, the forks should be on the left side, following the order from smallest to largest and from outside to inside. For example, the smallest and outermost of the salad must be, starting with the fish – if any – and the main fork, which is located in the innermost part, leaning against the plate. On the right side are the knives and the tablespoon. In this way you have it from the outside in: the tablespoon – if available, the incoming knife and the main knife. The dessert spoon is positioned over the bowl;
  4. The napkin is in the left corner next to the forks.
  5. Then arrange the bowls. You should be in the upper right corner, starting with the top of the last knife or spoon. The first is red wine, then comes the white wine and finally the wine;

This is the step-by-step step to set up a formal Posta table for a special dinner or lunch. For the day you can opt for a simpler table setting with only the main and dessert utensils, a bowl and the main and main course.

For breakfast and afternoon coffee, use dessert plates and cutlery, teacups, coffee, a glass of juice and a napkin. The dishes and the dishes are the same: plates in the middle, forks to the left, knives (always with the cut inside) and spoon to the right, napkin in the left corner, cups and saucers with teaspoons and coffee in the upper right corner side and the glass of juice next to it.

For breakfast or afternoon coffee, the tables are usually cleaned up with food. Remember to ensure the visual presentation of the trays and plates that are on the table.

For brunch, the mid-day meal between breakfast and lunch, the composition of the table is very similar to breakfast, except that it includes larger flat plates and main cutlery.

60 table decoration ideas will inspire you

Take a look at some suggestions for table suggestions that will inspire you and make your event happen:

Figure 1 – Mesa posta for an informal occasion; The napkin was placed under the cumbuca soup.

Table set for an informal occasion

Picture 2 – Flowers complete the decoration of the table; Do not make the arrangement too loud to disturb the conversation between the guests.

Flowers complement the table decoration put

Picture 3 – Copper dishes are the great attraction of this placemat; Mark the cactus vases that adorn the interior of each dish.

Copper crockery is the great charm of this table set

Figure 4 – Blue tablecloth reinforces the golden cutlery; Candlesticks and flower pots complete the table.

Blue tablecloth on table set

Picture 5 – Placemat in simple form with only the cutlery and crockery; The charm lies in the beauty of the decor.

Simple puttable table with only cutlery

Picture 6 – Already at this table, no towel, American game or sousplat.

Table set without American set, towel and without sousplat

Picture 7 – The black background created by the towel leaves the table more refined, the details in gold reinforce the suggestion.

Sophisticated post table with black towel background

Figure 8 – Although informal, you can set up a nice table.

Informal informal table

Picture 9 – The long table counts with a glass of olive oil on each plate; a pleasure for the guests.

Table set with small bottle of olive oil

Figure 10 – Romantic and modern, this table has been decorated in white and light pink with a touch of black and gold.

Table set decorated in white color

Picture 11 – Black gives this formal desk a double elegance.

Double elegance for this formal table

Picture 12 – The predominant white is ideal for tables that are set up during the day.

Predominant table top white

Picture 13 – Fruit and vegetable branch gives the table charm and grace.

Sliced ​​fruit pineapple

Picture 14 – Simple put table used paper napkin.

Simple puttable table with paper napkin

Photo 15 – Placemat for a party with cutlery and plastic utensils.

Party table decoration with cutlery

Picture 16 – At this table, the flowers come in the form and design of the dishes.

Table set with crockery drawing

Picture 17 – American game with floral print helps to decorate the table.

American floral print for writing table

Picture 18 – All pink on this table for coffee.

Coffee table

Picture 19 – Placemat with a lot of fun and fun.

Table set with great joy and fun

Figure 20 – Simple table template for copying and DIY in your house.

Simple post table template

Picture 21 – Star-shaped plates enter the table decoration in a special way.

Special shape table decoration

Picture 22 – outdoor table set; Ideal for a picnic or a barbecue.

Outdoor table set

Picture 23 – Wooden table creates a harmonious and striking contrast to the black pieces.

Wooden post table

Picture 24 – The outdoor climate is of course informal, but the table does not have to be less clean.

Outdoor table set

Picture 25 – Napkins and American plaid game give the food a picnic face; The fresh vegetables on the table invite you for an aperitif before the main course.

American chess set on the table set

Picture 26 – A nice and rich table for breakfast; Impress your guests with dishes and flower arrangements.

Table set for breakfast

Picture 27 – Rustic table used raw stones in decoration.

Rustic table with rough stones in decoration

Picture 28 – Do not leave the center of the table, especially the round ones, empty, use flower arrangements to fill the room.

Table set with flower arrangements

Picture 29 – One option at the time of table setting is to use a path on the towel that creates an appearance like that of the picture.

path on the tablecloth on the table

Figure 30 – Placemat for brunch; Board with different cheeses, fruits and olives can not be missing.

Table set for brunch

Figure 31 – Outdoor Table: try rustic sousplat, like this one in the picture, it looks nice!

Sousplat rustic style outdoor table set

Picture 32 – If you want, you can leave a menu for each guest; Position it on the left side of the table next to the napkin.

A menu for each guest at the table set

Picture 33 – At this table set aside the ceramic dishes and the cutlery with wooden handle.

Ceramic dishes on the table set

Figure 34 – For a modern and elegant table, a combination of white and blue.

Combination of white and blue on the table set

Picture 35 – Even the relaxed café in the afternoon, where people sit on the floor, can rely on a nice table, which makes the food tastier.

Beautiful coffee table for afternoon coffee

Figure 36 – Placemat for a fondue dinner.

Table set for dinner with fondue

Picture 37 – Placemat for breakfast; Note that the dishes do not have to be the same, just harmonics between them.

Table set for breakfast

Picture 38 – And how about a plate with a message to make the occasion more relaxed?

Dish with message to table post

Figure 39 – Table for a breakfast of two.

Table set for breakfast for two

Picture 40 – Note the charm of this American game: It has a pocket to store the cutlery.

Charm of the American game with table set

Picture 41 – And for sushi? Mount the table with palm leaves.

Table set for sushi

Picture 42 – A simple table with a towel and white crockery gains an additional charm through the natural leaves.

A simple table, with white tablecloth and tablecloths, gains an extra charm with the natural leaf branches

Picture 43 – With a table so covered nobody will leave the house without coffee! A simple and inexpensive idea to evaluate the moments of the day.

A simple idea for a desk

Picture 44 – This aperitif with the traditional beer at the end of the day can also be served with a simple and practical table.

Simple and practical post table

Picture 45 – placemat for starters and snacks; The theme of the decoration are fruits and leaves.

Table set for snacks and snacks

Figure 46 – Instead of a towel covering the entire table, only one way in the middle was used.

Instead of a towel covering the entire table, only one path was used in the center

Figure 47 – The right cutlery helps to make the food better; In this case, the serving glasses are indispensable.

Table set with forks for appetizers

Image 48 – The visual presentation of food is also important to complete the mealtime.

Visual presentation of the table

Picture 49 – Chess tablecloth brings a relaxed atmosphere to the table.

Chess table cloth put on

Picture 50 – Breakfast simple, but appreciated by the beauty of the laid table.

Simple breakfast for table set

Figure 51 – Placemat for a romantic meal.

Table set for romantic meal

Picture 52 – The glass table dispenses with the use of towels and other types of crockery and cutlery support.

Glass table

Figure 53 – Napkin rings appreciate the decoration of the table and can be easily made at home.

Napkin rings enhance table decoration

Figure 54 – Even without using all the cutlery, keep the recommended position for everyone to facilitate use during the meal.

Incredible table set

Picture 55 – Pineapple decorate this table post.

Pineapples decorate this table post

Image 56 – Modern and impeccable in organization, this table posta even brings Adam’s ribbed leaves to finish the decor.

Table set with Adam's rib

Picture 57 – On plates, napkins and menus.

Napkins and menus on the table on the table set

Picture 58 – For each guest, one color of the American game, but note that all have the same format and print; in the middle an arrangement of vegetables.

One American color match for each guest

Picture 59 – Brunch well served to fill the eyes and the palate.

Brunch well served for table set

Picture 60 – Flower-shaped ceramic tableware that distributes other arrangements on the table.

Ceramic tableware in flower format dispenses other arrangements on the table set



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