In our “Garden design” section you will find ideas, tips and pictures every day on how to beautify your own garden. Today we would like to draw your attention to two of the main activities in gardening and landscaping and even more specifically to paving and fencing. With a valuable garden fence and a harmoniously inserted paved path, your green oasis will look even more inviting and cosy!

Paving works

More and more garden owners are opting for paving work – for an inner courtyard area, seating area, driveway or a path to the entrance door. If you want to carry out paving work yourself or with professional help, you should pay attention to some useful tips. The first task is to select paving stones. And here comes the big question: concrete or natural paving? If you know both the advantages and disadvantages of these two options, your decision will be much easier. For this reason, we offer you a brief overview, which we hope will help you. Concrete blocks are available in very different shapes, colours and surface structures. They are inexpensive, robust, easier to lay and can be produced in a short time. A disadvantage is that they tend to slip in freezing wet conditions. The paving made of natural stone, on the other hand, is of high quality, durable and less slippery in damp conditions. However, natural paving is not available in all colours and formats and is relatively expensive compared to concrete blocks. The selection of the material and the correct laying of the stones are indeed of great importance, but one can say that the substructure is the most important prerequisite for successful paving work. In order to create a durable, load-bearing and frost-resistant substructure, you must take into account every detail, such as the planned load, material for the base course, strength of the ground. In order to avoid the risk of uneven areas, damage to the slabs, etc., it is recommended that paving work be carried out by qualified specialist companies. In this context, we are happy to recommend a company that plans and carries out paving and stone laying work reliably, competently and to your complete satisfaction. It concerns the company GPS D.Sturm GmbH, whose field of activity covers all activities in the garden and landscape gardening.

Your own garden as an oasis of well-being

fence works

If you have a bigger garden, you probably want to fence it in. In addition to its main function of separating one’s own property from its surroundings, the garden fence serves as a screen, creates privacy, keeps unwanted visitors away and shapes the overall picture of the garden. Once you have decided on a fence in the garden, you must first choose the optimal material. To help you make this choice, this section presents the advantages and disadvantages of the three most preferred fence materials. Wooden fences are certainly one of the most common types of fence. They look natural, come in a variety of colours and shapes and are cheaper than other types of fence. The disadvantages are the relatively high maintenance costs and the low durability. Metal garden fences, on the other hand, are robust, weather- and moisture-resistant, require hardly any maintenance and look particularly noble and valuable. On the other hand, they are significantly more expensive than wooden fences and if the fence is not galvanised, rust can develop. The third variant is plastic garden fences. Just like these made of metal, they are weatherproof and do not require much maintenance. Аußerdem they are available in numerous designs at favourable prices. Apart from all these advantages the fences from plastic exhibit also some disadvantages. In comparison to wood fences for example they work very unnatural. A further disadvantage consists in the fact that they become porous and fragile with cold and/or by a strong sun irradiation at color can lose. You can choose the material yourself, but the help of a professional is almost a must when planning or implementing. Also in this case we would recommend you the team of GPS-Berlin, if you need a reliable and competent partner.

Flower splendour behind a valuable fence

Desire for fresh colours

Make the private garden inviting and cosy

Pavement path to the entrance door


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