Princess-themed parties have always been hugely popular with girls, especially the younger ones who have fallen in love with fairy tales and Disney princesses.

It is not without reason that the princesses enchant us with their stories, the lavish decor of their castles, their dresses and the whole kingdom!

So in today’s post we brought a number of creative ideas for the princess party , from the main table to the details of decorating the setting, ideas for jokes, cakes and souvenirs. After all, for a party with this theme, the entire environment with all the details in their right places must be thought and prepared!

But first, let’s separate two great ideas for you who are already thinking about the style of decoration you want to bring into the ambience of this party:

For easier and faster decoration, bet on products available in the party specialty stores

Since this theme is very popular with children, there are many options in party supply stores, from the most famous and classic princesses like Cinderella, Bela (from Beauty and the Beast), Snow White; the newest ones, gaining new fans, like Sofia Princess; and even items that aren’t inspired by a specific character.

You will find everything from cups, cutlery and disposable cups to wall decor, tablecloths and custom-made products in the shops.

Golden in every detail of the princess party

In addition to the colors pink, yellow and purple usually chosen as the main colors of the parties, gold can be used as a highlight color. This is because it reminds us of the decorations of the ancient kingdoms and castles of the kings, queens and princesses of the Middle Ages that inspire the look of the princess’s drawings and films.

In gold details you think of chandeliers, picture frames, cake stands and other items that remind us of the splendor of royal items.

Get inspired in the spring mood of fairy tales

Fairy tales usually inspire a fresh climate with values ​​such as friendship, love and hope, many scenarios in contact with nature, full of trees and flowers. Think of this ideal climate with an exuberant nature and plan your princess party decoration as a pleasant and refreshing environment through the flowers and leaves.

They can be used in table decorations, cake decorations (some types are even edible), in a ceiling arrangement, in garlands, and others. The options are endless and add a touch of life and comfort to the ambience of your princess party.

If you don’t want to use real flowers, there are stores that specialize in flowers and artificial arrangements! Many of them are very similar to real flowers and can fool even the unsuspecting.

60 strong ideas of the party decoration princess

Take a look at our selection of images now to get inspired and plan your princess party!

Cake and candy table for princess party

Image 1 – Main table decoration for princess party with a tulle skirt inspired in the costumes of the characters.

Princess party decoration with tulle skirt

Image 2 – Festival of the Princesses with a simple main table.

Princess party with a simple table

Image 3 – Put on the garlands to complete the decor: an inexpensive and super stylish option.

Simple and cheap Princess party

Picture 4 – Use a full rosette box to prepare decorations, packaging and food.

Complete card with shades of pink

Image 5 – Disney Princess Party: Use the most famous fairytale princesses and the pop universe as the main characters of your party.

Disney Princess Party

Image 6 – Decoration of the main table, inspired by the brightness and magic of the fairy godmother!

Princess Party: tips to decorate with this theme so dear

Picture 7 – Main table making a mix of flowers in a spring weather in the princess’s castle.

Main table with flower mix

Image 8 – Decorate the main table, inspired by the large gold frames of the medieval castles with a touch of pink.

Main table all inspired by the large golden frames of the medieval castles

Image 9 – Princess party in a wide setting: decoration of the main table and the table of guests in a lighter and spring-like tone.

Princess party in a wide setting

Picture 10 – Table in a cleaner style with a super decoration of bubbles in shades of pink and yellow and leaves that also create a spring mood.

Simple table with decoration of bladders

Picture 11 – For the little princess: idea of ​​decorating the main table more colorful for the youngest children.

Decoration of the main table for little princess

Image 12 – Princess party idea for those who are short on space: Use a dresser or a desk to make your main table and abuse the decorations hung with paper, super easy to find and inexpensive.

Princess party decoration for those who have little space available

Image 13 – Pink and gold as the main colors of the table and the party: Bet on the more elaborate cake stands to make a palace decoration.

Pink and gold as the main colors of the Princess party

Sweets and Princesses menu

Picture 14 – Edible crown made of cone, lid and confectionery.

Edible crown of cone

Photo 15 – Capriche in the packaging and shapes of your candy: use cups, ribbons and even pieces of tulle.

Capriche in the packs

Image 16 – Crown for all corners: from the personalized squeeze cups to the straw.

Crown in soft drinks

Image 17 – Mini nude pink cake: individual portions for your guests.

Pink mini naked cake for party decoration Princess

Image 18 – On the toothpick! Sweets and lollipops come already in the toothpick to make handling easier and can be served in a glamorous decoration.

Sweets on the toothpick for princess party

Funny lollipops with altar boys

Image 19 – Tubes with small balls, decorated like a princess full of glamor.

Bubble Tubes for Princess Party

Image 20 – All the little sweets you have! Donuts roses full of icing on the cover.

Pink Donuts full of colors

Image 21 – Personalize the sweets in the princess party the easy and cheap way: natural sandwiches in the shape of a crown.

Princess Party: tips to decorate with this theme so dear

Picture 22 – Shortbread biscuits with their characters from the princess’ favorite fairy tales.

Princess Party: tips for decorating with this beloved theme 1

Princess Party: tips for decorating with this beloved theme 2

Image 23 – Be inspired by the desserts born in Royal Highness: a refined Charlotte, a tribute to Queen Charlotte of England.

Princess Party: tips for decorating with this beloved theme 3

Image 24 – Delicate and delicious sweets: The famous macarons can have several colors depending on the choice of filling and coloring.

Princess Party: tips for decorating with this beloved theme 4

Image 25 – Individual and comforting snack: A bottle of yogurt and biscuits round off the fun.

Princess Party: tips for decorating with this beloved theme 5

Image 26 – Super special cupcakes with personalized Kingdom plaques.

Princess Party: tips for decorating with this beloved theme 6

Princess Party: tips to decorate with this theme so dear 7

Decoration, game and other details

Picture 27 – Plate idea for the party entrance: Welcome to the Disney Princesses.

Welcome to the Disney Princess

Image 28 – Detail on the table: EVA cup holder in the shape of a crown with lots of glitter.

EVA cup holder with glitter on the party table Princess

Picture 29 – Name the princesses to decorate their crowns and tiaras!

Crowns and tiaras for party decoration Princess

Image 30 – All the princesses ready: dresses, makeup and accessories to complete the game.

Outdoor Dresses

Dressing table for princess party

Colorful Princess Party Table

Image 31 – To add a little glamor to the party decor, consider imitating the castle decor with lots of embellishments, curtains and a fabulous chandelier.

Castle decoration for princesses party

Picture 32 – A little corner for the simple princesses’ party: how about a rug, lots of pillows, lights and candy for a party with less invited?

Corner for simple princess party

Picture 33 – Attention to all details: decoration for the back of the chair with ribbons and a shiny buckle.

Chair Back Embellishment

Image 34 – Minimalist princess: simple garlands that can be made at home with felt or EVA and string.

Minimalist decoration for princess party

Crown of Princesses in Decoration

Picture 35 – Another idea for the princess party: tea and afternoon tea for princesses only in an environment specially decorated for them.

Simple princess party decoration

Picture 36 – To shake up the party: suggest games and activities so everyone can participate, like coloring!

Games and activities for princess party

Picture 37 – Two super creative table decorations: The crown on these personalized decorations!

Crown highlighted in table decoration

Balloons in the party decoration Princess

Picture 38 – Picture Corner: Set up a scene and fun themed pictures to make your photos cool.

Party photo corner Princess with funny little plaques

Figure 39 – You can find disposable and decor items with a princess theme in Party Supplies stores to set up a personalized table.

Disposable items for party decoration Princess

Picture 40 – Prepare the princesses that you already have at home in this make-believe!

Enter the princesses you already have at home

Princess party cake

Image 41 – Four layers of pink and gold with a well decorated decoration and a princess crown on top.

Four layer pink cake

Image 42 – Pink gradient cover to add texture and volume to the princess cake.

Pink gradient cover for cake

Picture 43 – Royal castle cake: Super high and delicate layers form a fairytale tower!

Party cake Princess in royal castle style

Image 44 – Inspired by the ball gowns: cake with an American briefcase and a detailed skirt.

Princess Cake with American Folder and Skirt Set

Picture 45 – In the homemade style: semi-naked cake with an excellent covering of chocolate and colored granules.

Half naked cake for princess party

Picture 46 – Your favorite princesses celebrate together! Each layer with a decoration inspired by a character from the Disney universe.

Disney Princess Cake

Picture 47 – Simple cake with lid of the golden princess and the name of the birthday girl in American paste on the side.

Simple Princess Party Cake

Image 48 – A special and super luxurious cake for your little princess!

Cake of the luxurious princess party

Image 49 – Another cake inspired by the princess dress: perfect work in American paste and sugar confectionery.

Cake inspired in princess dress

Picture 50 – Completing the decoration with flowers: researching the edible species or using artificial arrangements.

Finishing the decoration with flowers on the decorated princess cake


Picture 51 – Bag of pieces to build your own lock.

Sachet with pieces to assemble the castle itself

Image 52 – To eat delicious homemade sweets after the party.

Homemade sweets to eat after the party

Picture 53 – Operation Fairy Godmother: Leave tulle ready for the princesses to be ready for the waltz.

You go from tulle to the guests

Picture 54 – Personalized souvenirs for each of the invited princesses.

Personalized souvenirs in little bag

Image 55 – Colored set: individual coloring books and wax crayons to take with you and keep having fun.

Colorful kit as a souvenir for Princess party

Image 56 – Disney Princess products to put together a complete set.

Disney Princess products to make a perfect souvenir kit

Image 57 – Crown Pop! A delight in toothpicks with a special decoration of the theme of the party.

Crown POP as a souvenir

Image 58 – Crown all your guests with tags or crown-shaped toys!

Pendants as a souvenir for princess party

Screenshot 59 – Glitter crown adorns your little things and lets everything go with your theme.

Glitter crown in the souvenir

Picture 60 – Many party surprises and a TAG with a special thank you message for your guests.

Surprise gift for princess party favors



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