Do you want to sigh in a passionate scene? How to decorate your house in a Provencal style. The Provençal decor refers to the idyllic and charming Provence, which is known in south-eastern France for its wide and fragrant lavender fields. The decoration carries all the romance and simplicity of the rural life of the place.

In addition, the Provençal decor is a mixture of textures and colors that harmonize in a soft, delicate and almost always very romantic environment. This decoration uses neutral colors and pastel tones, rustic and worn furniture, floral prints and other elements that now lead us to a rustic style or a more sophisticated style.

And all of this has a why. The history of Provençal decoration began around the 16th century when French peasants began to want decoration similar to that of nobles and kings. But they had no resources. So the way was to improvise.

Provencal decoration: decorate your home with this style

The artisans began to reproduce the style of the furniture, but they did it with a wood of poor quality and completely irregular. As a result, the furniture had many imperfections and, in an attempt to improve the appearance of the furniture, they invented a coating technique known as Gessocre, which served to cover the holes and other imperfections in the wood. But the coating was not very sturdy and would wear out over time, which would result in a rustic effect on the furniture.

Curious and without imagining, they had just created the patina. A technique that became known worldwide and was used as one of the most important references to the Provencal style. Because of this frustrated attempt (at the time) to imitate the real decoration, French farmers have recently created a unique and highly valued style.

Would you like to know more about Provençal decoration and learn how to decorate in this style? Follow the post we will tell you in detail how to do this.

How to make a Provencal decoration

Provencal decoration: decorate your home with this style

The romantic and bucolic style of the Provençal decor makes many believe that this decor is typically feminine. But they are wrong. The Provencal decor actually has more feminine features, like the use of flowers and shades of pink, but it doesn’t have to be limited to that. On the other hand.

The Provencal style can get a more neutral touch and still be integrated into a modern decoration.

Alias, that’s exactly what happened in the current Provencal decoration: combine the rustic and the old with the new and sophisticated.

If you want to decorate the whole house in a Provencal style, it is important to be careful with the exaggerations, as this type of decoration is more charged. Also make sure that the spaces in the decoration communicate with each other so that the surroundings are integrated and have the same suggestion.

But if you just want to give your house a Provençal touch, then simply rely on one or the other element and combine it with the rest of the decor.

We will individually address all the items that are essential for the Provencal decor and show you how you can use them in any room. First, let’s talk about furniture, a landmark of Provençal decor.

Aged and rustic furniture

Provençal decoration: decorate your home with this style 1

The antique furniture is the icing on the cake of Provençal decor. They are indispensable for this type of decoration. The aged look helps to keep the origins of the decoration of centuries. It is therefore worth redesigning this old family furniture. Antique shops and thrift stores are also good sources to get furniture in this style. The rustic aspect is also characteristic of this type of furniture, as the farmers did not have enough resources to create furniture like that of the royal family.

The nice thing about the Provencal decoration is that you can restore the furniture yourself. This will also help you save money, firstly because you can reuse it and not secondly because you can do it yourself.

Old furniture can be found in every room of the house. It is possible to use an old headboard or chest of drawers in the rooms. Antique wardrobes are also a good request, but if you just want to give a Provençal twist, choose one or the other.

Use coffee tables, dressers or antique chairs in the living room. In the dining room, choose a rustic, unfinished table with benches and chairs. The kitchen can also cover the Provencal style in the cupboards and sinks. In the bathroom, you can count on the Provencal style in the closet, taps and mirror.


Lavender flower

The flowers also help to create the Provencal style, especially the lavender, which are typical flowers of the region.

However, flowers don’t just have to be arranged in pots. You can use flowers in the prints of pillows, pictures and wallpaper for example. With them, the romantic style of decoration is guaranteed.

color palette

The choice of colors has a direct impact on the Provencal decoration, so it is very important to choose them carefully. In general, white is the basis of all decoration. It gives the environment, typical of the style, the lightness, tenderness and cleanliness.

To match white, choose light tones and pastels from the blue, green, and pink palette. These colors are classic Provencal style and can be used on walls as well as on furniture, upholstered furniture and decorative objects.

The shades of pink and purple emphasize the romance and feminine side of the Provencal decoration, so if you want to bet a little of this idea in the shades of blue.
Baby and children’s rooms accept the Provencal proposal very well, as they must be clearer and more neutral.

Wood and iron

You will also notice that wood and iron are always present in the Provencal decoration. Floor and ceiling are always wood and of course furniture.

The iron tends to get into the objects of decoration and lamps, especially those that are outside the house. Furniture can also be made of iron.

Prints and strips

One of the best known prints of Provençal decoration is the Toile de Jouy, it was created around the 18th century and its drawings printed on a white background show the rural lifestyle. Generally, this type of pattern can be found in wallpaper and fabrics made of linen and cotton.

The stripes are also strong in the Provençal decor, they reinforce the romantic air and can be integrated into the decor with wallpaper or the fabric lining the upholstery.

Mirrors and chandeliers

The sophistication and elegance of the Provencal style can be achieved by using mirrors and chandeliers. Both objects were common parts in palaces and still bear the nobility today. For example, the living room is the perfect place for a glass chandelier. The mirrors can already be in all rooms of the house.

Pay attention to the mirror frame before buying. This is an important detail when it comes to composing Provencal decor. Delicate frames bring romance to the surroundings, the old frames are more rustic, while the more classic style guarantees the sophistication of the place.

60 exciting ideas of Provençal decor to use at home

I noticed that the Provencal decoration is full of special features. And to leave no doubt about how to decorate in this style, we have selected some images to make you fall in love. Let’s check it out

Figure 1 – External rural area and full of Provencal elements.

External area bucolic and full of provencal elements

Wicker chairs, iron lamps and the climbing plant are classic examples of Provençal decoration. The large, elegant vases house small Buchichas, bushes that are used a lot in the royal gardens.

Picture 2 – Provencal decoration in the bathroom.

Provencal decoration in the bathroom
This small bathroom has been decorated with Provencal elements. Starting with the white that dominates the environment brings clarity and a feeling of freshness. The antique furniture that serves as a closet next to the tap complements the look

Figure 3 – Dining room with a Provencal touch.

Provencal dining room with touch

The white on the walls and on the table shows the Provencal decoration. To reinforce the proposal, a simple vase with flowers on the table and the old headboard in the bedroom, on the back.

Image 4 – Retro and Provencal decorations together.

Retro and Provencal decorations together
This bathroom combines elements of retro and Provençal decoration in one. White walls and wooden ceilings with copper from metals bring Provence to the surroundings, box curtains and decorative objects over the sink decorate in a retro style

Image 5 – Provençal decoration away from the obvious.

Provencal decoration escaping from the obvious

To avoid the classic rose, the proposal to decorate this dining room was combined with a blue floral wallpaper. Highlight for the beautiful antique chairs and the wooden floor

Image 6 – Touch Provencal in the furniture.

Provençal touch on furniture
Not every decor has to be Provencal. In this case, only the furniture relates to the style. Look at the iron feet of the coffee table and the side table, despite the hardness of the material, it becomes soft and delicate in the Provençal decoration

Image 7 – Classic and noble chandelier for rooms in Provencal style.

Classic and noble chandelier for Provencal style living room

Photo 8 – Provencal children’s pool.

Provençal child bathroom

Image 9 – Rustic ceiling that forms a counterpoint with the elegance of the furniture and the chandelier.

Rustic ceiling

Image 10 – Provencal decoration noble and sophisticated.

Provencal decoration

Figure 11 – Bed with four-poster bed: Provençal romance guaranteed.

Canopy bed

Picture 12 – Provencal decoration in detail.

Provencal decoration in details
In this room, the Provencal decor prevails in the details. The floral print carpet, the shade of blue on the upholstery and the beautiful chandelier with chandeliers show the sophistication of this type of decoration

Image 13 – Lavender colored decoration.

Lavender color decoration
The Provencal style of this room guarantees the lavender color on the walls and the stripes on the ceiling. A happy and cozy room for the children

Image 14 – Room with Provencal furnishings.

Room with Provencal decoration
The couple’s room became more romantic with the floral wallpaper and white wooden ceiling. Highlight the worn cell phone with a discreet arrangement of makeshift flowers in a can

Image 15 – Rose tones and a bedside table to compose the Provencal decoration of the room.

Tones of rose and a nightstand to compose the Provencal decoration of the room

Image 16 – Provencal decoration with blue and pink in the right size.

Provencal decoration with blue and pink in the right measure

Picture 17 – Provencal decoration for the twin room.

Provencal decoration for the twin room

Children’s room, especially babies, fits very well with Provencal decor. Of course, these environments already require softer and more delicate colors and are therefore the face of the Provençal style

Picture 18 – Provencal decoration “masculine”.

Provencal decoration
This Provencal decoration has presented itself more masculine. Instead of the traditional shades of pink, this room dared a stronger, lively shade of blue than the gray headboard. An example for which the Provencal decoration can be adapted to all tastes and styles

Image 19 – Flowers, indispensable element of the Provencal decoration, in the frame, in the table, in the curtain and in the sofa.

Flowers, indispensable element of Provencal decoration, present on the table, on the table, on the curtain and on the sofa

Figure 20 – A bathroom with Provencal details.

A bathroom of provencal details
The white background of this bathroom highlighted the wood, the pattern of the tiles and the delicate glue of the toilet

Picture 21 – Provencal decoration in black tones.

Provencal decoration in shades of black
For those who believe that it is not possible to combine black and Provencal decoration, this picture proves otherwise. In the right proportions and in combination with the right elements, this bathroom is a typical example of Provençal decoration

Picture 22 – Provençal clean room.

Provencal room clean
The white dominates the Provençal style and brings gentleness, clarity and modernity. Note that despite its modernity, the TV was unable to keep the Provencal air out of the environment.

Image 23 – Iron in Provençal decoration: delicacy and sophistication for the environment.

Iron in Provencal decoration

Image 24 – Let the light enter in the Provencal decoration.

In Provencal decor, let the light in

Image 25 – White kitchen cabinets in contrast to the unfinished wood of the table.

White Kitchen Cabinets

Image 26 – Refinement and elegance in the Provencal bathroom decoration.

Sophistication and elegance in Provencal bathroom decor

Picture 27 – White walls, the room abuses the dark tones to compose the Provencal style.

White walls, the room abused the dark tones to compose the Provencal style

Image 28 – Provencal cuisine: From the pastel green of the old cupboard to the wooden ceiling.

Provençal cuisine: from the pastel green of the old cupboard to the wooden ceiling

Figure 29 – Boy’s room with influences of Provençal decoration.

Room of boy with influences of the decoration of Provence

Figure 30 – Love Provence stamped on the wall of the porch.

The love of Provence stamped on the balcony wall

Figure 31 – Room of the tender girl who follows the tendencies of the Provencal decoration.

Delicate Girl's Room

Figure 32 – Iron bed with voluminous actuation: Provencal properties.

Iron bed with large trousseau

Image 33 – Golden from old objects: sophistication in Provencal style.

Golden of old objects

Image 34 – Rose tones create a romantic effect in the Provencal decoration

Rose shades to create a romantic effect in Provencal decor

Figure 35 – Provencal style dining room.

Dining room all in the Provencal style
This dining room exudes Provence. All the romantic and delicate, the Provencal decor style is highlighted in the frills of the tablecloth, the beautiful chandelier, the white dishes on the shelves and the delicate pink of the flowers

Picture 36 – Provencal liter for girls in white and pink.

Provencal quartz for girls in white and pink

Image 37 – Provencal decoration with pastel blue and chandelier.

Provencal decoration with pastel blue tone

Image 38 – White, white-painted pebbles give the Provencal decoration the rustic.

Apparent white painted bricks

Image 39 – Floral print and pink stripes bring romance into the room.

Floral pattern and pink stripes

Image 40 – Decoration of the sober and neutral Provencal kitchen.

Provencal decoration: decorate your home with this style

Picture 41 – Upholstered in moss green to contrast with white.

Upholstered in moss green

Image 42 – Vase with lavender: a touch more in the Provencal decoration.

Pot of Lavenders

Picture 43 – Black Provencal decoration: sophistication for the environment.

Black Provencal decoration

Image 44 – Provencal style wallpapers make the room appear cozy and intimate.

Provencal decoration with wallpaper

Figure 45 – In this room no special feature of the Provencal decoration has been forgotten.

Room with complete provencal decoration

Figure 46 – Children’s room combines very well with the Provencal decoration.

Children's room combines very well with provencal decor

Image 47 – Provençal decoration: wood of the table contrasts with the neutrality of the surroundings.

Provençal decoration: table wood contrasts with the neutrality of the environment

Figure 48 – With more bold colors, this Provencal style room was cozy and cheerful.

Provencal style bedroom was cozy and cheerful

Image 49 – For a more sober Provencal decoration, bet in neutral colors like gray and blue.

bet on neutral colors like gray and blue

Photo 50 – Modern and Provencal room at the same time.

Modern and Provençal room at the same time

Picture 51 – Feminine touch in the Provencal decoration.

Women's touch in the Provençal decoration

Image 52 – Rustic elements compose the Provencal decoration.

Rustic elements composing the Provencal decoration

Image 53 – Provençal decoration: white monotony, broken by the blue and green tone.

White monotony broken by the trousseau blue and green tone

Picture 54 – Sophisticated room with a Provencal touch.

Sophisticated room with provencal touch

Image 55 – Shelves and niches are also typical of the Provencal decoration, especially in the kitchen.

Shelves and niches are also characteristic of Provencal decor

Picture 56 – Modernized Provencal decoration.

Modernized Provencal decoration

Image 57 – Pastel green for Provencal cuisine.

Pastel green for provencal cuisine

Image 58 – Delicate and romantic, as the Provencal style should be.

Delicate and romantic

Image 59 – Details such as handles and taps reinforce the Provençal proposal of the bathroom.

handles and taps

Image 60 – Wooden ceiling and worn furniture: a typical rustic Provencal decoration.

Wooden ceiling and worn furniture



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