It’s always fun to make the pieces that will decorate the house, right? So, in today’s post, we’re going to teach you how to make PVC lamps. Yes, that’s right, we’re talking about the pipes that are used in construction. If you don’t have any leftovers in your home, just jump to the nearest hardware store and buy a piece the size you need.

Who would have thought that such inexpensive and important material for the operation of the house could be used to make beautiful handmade pieces. And not only beautiful, but also functional. After all, everyone needs a point of light somewhere.

PVC lamp: learn how to make and see creative models

PVC lights can be made in different shapes and sizes. It is also possible to determine whether it is used on the ceiling, on the wall, on the table or in the garden, for example. And best of all, doing one of them costs a little. To get an idea, the price of a simple model of the lamp only with barrel, wires, lamp and spray paint does not cost more than $ 50. That’s right, while shops sell expensive lamps, you can’t do a good one yourself ,

How to make PVC fasteners: step by step

Fine, but now, let’s get down to business. Watch two tutorial videos below to learn step by step how to make a PVC lamp. Based on this, you can make other models by varying the design, colors and size.

1. Learn how to make a PVC ceiling lamp

2. How to make PVC lamp using the drill

And the selection of pictures in the sequel will inspire you to create amazing PVC lights that you can use, give away, or even sell at home. Ready? So, let’s get down to business:

Image 1 – One in the other: simple PVC lamp, but that makes the difference in the environment.

Single PVC luminaire model
With this lamp, the smaller barrel was inserted into the larger barrel. The red spray paint gives the part a uniform and bright color.

Image 2 – PVC lamp: To shape the PVC pipe, it is the tip to warm it slightly in the fire.

Molded PVC luminaire

Picture 3 – PVC lamp tag; The metallic paint appreciated the piece.

Pendant PVC Pendant Model

Image 4 – Metallic paint gives PVC lights an industrial and modern style.

Metal painting in PVC lamp

Image 5 – Floor lamp made of PVC pipes; Use your elbows and sutures without fear.

Floor lamp made of PVC pipes

Picture 6 – PVC ceiling lamp.

Ceiling PVC luminaire
The lights, whether ceiling, floor or wall, are very easy to make. The difference between them is the positioning of the lamp nozzle. In this model, the drill was used to create the drawing and the leaked points through which the light passes.

Picture 7 – Wall lamps made of PVC: modern, beautiful and functional.

PVC wall lamps

Figure 8 – You can also create a model of a PVC lamp in which you can direct the focus of the light as that of the image.

PVC luminaire with focused light focus

Figure 9 – PVC lights can be made in the desired size and thickness.

Wall mounted PVC luminaire

Picture 10 – Black PVC ceiling lamp.

Model of PVC ceiling lamp

Image 11 – PVC lamp: simple and great craftsmanship.

Handmade PVC luminaire

PVC lights can also be coated with paper or fabric. Make sure that the light output is sufficient especially for floor, wall and floor lamps.

Figure 12 – Thin PVC canopy was the ideal choice for this hanging wall lamp.

Pendant wall light with thin PVC can

Image 13 – PVC lamp: use creativity and create a unique and original piece.

Unique and original PVC lamp

Image 14 – A minimalistic PVC lamp.

Minimal PVC luminaire

Image 15 – Bet industrial style with PVC lamps.

Bet Industrial Style with PVC fixtures

Image 16 – A designer shop PVC lamp model.

Designer store PVC lamp
You can create incredible pieces with PVC. In this model, for example, the design is so modern and sophisticated that it could easily be sold in a home decor store.

Picture 17 – PVC lamps are also welcome in the garden.

PVC luminaire for garden

Image 18 – Different cuts in PVC form beautiful designs in this lamp.

Differential cuts in PVC material

Figure 19 – Bench lamp made of PVC tube.

Floor lamp with PVC pipe

Picture 20 – And what do you think of a PVC chandelier? It is also possible.

PVC chandelier perfectly possible

Picture 21 – Directional PVC lamp.

Directed PVC luminaire

The home office desks always need additional light to ensure comfort and functionality. In this case the lamp chosen is PVC and has the differential to be mobile and to direct the light to where it is most needed.

Image 22 – Imagination without limits: a robot PVC lamp.

Imagination without limits: a robot PVC luminaire

Image 23 – water or light? This PVC lamp creates a very interesting effect. How the idea?

Interesting effect on PVC luminaire

Figure 24 – Twisted Pipe turned a beautiful PVC ceiling lamp.

PVC ceiling lamp with twisted barrel

Picture 25 – A red wire is on the display to complete the proposal of this PVC lamp.

Red wire shows on PVC lamp

Picture 26 – PVC lamp two in one.

Two-in-one PVC luminaire
This wall lamp has two simple tubes one above the other and cut at an angle. One of the lamps can be directed to the bed and the other to the bedside lamp.

Figure 27 – One up, one down, an example with PVC.

One up, one down

Picture 28 – Three simple pipes, one next to the other; The charm of this PVC lamp is in harmony between the colors.

Harmony between colors in PVC lamp

Image 29 – In simple format, the highlight of this PVC wall light is black.

Single PVC luminaire

Picture 30 – Twisting in the barrel makes the lamp look fragile; only seems!

PVC Curved Fixture

Picture 31 – Different sizes and one color of PVC lights.

Varied sizes in ceiling lamp
It doesn’t take much to create a lamp of style and presence. With this model, the option was to use different tube sizes to achieve an asymmetrical effect on the part. The contrast of black with the gray of the ceiling helps to make the surroundings even more modern.

Picture 32 – Otherwise: With this PVC luminaire, the light opening was placed on the side.

Side opening of lighting in PVC luminaire

Picture 33 – This PVC lamp composes twists and holes.

Twists and holes in PVC luminaire

Picture 34 – do you like colors? Then you will fall in love with these PVC lights.

Colored PVC luminaires

Figure 35 – Lamp with carbon filaments give the PVC lamp added value.

PVC luminaire with carbon filament lamps

Picture 36 – It looks like clay, but it is not.

PVC luminaire with paint
The choice of color and color makes a big difference in the final appearance of the lamp. Prefer spray paint as it provides a more even surface, and remember to plan your choice of paint well.

Image 37 – For the most modern: PVC lamps with abstract shapes.

PVC lamp with abstract shape

Picture 38 – And why not leave the lamp completely white?

White PVC luminaire

Picture 39 – Give the indirect light effect on the side of the bed with PVC pipe.

PVC pipe with indirect lighting

Figure 40 – A slight bump in the barrel and you already have a differentiated PVC lamp.

Differential PVC luminaire

Figure 41 – If you want, use the PVC pipe cut in half

PVC pipe cut in half
This is another example of how PVC lights can be made. Here the PVC pipes were halved and grouped vertically. Finally, metallic spray paint.

Picture 42 – With a table model you can take your PVC lamp anywhere.

PVC table lamp

Figure 43 – What if light came out instead of water?

PVC luminaire in pipes

Figure 44 – Glow sticks: turn on the light and take it wherever you want.

Cane-shaped luminaire

Figure 45 – Mobile PVC lamp: This wall model can also be easily transported, simply adjust a bracket to attach it to the wall.

Mobile PVC luminaire

Image 46 – PVC lamp in the form of a light ball.

PVC Light-Shaped Ball Light
Have you seen how it is possible to create numerous formats for PVC lights? With a little creativity and inspiration, you can create unique design pieces.

Figure 47 – PVC lights with blank designs: one of the most commonly taught models on the Internet.

PVC luminaire with cast drawings

Picture 48 – Paint the piece from the outside, but remember to paint it on the inside too; So you guarantee an even nicer finish of the lamp.

Painted PVC luminaire

Picture 49 – PVC lamps hanging in the ceiling; full of movement and joy.

Ceiling mounted PVC luminaires

Picture 50 – It even looks like a flame is entering the PVC lamp, but it’s just a light effect caused by the color of the paint.

Vibrant color on lamp fixture

Figure 51 – Cast PVC lights.

PVC fluorescent fixtures
The luminaire models made of cast PVC are very successful and cannot be surpassed. The pieces become more sophisticated and do not resemble building pipes from afar.

Image 52 – The glow of the lights creates a diffuse light effect that makes the atmosphere cozy.

Leakage of luminaires creates a diffuse light effect

Figure 53 – More detailed model, but also possible.

Elaborate model of PVC luminaire
To create such a model, you may need some practice with the material. To make this lamp, several pieces of PVC pipes were cut diagonally. The most impressive effect of the piece is given by the play of lights.

Picture 54 – It could be a shoe, but it’s just another creative model of a PVC lamp.

Creative model of PVC lamp

Image 55 – Another idea of ​​a lamp for fans of a minimalist life.

Lamp for the fans of minimalism

Picture 56 – The lamp is PVC … and other materials.

Pvc table lamp
If you want an even more sustainable PVC lamp model, you can choose something similar or similar to the picture. The base is made of PVC, but the lamp nozzle is a piece of milk bottle.

Picture 57 – An unusual model: PVC lamp with cover.

PVC luminaire with lid
The lights in this picture have a cover that regulates the light output. Interesting idea, isn’t it?

Figure 58 – PVC sheet can also be used to create fixtures.

PVC elbow can also be used for the creation of lamps
Did you look at everything in your house and didn’t find any pipes? No problem, can use a connection such as PVC bends. You can see the result in the picture.

Figure 59 – PVC lamp handle.

PVC grab handle
See how creative this idea is. The barrel was rotated until it was attached to the wooden support. A simple but very original model with an enchanting effect.

Picture 60 – Modern PVC table lamp.

Contemporary PVC table lamp
A modern, minimalist and original proposal. The idea is simple: wide PVC pipes that are fixed in supports of different sizes. The combination of black and white contributes to the modern effect of the piece.



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